Keilar: Rubio took a swing, missed and hit himself in the face 1

Keilar: Rubio took a swing, missed and hit himself in the face


Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) tweeted that US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was participating in "embarrassing Covid theater" by wearing a mask and face shield on his trip to the Philippines, where masks and face shields are government mandated. Meanwhile, Louisiana is among the states with the worst vaccination rates and is seeing a surge in new coronavirus cases. CNN's Miguel Marquez visited a hospital in the Bayou State and spoke with patients who explained why they hadn't received the vaccine.

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  1. Yes, we’re very strict here in the Philippines. Whether fully vaccinated or not, you need to wear face masks and even face shield (I think only the PH requires this). Our nation’s capital also reverts to the strictest quarantine classification starting next week due to Delta variant. So, Rubio should be educated.

    1. @Swedes1000 And wrong, yet again: Even with the Delta variant surging through the states, those vaccinated are far less likely to become infected. While “breakthrough infections” among America’s vaccinated are occurring, the numbers are low. The annual flu vaccinations that many Americans receive have a markedly lower rate of efficacy than that of the COVID vaccine.

      Not sure what agenda you’re pushing, mate, but it’s not fact based. (My oldest son is a neurologist in a major hospital in the American South.)


    2. @Edward Riley Exactly. It’s part of the “Scientific Method”: scientists remain open to modifying their original hypotheses–and their recommendations–as their body of knowledge grows. And when SarsCov2 emerged very little was known about its properties and potential. Even today the virus continues to surprise scientists. It is more mutable and has become more transmissible than anyone first imagined.

      This is all first form, basic science.


    3. @Bri 033 Or perhaps they truly value education, the acquisition of knowledge and the opportunity to experience enlightenment.

    4. @Louis Tully Christ on a crutch. How many worthless posts can one person make. Haven’t you a better use if your time and life, mate?
      Go out and enjoy your unvaccinated, mask-free life, yeah?

  2. If Rubio was really about the people he represents and claims to care about, he would have said, “Good for you, General”! Instead, Rubio tries to mock the General who is practicing proper protocol in that country.

    1. China and Democrats created a virus, that was funded by Fauci’s NIH, that created a global pandemic. It was used to steal the 2020 Presidential Election and shut down global economies and reign in a new world dominated by socialists and communists. The pandemic has crushed the health, hopes and spirits of people around the globe and caused endless suffering. This 17 page affidavit demonstrates how Democrats used China and Iran to manipulate votes during the 2020 Presidential Election.

    1. @Rodney Boehner “As vaccination rates continue to fall and leave the U.S. dangerously vulnerable to new outbreaks of Covid-19, polling from the Kaiser Family Foundation reveals which groups resist vaccines the most—Republicans, Evangelicals, young people lead.”

      And of those groups, white Republicans lead in the proportions that are not vaccinated.

    2. Yeah your right Florida is only coming up on 40,000 covid deaths dam he is doing a great job california and New York have larger populations. Congratulations to florida the spring break covid state

    3. @Meme Short Dear TROLL ; boy did you have time to read your stupid assessment of 2 brilliant Scientists but you have what is self-imposed ignorance by choice or by Religious agenda And how dare you put the sign of hate above my head toward the Gay citizen of this country and abroad. Who the hell appointed you judge and jury to judge others? most likely an Occult member of the Republican Party

    4. @Rodney Boehner anyone (Republican, Democrat, independent, etc) that is not vaccinated should pay for their own medical bills if they get infected

    1. Do does Miss Piggy *Only* do attack stories on her political enemies?
      It sure seams so… does she do any other tricks ?

    1. So when do you get a job?
      6 Trillion dollars needs paid. Your public pension workers need your hard work for their spending.

    1. @jason fuchs you do know Rump was in office when the virus came out.
      You do know Republican ran everything when the virus came out.
      Rump was the one that down played the virus and didn’t tell us.
      Rump said it would go away.

      So what does democrats have to do with this again??????

      We will not forget how Rump ruined this country along with the Republican and his slow supporters………

    2. @Mrs. A well I’m sure they are not stupid enough to make a statement like yours online .. that is where you stand out .. this makes your facts wrong !

    3. @seohuyllakcuf corruption is corruption regardless of party liberals and conservatives needs to stop hating each other and hate corruption politicians enough of the political tribalism and stop voting for the same people over and over again vote for new candidates even if they suck a new candidate is better than a career politician

    4. @philosophicalreason i think you aught to know that ” lynching” is against the law in the united states and every individual has their right to have their say in a court of law and not by public opinion …. and also look up the biden border wall crisis and pay special attention to the biden children in cages .. then tell me who’s the real criminal ..ill wait

    5. @mohamed said well good luck in finding an honest politician anywhere in this world….and don’t forget that america a capitalist system where the top 1% decides who gets the presidency ..not the voters

  3. I’m guessing from his lack of knowledge about how other countries are trying very hard to end the pandemic, proves that his level of maturity and common sense are nowhere to be found. Shame be upon him.

  4. People seem not to grasp what 600,000 deaths look like – here we go:
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…
    Now keep doing that another 599,993 times

  5. Rubio will only be known for one bright moment. When he referred to the other guy with small hands. That became an iconic moment that stuck with the other guy all these years. Florida is a mess because Gov DeCovid refers to masks as muzzles. He is making Covid worse and Rubio is a part of that.

    1. Did you noticed his wife facial expressions when he gave last nonsense speech? She is so worried about their children.

  6. Remember Little Marco Rubio when he had skipped the line to get vaccinated before the first responders after making fun of covid 19

    1. @ connie palik
      But Hispanic and Latino loves macro Rubio. They all said they are conservative but also loves Trump who is an adulterous sinner and tax fraud.

    2. @Happy Dance yet democrats support gay marriage, abortion, trans, most Hispanic don’t support hardly any of that. so they vote for Republicans.

    1. not all of us are like that but yeah ….our politicians suck atm ….cant argue with that. just glad the republicans lost power. heres hoping they stay out of power.

    2. Don’t most countrys think they better than most others. Your country probably does it too. Californians think California is the best place on earth

  7. Rubio is an empty suit. He surrendered his soul, if he indeed had one, to Orange Poison. Vote this waste of space out.

    1. If Trump doesn’t or can’t run in 2024, Rubio would be a front runner for President. It’s going to be a messed up next 10-12 years.

    2. @Pasing Gas Rubio has no chance of ever winning a general election. The support is just not there. Plus, he will subjected to the endless replaying of videos showing him kissing the ring and kneeling down in complete submission to the disgraced, twice impeached, criminally corrupt, Orange Clown King. A con man and treasonous traitor to our country.

  8. Were we this anti-vax when there was polio and the measles, etc? Everyone got the shot for those things and we got rid of the threat. What’s going on now?

    1. I think the answer would be that the vaccine came out too quick….but with that being said I wonder how long the vaccine for measles and polio took to make

  9. “Rubio took a swing, missed and hit himself in the face” Well, hardly news. Basically the theme of his entire political career.

    1. True. Hehe… and all this time later, when I think of him, I still can’t get the image of his weirdo water bottle grab. Sums him up.

  10. The universe tries to tell us things quietly at first, but if we don’t listen, the message always gets louder.

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