1. If only she’d come clean on the hypcrisy, lies, and craziness of false Russia collusion conspiracy theory/lie that CNN fed us every night and day for 3 straight years. I mean, why is John Brennan still on the air, and why hasn’t CNN issued an apology for that extended lie, and the emotional abuse it brought to a nation?

    2. @Christopher A Oh and we guess you’dlike someone like Tucker better? Wake up. What’s happening is negative and there ain’t no way to put a “positive” spin on it.

  1. He’s doing the same thing the rest of the republican senate is doing. Look how many times Lindsay Graham has back pedaled.

    1. @Joe Bloe no it was caused by hateful, selfishness people who think they are superior to others. When in fact they are sad and out of touch with reality and humanity.

  2. It amazes me how the Republicans can lie, lie, lie and then a couple of days or weeks later totally reverse everything they said – and still expect people to believe them.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree the GOP lies more, & more deviously.
      But does anyone here remember Biden going to Georgia a month ago & promising immediate $2000 checks to everyone who voted Warnock/ Ossoff? The problem with telling GOP voters they’ve been lied to by their Representatives and Faux News is both sides do it to some degree.

    1. @Catherine OConnell Not to mention that he accused Beto of changing his name to pander for Hispanic votes, even though Beto has had his nickname since childhood, meanwhile Rafael legit runs away from his own identity.


    2. It’s a very crowded field. He’s certainly the slimiest. It’s a wonder he’s not slipping and falling down all day long.

    3. He’d be another great puppet for poison putin who’s not man enough to run against someone on a level playing field. He prefers to poison them because he knows he couldn’t beat them legitimately

  3. Cruz’s voice sure sounds nasal and whiney and with that beard he’s got going, he’s beginning to look like inFidel Castro.

    1. Yeah,..wishful thinking on Crappy Cruz’s part I’m sure. Maybe he’s projecting he’s hopes & dreams of being just like “Fidel”.

    1. @L V long as she gets hers just like Trump wife…. Heck if if i was married to oprah she can do what she wants i’m still balling. Don’t break up my thing … lol !

    2. @Joe Bloe Wrong Joey Baby, it was caused by a sick brainwashed segment our society that thinks somehow they own America but don’t want to share it with the rest of the world even though immigration is the very essence of it’s founding. Come on Joey Baby calm down and learn to share your toys like a good boy.

    3. He’s not a “man”, he’s a worm. He’s as big of a liar as Trump. He’s a Trump enabler. He should never be allowed to separate himself from the lies and hateful rhetoric he has been spewing

  4. “Slug cruz”, yet again sliming his way through life, he’ll do anything to suck up to anyone that could use him.

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