Keeping The Legacy Of John Lewis Alive In The Age Of Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


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    1. There is no right wing terrorism. There is anarchy in democrat cities Burning Looting and Murdering. I guess that’s why they call them BLM.

  1. Trump, by executive order, has provided more funding and assistance to HBCUs than any other president. In just three years, he’s provided HBCUs with tens of millions more dollars than Obama did during his eight.

    1. That’s true, but he hasn’t done more for the black community then any other president in history like he says, if you may think so. Trump ONLY signed the First Step Act initiated by Douglas Collins and increased funding of HBCU’s while:
      – Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation and urged passage of the Thirteenth Amendment.
      – Johnson passed the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act.
      – Grant sent troops to SC against the KKK to protect black people their constitutional rights.
      – Truman issued an executive order desegregating the armed forces.
      – Eisenhower enforced the landmark Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education. 
      – President Jimmy Carter diversified the judiciary.
      – Clinton has the executive branch.

  2. Mr. John Lewis lives on in his legacy
    He was such a good man. Mr. Lewis should of ran for presidency in his days and he would of won

  3. This man did nothing for anyone except be a representative where black people are miserable while he got rich. But hey, he walked over a bridge! There’s a movie about it!

    1. Albert Green , and mean while you the 60 year old virgin is still in moms basement living as a TROLL .. SAD

    2. Albert, don’t get all excited about the possibility that anyone here will agree with you or that you’ll sway anyone’s opinion. Next you’ll be saying that slavery didn’t exist.

    3. @Chris Adkins
      It’s amazing that you think that criticism of a man that achieved nothing in his life other than using his skin color for political advancement is the same as denying documented history.

      Have you ever considered that you are the problem?

  4. John Lewis is gone but definitely not forgotten. He was a wonderful man with a great soul. We’ll never forget him.

  5. The way to keep the legacy alive is to stand up for everyone’s rights and stand up against evil.
    Come November, vote true..Vote blue.

  6. Time for J Lewis to account for his sanctioning of the black baby genocide in America and abroad. Resurrection of damnation is now at hand.

  7. Let’s try being honest for once…..neither Lewis nor the CBC would show up for President Trump’s funeral.
    So don’t act all butthurt that Trump didn’t attend this little dog and pony show.

  8. The reality is that John Lewis, Congress, Obama, and Joe Biden failed to solve the slaughter of African Americans in the streets of cities they controlled for decades. During the first four years of the Obama administration, the Democrats controlled the House, Senate, and the White House and Obama did not do anything to end the slaughter of blacks in his own town of Chicago.

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