Keilar calls out Republican: Senator, you are not being silenced 1

Keilar calls out Republican: Senator, you are not being silenced


After objecting to the certification of the electoral college results in January, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has repeatedly claimed — on national TV — that he has been canceled and silenced. CNN's Brianna Keilar looks back at Sen. Hawley's comments surrounding the 2020 election and its results.

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  1. I haven’t met a Republican that has actually read or understands what “Freedom of Speech” in the Constitution actually means. But it doesn’t surprise me.

    1. @toeknee Do I agree with Obama doing it NO he went around Congress,,but it was their Money!

    2. @LD That could be due to their inability to count past 2.

      It’s one reason why they believed william oompa loompa barr’s take on Mueller’s report when he came out and lied to the world on camera, they couldn’t read the report because they couldn’t get past the number at the top of the first page. It was written as “one” instead of “1”.

      Because anyone who did read it knew there was NO “TOTAL EXONERATION!” Not even close. There wasn’t even a microgram of “EXONERATION!”, the orange slob was and still is, guilty as Fukk.

    3. @Vincent LOL. You’re a Facebook commie. You haven’t a clue, do you. I will pray for you. Open your eyes, before they tattoo 666 to your naive head

    4. Taylor Fox: For them, here is a direct quote: ” CONGRESS shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech.” Simon & Schuster is part of CONGRESS? That’s news to me.

  2. Every time I see Josh Hawley reminds me of the German word “Backpfeifengesicht”… “a face that’s begging to be slapped”

    1. @Antonella Ciampaglia
      Are you advocating assaulting a sitting Congressman? That would be pretty stupid…..but you seem to fit that perfectly.

  3. Conservatives: “Liberals always play the victim card”

    Also conservatives: “mY FrEeDuMbS ArE bEiNg CeNsOrEd aNd SiLeNcEd UHHH DUHH DURRR”

    1. @Howard Moon just think of every state would have had to follow the election laws on their books I mean you didn’t change the laws for Bush you didn’t change the laws for Clinton you didn’t change the laws for Obama but for Trump two weeks before the election you decide it’s time to change election laws. so the election was obviously rigged and when you don’t want to hear that you simply have the man who’s claiming IT band so he can’t speak so every day you talk about the big lie and how this was the most honest election in history. If it was the most honest election in history you wouldn’t have had to change election laws two weeks before the election and use the virus to get away with it pathetic yes the election was rigged but we’ll never get you losers to admit it now will we man I can only imagine if Trump would have done what you done

    2. @Billy Pardew I couldn’t get thru that one long sentence. Something about you not understanding election laws? Seriously, punctuation exists for a reason. Believe what you want, I’m over arguing with cultists.

    1. Well if all one does is lie, being told “shut up if you can’t tell the truth” is a total silencing verdict 😉

    2. I like how people trust fact checking as if their media source is somehow better than all the other lying media sources.

  4. Writes book about big tech and how evil they are…. advertises its release on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from his iPhone and directs you to buy the book on Amazon complete with a link to the Amazon post… Ummmm am I the only one who sees the irony in this?

    1. @Olive Eisner actions have consequences, sometimes financial. I’m sorry you don’t support a business’s right to choose to end a business relationship for any reason they choose. Would you prefer if Simon & Shuster be required to publish a book they don’t think will sell? TF are you on about?

    2. @Olive Eisner I’m pretty sure Turnip is not laughing that he lost his Twitter account. You must be projecting about your own trolling.

    3. @Olive Eisner You think the President should be allowed to do whatever he wants with someone else’s business? Are you saying he shouldn’t be kicked out of a restaurant for taking one of his massive dumps on the floor? I’ll catastrophize about what might happen to me next when people who aren’t breaking the rules are targeted.

  5. This guy is preparing to run for President in the next presidential election season. America, take note of your enemies within!

    1. @s barron fascism bro. Fascism. Everyone needs to stop using soft language to describe the nascent fascist party that is the GOP now.

    2. @NiNi J Beau is a very smart guy and I love that he consistently hits me with perspectives I find very insightful.

  6. Every time I see Hawley whine that he’s being cancelled, I picture the peasant from Monty Python screaming, “Help, I’m being oppressed!”

    1. @Joe V Fox isn’t apart of the mainstream media and they’re banned in other countries CNN and MSNBC aren’t Fox is straight entertainment they cry it every time in court when they get sued lmaooo

    2. @H Moore Saying that there is no place for bias coverage in media makes me look like a fool? Seems to me the ones that are the real fools are idiots like you who try to argue against it.

    3. @S T E P H Fox news is a much a part of mainstream media as CNN and MSNBC and you need to check your sources before just reading something and believe it’s true. Unfortunately they all have biases that should not exist in media coverage and there are many idiots on both end of the spectrum who ignore this fact simply because the information being given to them is what they want to hear.

  7. Brianna, a big Thank You for calling out these liars and trouble maker’s. I just wish that the people who watch Fox and the other couple of deranged channels would tune in once in a while to hear the facts you present. The truth hurts sometimes, but it needs to be faced and dealt with.

    1. Your party was founded on enslaving my people.. and now their commies.. you should be a shame

    2. @Vernon Mcdowell na Im just not easily fooled by the media.. I have my own opinion .. I judge by what a person do for me …not by what another’s person tells me a said person said… CNN is a joke and the democratic party is a party of evil communist and sellout..

    3. @Julie…these guys couldn’t tell the truth if their lives were at stake. I don’t think they even know what “truth”means. These are the same guys who were complicit with hiding the truth about COVID that could’ve saved thousands of lives. Inject bleach, idolizes a jackass who ripped children from their parents and put in deplorable conditions, sexually abused….wow. I guess the far Right supports Senators who gets multiple DUIs, under investigation for sleeping with underage girls, a guy who was complicit in wrestlers being sexually harassed/abused by a coach and he laughed it off. Oh!! And there was this big event on January 6th….um…oh yeah. The Insurrection . Or as I like to call it, Bloody Sunday pt. 2. In favor of killing cops, turn a blind eye to people of color who get shot or killed either by cops or ignorant people. Yeahhhhh…great bunch of cretins.

  8. Always watch what they do, not what they say particularly. They lie every time they move their mouths, because the truth is not in them.

    1. Its extremely shameful, criminal and extremely disrespectful!!!!!! I literally cant STAND to see or hear from him!!!

    2. @mike briganti he said disinfectant ( you can find the videos ….plural yourself) You can find it yourself!!!!! And at the same time he said using ultra violet light to zap the body and to Dr. BIRX AND FAUCI!!!!

    3. @mike briganti Here you go, buddy. (Trump, In reference to “disinfectant” being effective in killing the virus): “And is there a way we can do something like that? Uh. By…injection inside or…or…(waves hand around) almost a cleaning?” The man’s intellect is simply astounding. 😛 Why would someone make up a story that could be easily disproved WHEN THERE IS ACTUAL VIDEO EVIDENCE OF HIM CLEARLY SAYING IT??? Oh, wait. Republicans do it all the time. They are trying to do it with the insurrection. Because they know that if they say something enough times eventually, if they are allowed to get away with it, they will trick their supporters into believing it.

    4. @mike briganti So, do I get a prize for finding the video in less than a week? Or are you going to be all, like, “HA! He DIDN’T say ‘Clorox’!!! I said EXACT words! Suck it, libs!!!” 😛

    5. He lies constantly, AND he is a wealthy, entitled, perpetual victim and martyr. Last year he made a huge complaint about “violent protesters” allegedly harassing his family at home. Turns out it was a small, quiet group of folks with candles and signs, standing on the sidewalk. They had brains too, and made sure they were on video.

  9. Josh Hawley: Stanford grad, Yale Law School, Supreme Court clerk, 2nd youngest Senator: such a victim, so oppressed!

    1. @terrier53 Hawley and his bunch prime candidates for the Final Solution. Com’on maaaan let’s show those people what happens to Trump supporters.

    2. He did none of that. The GOP paid folks to do it for him. Hawley didn’t graduate law school. As fucking if.

    3. @Pol Pot 2024 The Most Popular President in history has ten degrees graduated first second AND third in his law school class.

    4. Luke Oliver, he also attended Rockhurst High School, a private all boys school in Kansas City whose alumni include a who’s who of athletes, actors, pulitzer prize winners. Tim Kaine attended the same high school. He is textbook white priviledge.

  10. So basically I’m Josh Holly’s mind accountability becomes counterculture I mean bro you did it to yourself and there’s no one to blame but yourself for what’s happening to you now

    1. @Billy Pardew Well we beat him now didn’t we! In fact using trump’s own metric we beat him worse than any other president has been beaten.

    2. @1oldgoat Yeah by changing election rules two weeks before the election you beat him I can hardly say that’s Trump’s on Metric. Just think if you would have beat him without changing the election rules and laws two weeks before the election then that would be something to brag about this isn’t

    1. @RussP713 I’ve seen conservatives have their content taken down. If you have been censored, it’s probably because you side with the left wing.

    2. @HeavyInstinct That’s what the upcoming supreme court decision will decide when this case reaches them.

    3. @RussP713 I don’t really care about this person’s individual situation, but I know for a fact that republicans and libertarians get canceled by big tech while they ignore the racism from left wingers. Media organizations like CNN are basically just hate filled garbage meant to break this country apart.

    4. @RussP713 I suppose you were taught that you have a monopoly on being a victim of racism. Most people work hard to get ahead. Were you taught to blame everyone else for your own failures? What do you think of Thomas Sowell’s research? I think you’ll be surprised if you get out of your echo chamber, stop being a slave to the left wing racists, and start educating yourself on real black scholars. That’s assuming you are black and not a white liberal trying to speak for black people.

    1. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords–is a fragile racist sexist bot—- fyi russian bull was proven fake like cnn news….

    2. but you do understand a true journalist doesnt mock people so she is not a journalist, she is giving opinion

    3. I still don’t get it: how any sensible person with a working brain cannot see that Republicans like these are thick-faced clowns and liars. It’s just too obvious.

    4. Sara Mill is our featured Russian Propaganda Troll here in this thread. IGNORE IT.

  11. “He’s on Fox more times…” in two days than the Fox viewers brush their teeth in a month.

    1. Y’mean “brush their TOOTH”, don’t you?

      I mean, their average viewer is an old, white racist…

  12. The court judged that there were no merits to be considered. Surely he’s heard of frivolous lawsuits.

    1. Yup. His brand of pretzel logic deserves cancellation. Only a Spoiled momma’s boy talks like that.

    2. Frivolous lawsuits are only for the folks like us in steerage. The GOP can get away with it. Giuliani is still a lawyer. Sidney Powell, still a lawyer.

      Until the entire Republican judge cabal is removed from their seats, they will continue doing this, illegally.

      You and I would have been imprisoned the very first time.

  13. Josh Hawley does not represent the people of Missouri when he lets them disregard our votes on extending Medicaid.

    1. @gin-N-aujus he doesn’t represent anything except biggots and magats explain to me how hawly represents my jealousy, what a stupid comment.

    2. As a Missourian, it’s fkn embarrassing to watch.
      I think there just isn’t enough people paying attention at the ballot box.

    3. @Michael Hernandez they did,but the Republican legislature and governor blocked funding.

  14. The clip of mitt Romney trying to burn a hole through Hawley’s head with his eyes never gets old.

    1. I know, right? It’s almost as good as the shot of Pelosi giving Trump the side clap, or the clip of her tearing the speech notes in half after the SOTU.

  15. I love it when a person cries out on social media that they are being “censored” or otherwise silenced. Seems to me their cries are getting out just fine. They just don’t like getting fact checked and having their BS exposed for what it is.

    1. Pick a different state…we are broke, taxes are ludicrously high and the only good is that we are blue. We have our lying, robbing sacks of s**** politicians…..However, we do have some individuals who will stand up for America and disregard trump and his lies.

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