Keilar calls out Biden's reversal in face of Democratic blowback 1

Keilar calls out Biden’s reversal in face of Democratic blowback


The Biden administration says it will raise the refugee ceiling to 62,500 people this fiscal year after receiving swift criticism last month when President Joe Biden kept the lower Trump-era cap in place. CNN's Brianna Keilar walks through Biden's reversal of his reversal on a 2020 campaign promise.

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    1. @Tony Murray I’m deflecting? There is no deflecting when talking to Biden followers. You may not comprehend or follow along but theres no deflection. Speaking of Neanderthals, how’s Texas doing? Are you still wearing your mask like a good lil sheep lol ?

    2. Exactly, the ONLY problem is these lunatic trump nazi’s DEMAND dems to call out Biden too “because it’s fair” but they think Trump is god almighty human perfection regardless

  1. Thank you! Hold everyone accountable and make sure he keeps his promises! Doesn’t matter if they’re on your side or not!

    1. @Mia Primavera I have been watching elections since Kennedy and they ALL promise things they cannot keep. They all promise things that their pollsters think will get them elected. It is astonishing to see some of the promises some of them made with a straight face. Granted most were convinced to say what they did by others. How many times have you heard a politician say they did a few things to get elected in order to “help” the people. Sure they did.

    2. @INJIJI COMEDY If you cannot say what you want to then do not reference another site. Tell us what the site is about and then we might waste our time looking.

    3. @Mia Primavera Hey Mia Primavera, thanks for your opinion,I really do appreciate you for your honesty and truthfulness.. I would love to be friends with you. Send me a direct message on google Hangout with my gmail address

    1. Fun Fact: WD-40 means “water displacement” and it was on the 40th try that they got the formula right.

    1. @Bublito
      Yeah, I’m sure the kook parading that loser rag thru the Capitol is very “woke” to the various gradations of meaning behind whatever different versions of it you’re even talking about.
      Probably stays up all night reading to his kid about it in their trailer.
      So much for Canadians being “smart”, at least in your case. Missouri needs you.

    2. ​@M Hall so if believe Biden is dishonest and dont like it, you must want to do terrible things to dump, because he has more false claims than the last 3 presidents put together, but less terms than even one of the three.

    3. @Robert Way Still nothing on Biden and the KKK? Just ignoring that part? Aight, guess it’s just as good as admitting you voted for him fully knowing he was a segregationist KKK member 🙂

      Btw that ”Qanon shaman” dude with the Confederate flag? His name is Jake Angeli, he’s an actor, spotted at several BLM protests (Actual BLM protests, not riots). That guy is bought and sold around like a cheap hooker. But hey, can’t blame you, education in the US is lacking and you’re a clear proof of it, can’t do any form of research nor educate yourself on any topic except the lies you want to believe in order to feel better about yourself.

      Cheers mate!

  2. It’s weird cause I’ve had friends ask how to seek asylum here in my country, to get away from America.

    1. @John Freedman In terms of dangers of nuclear power, probably yes. And maybe a few other points, where they realised the 80s left were right. On many other points not.
      But while the majority moved a bit to the left, the US Conservatives jumped to the right that they’ve become extremist and in the wake of the Psychopath Trump now has gone full-blown fascist and nuts.

      And I’m German, 20 yrs in the Uk, no idea why you think I’m American, I thought I made it quite clear

    2. @D ES Line up like good little sheep, climb that ramp into the cattle car – take a selfie and bye bye BidieHidie.

    3. @Bernardo Galvez Hey Bernardo Galvez thanks for your opinion,I really do appreciate you for your honesty and truthfulness.. I would love to be friends with you. Send me a direct message on google Hangout with my gmail address

  3. We are not back to where we started. A lower number for this year is understandable, due to extra covid restrictions. He’s got four years. Everything doesn’t have to get done immediately.

    1. @Terry Stevens It takes one to know one . I didn’t vote for a senile corrupt politician.
      Did you are comfortable with the lying on mom.

    2. @Kman8962 I’m not a zealot. If you see a zealot in a few words I’ve written its in you.
      I’m a old man half blind that lives on a pier. I haven’t got much. But I know when someone is lying. Biden is lying

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  7. I don’t see the problem here, that number is stl higher than before and plus its still early with time to improve.

  8. Does it matter what side you were on if you do something wrong or break promises you got to be held accountable for it

  9. Thanks for a good brief take on the situation. We need to keep our leadership honest and hold their feet to the fire when they’re not.

  10. Its a good sign when a party doesn’t just suck up to their leader. If their leader does something wrong, they shouldn’t stay silent. Its also good when a leader listens to their peers. We are witnessing a functional democracy!

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