1. Dudes got some black eyes after Keilar smacked him around. The GOP trying to share the lie and doesn’t conform to what they want they just want to argue.

    1. @John Petrig keep drinking the Kool-aid. The Arizona GOP are still promoting THE BIG LIE! After 4 audits and 2 recounts, 1 manual the GOP unequivocally proved no widespread fraud. Their electorates voted and certified Biden. Now Arizona GOP hired Cyberninjas the company who accused Dominion and Smartmatic of switching votes to Biden and that the U.S. Army raided the Frankfurt office of the Spanish election software company Scytl to seize servers that had evidence of voting irregularities in the Nov. 3 U.S. election. Those Army soldiers were killed and their bodies weren’t found??
      Now in April Cyberninjas is hired by the Arizona GOP to recount Maracopa County’s 2.1 million votes? It shows how extreme, corrupt the GOP is to try to rig the election. Now engaging in voter suppression laws. Purging citizens because they haven’t voted in a few years? Voting is a constitutional right! This is because in the last 20 years Democrats have won the popular vote. If it weren’t for the electoral college Republicans would never win. How about we do what all first world countries do and let their citizens vote for their president? What a concept!

    2. @Jason Saunders It’s better to lost in a fair election than to cheat like what Democrats and Biden did. Do you think Biden who is so racist will win without the help of big tech, big corporations, and propagandists
      MSM like CNN. That’s the reason why Biden didn’t dare to campaign and just hid in the basement. Btw, CNN TECHNICAL DIRECTOR, CHARLIE CHESTER, admitted in a caught video and said, “CNN IS A NEWS PROPAGANDA AND WITHOUT CNN BIDEN WILL NOT BE THE PRESIDENT TODAY” and I absolutely agree to him. CNN never report the HUNTER BIDEN-CHINA SCANDAL. The 2020 election was badly manipulated by people who hated Trump because he exposed their corruption. Trump is the best President in my lifetime!

    3. Lmao you are delusional. Just because he’s not a cool dude you refuse to recognize he destroyed her.

  2. Brianna Brilliance once again! He literally ate his words! He says, “if they move they’re not eligible to use that ballot.” Brianna says it at least two times, “Purged from the early voting because they moved interstate and have a different phone number.” https://legiscan.com/AZ/bill/SB1485/2021

    1. @stink finger How moronic it is when in the same breath we are told to educate ourselves about a matter you yourself is ignorant about.

      We believe in voter ID’s. This argument has been disproved time and time and time again. But whatever dude you distinguish push back as crying and bitching. I just believe you are incredibly stupid.

    2. @stink finger First of all you just assumed that everyone else BUT you thinks voter ID is racist blah blah. You’re just another boring old troll. I don’t care about voter ID, do you know why? Because it costs $9 for ID. The Media made that a big thing and you fell for it.

      Second, this is YouTube, not Facebook, please refrain from using words here like “Snowflakes.”
      I don’t believe you have anything of merit to add to this interview/conversation above simply because I asked you one simple question you’ve avoided like the plague. Trolls don’t get informed they just feed off emotions. You thrive on boring, senseless chat that you try to manipulate into logic.

    3. @stink finger LMFAO this is conservatism in a nutshell huh?? You are literally the first person to quarrell over nothing on this post and then you pretend youre making others cry HAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Gop keeps calling anyone that questions them or votes against them enemies, that seems strange.

    1. They’re heading toward another secession form the Union. Idiocy ends up happening when you don’t learn history correctly but instead learn from partisan propagandists.

    2. They’re not Patriots, they think they have a separate nation when the reality is their brand has been permanently tarnished and the voters will have the last word, stupid people seem to permeate the GOP, the architects of their own demise.

    3. @DERRICK BAILEY especially when they pass a voter restriction law in Georgia and then an anti-riot law in Florida to suppress protesting, obviously that’s bcs they have no worthy policies to run on

    1. If there is anyone who knows the 2020 election was stolen, it is Joe Biden. He won more votes than actual registered voters.

  4. Purge: (verv) rid of an unwanted quality or condition. You’re not tidying, arranging or reorganizing. You’re purging.

    1. @Patty Kelly because that person couldn’t find any Twitter friends. We all saw it, Brianna killed it!

    2. that was her words not his just as she lied about her husband being deployed to try and convice him of her story. She nevr had a hustband deployed. that is a fact and she is a liar!

  5. Voter suppression will backfire on them and they’re too stupid to realize it. He does not realize that everyone who wants to vote are very determined to vote republicans OUT of office at all cost!!!

    They are about be shown every vote against them will be quality votes!!

    1. @mattmann06 that is true everyone thought last time that these crooks would be voted out and they only gained seats. People are getting their hopes up again and will get them dashed. America basically is turning into a corrupt country like some of these third world countries you read about.

    2. @Charlie Williams You mean it hasn’t been one for most of the past 45 years since Ronnie Raygunz? This was Nixon’s agenda to start with, but Ford and Carter screwed it up and had big issues of their own to deal with.

    3. Spot on. Its a quirk of humanity where we put greater value on what is harder to get. So make it harder to vote and its much more likely they will move heaven and earth to cast their vote.

    4. @Ted Connor your more than welcome to go back to where you came from, nobody’s making you stay in a country you seem to despise,

  6. Quality votes? The GOP has lost it’s mind, again. Great job Brianna, thank you for calling him out.

    1. @Vuong Nguyen what the hell are you talking about? the dude in the video directly contradicted what you are saying. foreign nationals and dead people do not vote.

    2. he told us what he meant by “quality vote”, because he contrasted it with “an uninformed vote”. so everything he said in this interview was bullsh*t. an “informed vote” would require a written or verbal test, which was ruled unconstitutional in the 1915 supreme court case Guinn v. United States.

      incidentally, the only reason there is even such a thing as ‘registering’ with the government to exercise our right to vote for our government is repubs making up bullsh*t hoops to make it harder to vote.

    3. He lost his mind after she lied and said she had a husband that was deployed and that’s not true. He was never deployed everyone knows that.

  7. The GOP’s argument is always the same. They understand what is going on but the rest of us don’t. Shallow as 2 feet of water.

    1. everyone here needs to educate themselves on how to deal with Narcissism.

      They use mental tactics that are purely self destructive. We must not let the careless and wreckless people control the ship. We must stay healthy.

    2. @Sharon Azevedo did you hear all of bidens lies and his racial words joe biden is a bigot a racist had to plagiarize speeches and really creepy with kids has done nothing in 47 years

  8. She nailed him at the end and got him to admit what he actually meant. Way to go!! It was all she could do to not bust out laughing I think.

    1. Yup, that’s what ALWAYS what happens when one of these GOP fossils goes up against a strong, educated woman from the left…the men get owned in a VERY big way.

    2. No no no she is full of crap. All she did was try and catch him instead of listening tonhim, she is suppose to be a reporter not a commentator. Alyson was so so much better.

  9. He thinks he’s superior. He is deliberately talking over her. Typically arrogant. Who is throwing gasoline? What a creep!

    1. Shirley Rice, “quality votes” is just a code phrase for “elitist votes”. Given that, the next time the US goes to war, the elite should be the first to be sent to the front lines because they understand the issues so much better than the less political among us. Not many things set me off, but I’ve always had a disdain for people that have a superiority complex.

  10. Dude tried a Jedi mind trick: “These aren’t the ballots we’re talking about.” Keilar smacks his BS down hard. She’s such a good interviewer.

    1. He probably got paid $5000 to do the interview with her that is how she gets her victims , they pay them first .

    2. Really? Because she kept interrupting him every time he’d speak. A good interviewer shows courtesy to allow the other to fully answer the questions.

    3. She tried to lie, and say her husband was deployed, and she paused dead air time was terrible on her part.

  11. GOP rule number 1: If you have no answer just talk over people, spewing bs and making absolutely no sense at all.

  12. I love a strong intelligent educated woman that won’t be bullied and won’t accept any BS from anyone regardless of who they are

  13. His interruptions sent me over the edge. And then he had the gal to interrupt her just to say “can I talk now??”

    1. Bc she was flustered and losing so she kept rambling. I’m a Dem, but I still think for myself. This Comment section is pathetic.

    2. It’s not a conversation, it’s an interview. When you interview someone, your questions should keep the person being interviewed talking. This is bad manners, bad faith, and bad “journalism”

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