Keilar calls out Kayleigh McEnany's Capitol riot claims 1

Keilar calls out Kayleigh McEnany’s Capitol riot claims


CNN's Brianna Keilar sounds off on former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for claiming that the Trump administration expected a "peaceful" rally on January 6, the day rioters attempted to stop the election certification by breaching the US Capitol.

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    1. Really put Trump in jail, take all his money, and what did he do that hurt the country or the people to deserve any of that, can’t say he handled the virus wrong because your boy Cuomo who got a emmy for his handling of the virus evendently he lied about the numbers and putting elderly in nursing homes, and go figure he harasses women , and Obama and Hillary they actually are to blame for the ones that list their lives in Benghazi and lied about the whole situation and to the families of the fallen and what makes it worse they were sitting in the war room and watching the terrorist rape and kill Chris Stevens, and watched the attack for 13 hours and told all military to stand down and not help them, and go figure it was Gadafi’s men who went in and got them to safety, Obama had Gadafi killed with a drone strike and Hillary sold 4he weapons to the terrorist, which that was the rise of Isis Obama’s true army

    2. The beginning has just started all the cities in Democratic states are now starting to flooded with all these illegals coming in.
      look at all the Honduras MS-13 gangs in America now.
      Dems Bow down to Joe Daddy.

    1. @Charles Champion there are a lot of them in Africa the amount of ignorance in this comments is astounding.

    2. @Stanneta Prospere explain why the usa is the only white majority country to elect a black leader? Name ONE other?
      Tell me again which country has the most black millionaires per capita and by volume?
      But let me guess you have no economic opportunities here even though black median incomes are higher here than any black majority country..
      Facts over feelings. Maybe break away from glamorizing gang culture like rappers do, and listen more in school.
      Why aren’t other minorities like Asian and Indian having the same problems? They are an even smaller minority.
      How many Asian politicians can you name?

    1. @ARLENE WUK they were smashing down a door and chanting “hang mike pense”
      Also she was warned they would shoot but she jumped up regardless … a shameful sad waste of a beautiful life along with other four that died that day because of trumps big lie.

    1. @LeeCole Bush I’ll also use your own logic against you, you said cnn predicts everything correctly prove it. “You said it… so prove it ” how is cnn always correct please do your research to know enough about each situation to prove it to me I’ve done my research and I have the intellect to be able to see how they clearly lie. Let’s see if you can gain a sliver of intelligence by proving me wrong please go ahead I challenge you. We can have a debate about any of the points I mentioned, although I’m not going to debate someone who clearly hasn’t researched any of the topics they are discussing and the conversation at hand completely go over their head. Once you do your own research and form your own opinions based on a educated understanding of the topic I will be more than willing to go into the specifics for you. I’m not a teacher it’s not my responsibility to educate the stupid so they can have a tangible understanding of what is being discussed. You should stop regurgitating cnn to the majority of all people you just look like a fool.

    2. Obviously you haven’t been watching his Senate hearings. You be saying something completely different

    3. @LeeCole Bush why don’t you look back through the thread and see how YouTube deleted the list of things cnn lied about, that’s usually what happens when you speak the truth on democrat controlled platforms you get censored and oppressed.

  1. “Once a liar always a liar”, I guess that true when referring to the last DO NOTHING Administration.

    1. @Vlad The Impaler He inherited Obama’s economy. He deepened divisions in this country for the sake of cheers and ratings. He nearly killed the American soybean industry.

    2. @Obsidian Blue your an idiot trump had the lowest un employment rate in American history it didn’t get bad until the democrats decided they had enough of making America great and forced the economy to shut down. Trump literally created the greatest economy the us has ever seen every financial bracket was making more money, more Americans than ever were employed, hundreds of thousands of jobs were returned to the us from over seas. You should learn more about the topics you discuss because you just look like a fool to the people educated in these topics

    3. @Nigel Steadsorry friend, I should have phrased that better, he opened up diplomatic relations between israel and the UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan. His administration condemned the Uygur genocide (albeit too late). Also I am referring to the 2020 economic normalization agreements between Serbia and Kosovo. Enjoy the rest of your day

    4. @James Powers Arguing with liberal ideologues is useless because they think they know everything and they won’t listen to anyone that opposes their narrative.

  2. She said “I’ve probably been to hundred of rallies, certainly dozens.”

    That’s so maliciously deceptive. What bait

    1. She’s still lying her rear off, I’m surprised that cross she wears doesn’t burn a hole in her chest

    2. @Diana Beebe I think she has some form of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ since she’s so adores Trump like a ‘father figure’ or something.

  3. Civilians don’t show up with helmets and weapons in preparation for a “peaceful rally”! Come on. FOH

    1. @ARLENE WUK Commieland? Hello, we are in the 2020’s not the 1950s! Today there are only 5 communist countries left in the world &n 3 of them engage in free trade. That is a drop from over 30, 25 years ago. So the commie threat in your little mind isn’t there, or maybe they are with those pink elephants.

    2. @Jack Johnson he was absolutely at the capitol. He’s just not blm or antifa. Specifically was shooed off by blm and went on to create the anti blm group insurgence usa before his arrest.

    3. @ARLENE WUK You do realize when you post capped posts, it only heightens the perception of your lack of any meaningful intelligence, don’t you? We can’t have fact checks, can we. We don’t really want to learn the truth, just the BS spat out by known, long time liars.

    4. @Jack Johnson any other blm or antifa you can try to name? Or is it just vague idiotic conjecture hoping and assuming everyone just takes your word?


  4. I love how her cross necklace is so “discreetly” displayed! She is a total WILLING talking piece. She knows her value and this is it! Sad

    1. You freaks support the highest form of modern genocide run by planned parenthood, that kills more annually than cancer..
      So godly.

    2. @Calvin Parish How do you know that? Again, you just assume because it makes you feel better about your own hatred!

    3. @ARLENE WUK You are referring to someone who knowingly, willfully attempted to breech a barricaded and guarded door during a lockdown. I care. The agent was doing his job. Do you support police work? Do you think the insurrectionists were in the right? Do you understand the protocols that go into place in a lockdown? It is a tragic death, that could have been avoided. The sad truth is that she made a choice that got her killed. Was there a point to your post?

  5. Metallica said it best back in 1988:
    “Doesn’t matter what you see
    Or into it what you read
    You can do it your own way
    If it’s done just how I say”
    Authoritarianism 101

  6. He doesn’t pay his own legal fees, you think he’s paying someone else’s. Only maga’s would think that.

    1. A sizeable majority, 64 percent, believed the Jan 6. riot at the U.S. Capitol was “being used by politicians to suppress legitimate political movements.” The same percentage believed cancel culture “is a threat to our freedom.”

    1. @ dude Trump did so much for our country. I’m sorry I know the facts, and you’re just stating your opinions. He got rid of catch and release, built the wall, raised economy till covid, brokered three peace treaties in the Middle East what’s Biden already started bombing people, made us energy independent which looks like biden going to make us buy oil from the Saudis again oh and did you not see Texas freezing over because green energy does not do well in the cold? Trump brought some of our military home, don’t you know what operation workspeed is? Joe Biden said he didn’t have a coronavirus vaccine or people to give the vaccine before he came into office, I could go on but you don’t want to know the truth. Would rather spout your opinions

    2. @ seems like Joe Biden’s the con man trying to take credit for the antivirus. I’m like the Denver Broncos working all season games of the Super Bowl and that in the last quarter go down by one touchdown and coach coat decides to put in some old man he pulls out of the stands and when the old man catches the ball and gets the touchdown he says man you guys are lucky that I’m here it was all me baby

  7. Trump predicted it would be “wild”. Oh, but maybe he meant there would be some vigorous dancing. : p

  8. I said this over a decade ago.

    There’s a song “Don’t mistake my Lust For Love.”

    Also “Don’t mistake my intellectual interest for love.”

  9. “I’ve been to hundreds of rallies…certainly dozens” haha way to contradict yourself in a single sentence. It’s like she’s never left the podium.

    1. Trump incites everyone else to act with violence while he runs and hides because that ol’ fart would get his a$$ knocked right to the ground. Same way we he ducked out of serving over in Vietnam.

    2. Well the 1st Mrs Donald Trump did make a 911 call reporting her hubby physically attacked ( possibly sexually assaulted ) her. Why was Donald mad ? Ivankya’s caught Donald Trump’s wrath because the plastic surgeon she suggested to Donald for a hair transplant had hurt Donald.

    3. A sizeable majority, 64 percent, believed the Jan 6. riot at the U.S. Capitol was “being used by politicians to suppress legitimate political movements.” The same percentage believed cancel culture “is a threat to our freedom.”

    4. I’ve had trump flag burning partys all things trump, trumpy bears everything in a fire pit waste like he is!!!!don’t know how many were donated to burn but we got it done!!!!! Trump is a curse !!!!

  10. “I have probably been to hundreds at this point. Certainly several dozens.” how do you not know if you have been to a couple hundred or a couple of dozen?

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