Keilar: Texas governor blames winter power outages on windmills 1

Keilar: Texas governor blames winter power outages on windmills


CNN's Brianna Keilar corrects Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott after he blamed renewable energy for power shortages during a winter storm.

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    1. @JOJO BAROK Conservative ideology has been replaced with a fascist ideology a seditious mindset, party and power at the expense of the country.

    2. @David R. Stone I’m not interested in your Qanon spin on on facts. Why do you folks continue to mimic Trump by lying about everything under the sun? Your party is tanking and you continue with the loosing strategy.

    3. OUT OF HIS OWN MOUTH the wind energy is only 10% of the power supply and rest (90%) is OBVIOULSY oil. But because he lives in a big oil state he is pandering to his corporate interests. How disgusting. Big oil failed and has him covering up. Texans PLEASE vote him out of office.

    1. So every time the wind does not blow or the sun sets they have rolling black outs, just ask a common sense follow-up, oh ya it was a FOX type station.

    2. John what is your background in power infrastructure engineering, maintenance, and distribution? Do you have advisors on the issue that advise you during power outages so you can implement a plan to restore power?

      Ok now shut the f up.

    1. Doesn’t add up. Here, across Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, they’re really beginning to dot the landscape. Icing is more of an issue on overhead transmission lines and trees. We could bury all the transmission lines, but that would be as feasible as US-Mexico border wall. Proud of what wind power generation is becoming. I’d like to see solar here take off like wind generation, but wind is much more viable at this latitude. I’ve driven through Montana on my way back east from Alberta. I’ve seen their wind farms. It would be interesting to hear what they’d have to say about Texas’ woes.

    2. It’s very strange and let’s also strange is why CNN is not showing any of the video of all of the hundreds of Frozen windmills in Texas. There’s plenty of videos of the Frozen windmills causing the power outage in Texas but CNN won’t show video because video means proof and they wouldn’t be able to lie to a bunch of fools that go on their YouTube videos to watch them lying

    3. @Shawn
      the average life span of a wind turbine is 20 years and 10 years for a solar panel.
      It’s going to be a really long time before we can mine the necessary resources, to manufacture and install enough wind and solar to meet the current global demand of 140 Trillion watts (Thw) especially when you consider you have to replace / recycle everything on 10 and 20 year cycles.

      Some of the largest turbines are 10 Mw, there are 1,000,000 w in one Tw
      How many wind turbines do you need to generate 140 Tw
      Not to mention these large turbines are made of carbon steel and weight several hundred tons each.
      The logistics are staggering.

      Now add another few more Thw for the demand created by electric vehicles.

  1. “that shows that fossil fuel is necessary” because 90% energy failure ? is not as bad as…10% ? why plan when you can blame !!

  2. “If windmills would be the problem in winter conditions, we would have all drowned centuries ago” ~ The Netherlands

    1. @MasterWooten Wrong, we have been made dependent on fossil fuels because of the corporate lobbying which has successfully put a stop to any congressional and tax funded support of energy and infrastructural advancements. Those 14 state governors you speak of, are likely themselves being politically funded by private fossil fuel companies which is causing us to remain dependent on these fossil fuels. If we have the tax money to fund decades of wars to feed that dependency, we have money to fund development of newer energy technologies and better infrastructure which will lead to countless job opportunities. I am from Pennsylvania, a coal town that is next to dead, I can assure you fossil fuels will run out and they are terrible for us and our environment. The only thing “boneheadded” is not realizing that nonrenewable energy sources will last forever (hence why its so expensive and used to exploit us), or that the use of it is sustainable to our planet and ecosystems.

    1. @T/A Plus Hemi It amazing that in the state of Texas over 800,000 kids are without healthcare.
      The most in any state in the union and it run by Republicans.

    2. @Darryl Bloominton Oh so agree with you and listening to a comment by a John Doe Funny will not say his real name. Wonder why?? Because it is such a lie. And yes I know for a fact as my son is a doctor and his wife is a RN in ICU

    3. @ChunChunMaru Republicans simply prefer to invert the bible more then they prefer to murder people. The bible says that a fetus is not yet a human life and that life begins with birth, so they say and do the opposite.

  3. the state needs to remove him lol. He literally said 2 sources amounting to 10 percent of total are responsible for all the outages.

  4. What is it with Republicans and them saying, “hold my beer” whenever someone challenges them to say the dumbest thing of the day?

    1. @Grant Anderson You guys’ AOC deflections are sooo tired and worn out. “AOC said this, AOC said that”- what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Somehow a GOP debacle in Texas is explained by an AOC deflection quote? GTFOH already, reasonable people (independents) have grown extremely weary of your constant BS deflections and obsession with culture wars. Hum another tune if you want to be even remotely taken seriously for crying out loud…

    2. @BVE masTRUTH Why? It was a one in 100 year issue. Not like California which has blackouts when it, gasp, gets hot in the summer. No this is freezing temperatures in TEXAS. If they freeze proof all of their equipment then they are looking at what a 20% bump in energy cost? I live in alaska. Our energy is freeze proofed. Want to know what I pay? $0.25 per kWh and that’s on Coal!

  5. It’s like watching a teacher break down a student’s excuses for not doing homework. Brutally calm gaze and blazing words

    1. He’s a Republican, and a fake Catholic. Like most of my fellow Catholics in Texas. A true disgrace for the state, the country, the church

    2. Republicans say the opposite of the truth as they invert the bible.
      The wind turbines and solar were producing larger amounts of power than before the storm, within a few hours of the storm. Coal, Natural gas, and nuclear power plants are down pulling 30 gigawatts off the grid. It’s literally the opposite of what Abbott said. It’s like their claim that Antifa launched the 1/6/2021 coup.

  6. Texas: “the free market will decide!”
    also Texas: It’s a communist socialism plot!

    I don’t know bro, it looks like the free market decided you’re a bunch of cheap assholes.

  7. I live in Illinois where we have lots of wind turbines and temps this week have been well below zero and we’re doing just fine.

  8. Canadian here. We generate electricity using natural gas, wind turbines, coal, hydroelectric dams, nuclear, etc. All year long, including severe winters, every year. So don’t blame the fundamental technologies, blame the people who operate it (or possibly the people who didn’t fund them properly).

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