1. @Twitzy Snitz I am a Christian. I haven’t turned my back on him at all. But when I listen to the still small voice of the holy spirit in my heart, and I feel the loving embrace of Jesus when I get on my knees and pray, he says different things to me than he does to you. And he hasn’t condemned me as a child of the serpent.

    2. Good news about Jesus Christ! When you first come to him, He completely erases/ forgives your past! You will not be punished for anything bad that you’ve done! Here’s how!

      (2 Corinthians 5:17)- “If anyone is in Christ, He is a new creation: The old has gone, and the new has come!

      (Explanation of the Bible verse above):

      Whenever a person decides to give their life to God, their past no longer counts against them!

      He erases it completely! And whatever a person did in their past is forgiven and they will NOT be punished for it at all! YES, a clean slate!

      In Christianity this is what we call the act of Repentance! To stop doing something bad, in order to follow Christ instead!

      So for example, If a prison inmate decided to turn their and lives around and follow Christ, then yeah, Christ will take him.

      And once Christ accepts him, whatever crimes He committed in the past, is forgiven and forgotten.

      (This is only) if a person has NOT committed TOO MUCH evil (such as raping someone, killing someone , kidnapping someone, drugging someone, etc) then yes, They will NOT be In trouble for anything that they did in the past!

      This what Christians mean when they say being “reborn” or “born again.”

      Version 7.0

    3. @Priest Fulton J Wingba JR
      Thats the only way out, great post, and right in the middle of cnn serpent nest of treason..

    4. @Immortal Asirpa
      But you support the democratic deep state corporate beast system antichrist network serpent legion of death because you’re brainwashed off of democratic corporate beast system fake news?

    5. @Immortal Asirpa
      Interesting, so you came to be a Democrat who loves Christ, OK so the moment you realized the 1st lady was really the 1strannie did you admire Obama for deceiving the American population for 8yrs?

    1. It’s all in the plan! It’s all about instilling fear making chaos and confusion out of everything! We have a pretty demonic Democratic Party! If anybody hasn’t noticed they better read into a little bit further exclamation point and do some research. It’s all on the boats the Democrats are actually trying to get 100 Year grab in control! They are crazy

    1. @JimmyJones IsGay okay so what are green peppers a code word for? Bland? You are even more strange than him!

    1. @Cropper Copper Do you hate trump? the stuff they made up is the reason. I could make a list easily, but you could also just easily stop being stupid and open your eyes to it.

    2. @baked dorito Snopes fact checks this claim as: “False”. Our experts at the University of California-Berkeley’s Gender studies department agree, there is no MSM fake news conspiracy theory manufacturing false narratives regarding Trump committing criminal activities. They’re quoted as screaming, “get out of here bigot”, as their expertise on the topic was tacitly questioned. ​#saveAbuela #stayInSchool #halfbaked

    3. @DirtyBird760 Do I hate Trump? Well… I hate the pain he has caused and the lives he has needlessly thrown away. I find him, for the most part, childish and annoying.

    4. @DirtyBird760 “I could make a list easily” But… Oddly enough… “I’m going to, instead, choose to act in a juvenile manner, by both, setting up a false dichotomy, as to where, either you agree with me or you have to be stupid and have your eyes closed, and name call like a toddler. ” Oh… Okay! I understand. You have nothing.

  1. I’m a REAL NYer, and I have a NY sense of humor. -45 has brought such dark times, WE NEED some HUMOR. Glad he is giving some out. Thanks for this vid, I needed a laugh right now. I love ALL pizza toppings EXCEPT sardines; rubber, hairy fish don’t belong on pizza or ANYWHERE ,yuck. Love you. BROOKLYN RULES.

    1. Oh so you’re a pervert then seeing they’re hanging in to Toobin. That also makes sense seeing Epstein was from there as well.

    2. A real comment and the rats come a knocking. Big ups on the comment bud! NYC is my home away from home. I love that city!

    1. @JimmyJones IsGay ahhh I get it, you are a troll/ bot. Please go away for the good of the rest of us.

    2. @Nicky Murray So you call ppl trolls or bots w/o evidence because your demoncrats get called out for the pedos they are? You BlueAnon weirdos.

  2. There should have been an immediate recall vote after he was seen eating pizza with and knife & fork… that is not a New Yorker!

    1. @Matthew Bryant he’s a copy and paste magaturd troll it’s the same comment on three other threads I’ve seen They are so miserable and down right morose they have to try and drag everyone else down to their level. What a sad frikkin existence to have….they are all oxygen thieves.

    2. @Matthew Bryant update: it’s at least six or seven comments on here he’s posting the same b.s reported!

    1. If Trump did something like this you’d say report some real news. You wouldn’t want him to have fun.

    2. @Akon Fenty Of course but it’s like comparing a doctor with someone that works at Starbucks. Both have work to do but one is a lot more important than the other.

    1. I never understood all those hate on de Blasio, 100 times better than Cuomo, 10,000 times better than Trump!

  3. Just a heads up: That’s one of the smartest democrats we’ve ever had. And, yes, he is an idiot.

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