1. Purdue was hiding from debates. Now he he is talking tell him there’s debate tomorrow you will never here from him again. Looser

    2. @Jerry Zogler says the indoctrinated sheep of alt-right extremist propoganda opinion outlets. Like anyone rational or intelligent listens to the likes of you.

  1. Last time I’d looked, irregularity wasn’t defined in the dictionary as: “WAAAAHHHH! I lost!” So sick of the damn Trump cult, when you lose be an adult and admit it.

    1. @Soupy Anderson dead people got to vote, voting machines were rigged, voter counts were higher than the population in some states ,illegal immigrants votes were counted ..results from the courts ..not enough evidence to overturn an election.. enough said ok ?

    2. @Zoya M didn’t that happen like 20 years ago when Walmart started importing everything from there? ohhh, NOW it happened cus “biden!!”” yea yea yea, and Trump sold America to North Korea…

    3. @Albert Barese Clinton signed NAFTA which sent all manufacturing to China. Democrats are destructive to America.

    1. @1sand0s in order for one to say it was BS and lies, one has to look into the case first, plenty of people under oath testified, none if it counted

    2. @1sand0s theyre saying this was the most secure election in history, They’re saying Cuomo is the “golden standard ” yes the BS is real

  2. I still don’t understand how in the country of “freedom”, sanctions on those kind of politicians doesn’t exist.

    1. Question: is American the land of the free?
      Doesn’t like it. Donald Trump has been crying fraud

  3. Whenever a group tries to make it harder for someone to vote, it shows just how valuable those votes are.

    1. @Carolyn M. problem with that is that trump is the one lying there was no voter fraud if there was they would be able to actually show the proof in courts and actually have their cases heard rather than thrown out of court, the only reason they were all thrown out of court is because they were unable to provide any proof otherwise thier cases would have been heard and not thrown out of court as they were besides had there been widespread fraud as claimed dont you think the c i a and f b i would have been all over it. think about it trump lied to you all from day one, those same lies also cost many american lives how many more of his lies will people need to see before they see through him.

    1. He has no spine or shame. All he has is his Christian-right bigoted agenda, and he’ll clearly do anything to advance it.

  4. Perdue; “We had significant irregularities in the November election…”

    Yeah, it was called; A PANDEMIC!
    Thank your precious “wanna-be Putin 2.0” for that…

    1. @Karma nobody is taking about people who lost their jobs. Anyone on state assistance, college assistance, food stamps, or any other financial burden to tax payers should vote.

    2. ​@T R Make up your mind, buddy. To most of us, there is no clear cut line between people who “do not contribute” and people who are a “financial burden to tax payers”. You also now want to disenfranchise (private) pensioners, housewives, post-school kids on a gap year, young people who do not earn enough to meet the tax threshold, part time workers, even some contract workers… the list goes on. Think that’s fair?

    3. @Karma fair, would be a flat tax for everyone. The U.S. is getting too soft and needs to start holding people accountable for bad decisions. This college debt isn’t just starting we are raising a generation of whining babies. Until people start starving they aren’t going to change. If the government just hands people money, they have no incentive to work. Who do you think they will automatically vote for? The people who enable them, then us workers are left footing the bill for lazy people. They criticize Republicans for wanting low taxes, but why would anyone want to give our government that much money? When this country started people died of starvation, so why are we so much better than them that we’re entitled to things?

    4. @T R You’re dreaming of a Utopia that will never happen in the western / democratic world. And then, going back to your first comment, you are blaming a single party for that.

    5. @Karma yes if Democrats openly say they are giving away free stuff at the expense of others, it is no different than theft. Why are these people always worried what others have? I’m more concerned with myself and taking care of my family.

    1. That burn was so friggin’ cool! Brianna is the queen of the taking them down with style! And substance!

    1. i’d love to see them arresting Ambulance crews distributing water and or treating patients IN LINE TO VOTE.

    2. @greenhometony Actually, this is very much IN control, THEIR control, and that’s the way they want it.

    3. @Amanda Gardner You people are so gullible, stick you your ballot harvesting it’s the only way you can win.

  5. Fascism

    “The great masses of the people… will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.”

    – Adolf Hitler

  6. All I can say is, I’m disgusted. The concept of “Democracy” has no meaning for these people. They’re not interested in Democracy. They’re only interested in winning, no matter what the means are. We all know politics is a dirty game, but this is a whole other story. This is cheating, pure and simple.

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