1. @flugsven I agree I’m a conservative independent voter who resents the dysfunction between the two major parties that control everything in Washington DC , just the same I would never fall for Putin’s comrades propaganda machine and turn against my country the United States of America

    2. @mct _ Biden is, despite his age, a modern man, and a humble man at that. Humble is a new word in your vocabulary- google it.
      Your buddy Poutine is stuck in the 1950’s. Old fashioned as fck .

    3. @flugsven
      And you no thought about the fact that you are too young and because of this something is wrong with you ?
      Yes, I started life early and think, already old enough for a human life.

    4. @mct _ Too young? I’ll be sixty in a couple of years, love. I’ve been interested in politics my entire life. I still haven’t read Anna Politkovskaja’s book about Putin. He seems so unbelievably boring, so I haven’t mustered the energy. But she usually have a knack of making subjects interesting, so maybe I should give it a go.

  1. Biden can not handle off the cuff stuff he needs a teleprompter and he gets that wrong as well
    Putin will eat him for breakfast

    1. ​@Persephone Biden sent a missile strike to Syria in his first 30 days of office killing 1. Would it be fair to say Biden is also a murderer. Like Trump said we are no better then Russia we kill people all the time.

    1. @Tammy Arnette Your hate is showing ,it’s all the left has. The party of women with balls and baby killers. You sick , disgusting people. And you say god bless, crawl back under your rock .

    2. Yep make accusations and then don’t back them up when he’s asking to use words to settle a conflict NO BALLS BIDEN Tucks tail and backs down, he knows he won’t get softball questions like he does from our media.

    3. @Tammy Arnette what about the 19 Americans that lost their lives in the BLM riots including an eight year old girl? and your President Biden mourns 500,000 dead and is letting hundreds of thousands of people untested for coronavirus enter the country at the expense of American lives now there is no one left to blame let’s see how many more have died under biden’s administration,. Because if it gets them votes in future elections which they’re trying to pass illegal aliens allowing them to vote Americans can continue to die of covid, more than 500,000 dead and then turn around and let covid overrun the country for votes yeah he’s a real great guy

    1. @Civil_Fellow You believe the political opinions of Democrat strippers like Cardi B. Joke’s on you buddy.

    2. @duhmzdaih I don’t believe that the left can insult the conservatives since the whole internet makes fun of the left and ugly blue-haired leftist SJWs.

    3. @Nikhil Newse the whole internet? lol no, that assertion is so downright dumb it doesn’t even deserve an answer hahaha

    4. No. It’s the literate Americans that are tired of Russian Disinformation Troll excrement that are deleting your fraudulent claims

    1. @Octavio Tapatío Ole Corn Pop was a bad dude.He could eat more methadone wafers than a whole Antifa squad and still walk up the steps blindfolded.

    2. Yeah dude I can’t picture that at all. I hate putin but he looks like he would literally destroy biden. Biden don’t look very healthy to me.

  2. 你也配tackle普京。。。 u even don’t have the qualification to tackle their president. what a joke.

  3. CNN Breaking News Bulletin on Biden falling : The Donald was under those stars grabbing Joe’s shoelaces.

  4. I loved the voiceover at the beginning there. Putin with an Irish accent, hilarious & a great improvement!

    1. @WallerShed Putin would slaughter *Dementia* Joe is a debate.
      Poor *Quid Pro* Joe couldn’t debate a classroom full of 1st graders.

  5. This piece about Biden turned into everyone except Biden. Isn’t that funny that the media GETS ON THEIR KNEES FOR BIDEN. Don’t forget your tic tacs and knee pads media.

  6. The whole point of this debate is to challenge Biden’s current cognitive state . Putin really wants to make a fool out of him. Plain and simple.

  7. Forget about debate, Joe Biden fell down three times on air force one stairs..called Kamala as President Harris, can’t remember his defense secretary’s name.etc..etc..lol

  8. Putin wants this debate to be held LIVE with NO DELAYS. I don’t think Putin is coming from a position of weakness.

    1. @Juan Perez haven’t watched the news in a few weeks? what about the kids that are being exploited by the cartel sex trade? or being exposed to the coronavirus and cramp conditions sleeping on the floor?

  9. It’s also worth noting: talk about everything except Biden.

    This is one run-on sentence with no point. Glad Biden sends out his women to defend him.

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