1. “A Great Civilization Is Not Conquered From Without Until It Has Destroyed Itself From Within.” W. Durant ‘ Follow The Money ‘

    1. NIkkita Khrushchev said something similar. He said he would bury us without firing a shot. The way this country is embracing socialism I think they are winning the the philosophical war and perhaps historians will have to reconsider whether we won the cold war or not

    2. @Lee < what a load of semi-hysterical nonsense. this sounds like it was written from Putin's perspective. America has EMBRACED socialist principles from the beginning. the Preamble to our Constitution is Democracy on steroids, otherwise known as Socialism. the examples of socialistic cooperation in our society are numerous, from first joining together as a union, to public financing our children's education. the Right has turned our long tradition of cooperation with each other into the Boogyman of communism, and our common sense belief in socialism has been relegated to something unpatriotic.

    1. @Andrew Richardson Treason and sedition don’t care what your “better cause” is. Jail and the gallows is where they belong.

    1. @Blue Patriot point out where I said anything about the 2 words “fake news”. I said “mistrust in the media”. So youre saying that everyone trusted the media until Donald trump coined a phrase? Man youre really reaching ain’t ya? Its always the same with you people. Always trying to twist the words of others in order to feel that outrage youre so addicted to. Ya know, like a crackhead going to any lengths to get the next fix. Bye bye crybaby ignant. I have no use for liars like yourself.

    1. why are the GOP sucking off trump??? cmon it’s not even that big. but anyway, why would anyone like trump??? why would anyone miss trump??? all he did was destroy our country and cause chaos. All he cared was about being at the top and it didn’t matter if people died or got hurt. yet people still blindly support trump because they are so indoctrinated. but anyway, everytime I feel stressed, I think about the day trump left the White House. It makes me think of how much trump is crying because he is no longer able to screw up our country.

  2. If you cannot impeached on those charges, then there isn’t an impeachment article in the constitution “

    1. Know your leaders and you will know what party you belong too. Let’s start with the Democrats.

      Democrat leadership
      Jaime Harrison, president Biden, vice president Harris, , Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer

      Republican leadership
      Senator Mitt Romney, Elizabeth Cheney

      Q Anon leadership
      Donald J Trump, Moscow Mitch McConnell, yellow streak Lindsey Graham, Big Mouth Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy, and one of the biggest crying babies that ever ran for the House of Representative
      Rep. Jim Jordan and your wannabe leaderships Rush Limbaugh , Sean Hannity , Lou Dobbs , Michael Flynn , Rodger Stone , Marjorie Greene , and the most embarrassing and sloppy is hygiene Steve Bannon are your Q Anon leaders and many more.

      (Know your leaders and you will know what party you belong to in the three-party system)

    2. Agreed! They say “Impeachment is unconstitutional.”
      The constitution begs to differ – Article I, Section 3, Clause 7 in particular, because Trump is no longer president so it is not about his removal but rather about his disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States; the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law in accordance with their crimes – Holding him accountable for his role in Jan 6th.

    3. @John Lyons how did you sleep through the entire McCarthy era, where everyone as actively censured for the slightest hint of communism.

    4. @Black Royal Brand just because YOU believed some alt-right extremist propoganda opinion person who told you that? The very tiniest bit of effort to do actual reputable research outside of your favorite batshit crazy rage host instead of just repeating what you hear them say would have PROVED that there IS precedent and it is EXACTLY what the founding fathers intended. It’s sad to watch you just repeat what you hear on tv. Do better

  3. “the weird worship of one dude” he speaks the truth! It’s the fear of being nominated for the Primaries that is the driver of most of the GOP….the fear of loosing a pay check. Weak spineless politicians.

    1. So true! If they worked as hard for their constituents as they so for trump, the party wouldn’t be such a mess!

    2. @Belly Dancer Em I’m not right wing, but I hope so too. I don’t want to live in a one party system, even if it’s the one I most align with

    3. Who elected these people and continues to support them? What kind of country do they want? Do they really understand what they appear to be advocating?

    4. @Momo_9k I am also pretty far to the left. But I agree, a one party system is bad. We need a healthy opposition

  4. Their “win at any cost” philosophy allowed the entrance of that which would destroy them. Now, as expected, they wish to blame others for their own suicide.

    1. @peaceandllov Smart people graciously teach others that would graciously welcome the teaching. Arrogant, unfeeling, antagonistic, holier than thou, dumb people denigrate to prove self appointed superiority. But thanks for nothing really.

  5. “All a great power has to do to destroy itself is persist in trying to do the impossible.” Stephen Vizinczey

  6. I remember when Republicans said Democrats were too into Obama, and then they elect this guy

    Irony is lost on them

    1. Trump’s supporters are famous for not getting irony. I’ve noticed quite a few of them don’t get a lot from humor either. I’d guess the two are connected somehow.

    2. @John Swo Trump supporters like a president that does what he says he is going to do. Let not loose sight of all the great things Trump did for all Americans.

    1. That’s what keeps blowing my mind, it’s one fucking guy who couldn’t give AF bout either democrats or republicans.. (Trump used to be a democrat) yet GOP worships him like a god

  7. The angry demagogues Nunes, Gym Jordan, Gohmert, and Gaetz are all for canceling anyone who is factual about Trump.

  8. Imagine your party is such hot garbage that a member has to tell you ‘politics isn’t about the weird worship of one dude.’ 😂

    1. @peaceandllov so “you people” think not caring about it for the last four years is cool because you believe Obama did it too? WTF is wrong with you?

    2. @Jew Dy
      I wonder how many more Democrats will go out of their way to tell me how little they care about children in dog cages.

    3. @peaceandllov after you went out of your way to make it clear just how long you have not cared about Jeff Session’s child separation policy that has caused ~600 children to be taken from their parents, it isn’t surprising that you are getting push back.

    4. @peaceandllov it pissed off enough Democrats for Obana to scale back deportations. President 45 deported 500,000 people while Obama deported 3,000,000 people by the time Democrats pressured him to stop. African Americans are the most anti immigrant than any other group. Obama was the champion I’d deportation no other President even came close.

    1. Lou Dobbs would never know if he lost his sense of smell (COVID symptoms) as everything he eats must taste of raw Trump Arse.

  9. GOP: The Democrats want to cancel us for expressing our views
    Same GOP: lets cancel anyone who goes against trump.

  10. Dave Pell is right: Don’t look at the Lou Dobbs firing as Fox News losing an insane host, look at it as Mar a Lago gaining a cocktail lounge drunk.

  11. Lou Dobbs either doesn’t know what a moral, hardworking and intelligent person looks like, or defines these attributes as the opposite.

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