Keilar: Trump's GOP enablers have blood on their hands 1

Keilar: Trump’s GOP enablers have blood on their hands


CNN's Brianna Keilar says that Republican lawmakers who support President Trump have fueled the language and conspiracy theories that led to the riots at the US Capitol.
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  1. Conservatives for weeks were like “God I hope it will happen, God I hope it will happen…”. Then it happened and they’re blaming Antifa for it. HYPOCRITES!!!

    1. @Appel Blossom actually they did take responsibility and no white privilege… Interesting twist you put on it… Typical non intelligent being…. Come back to me when you have something realistic to say

    2. @Alexa C. Brown Courts already said the Dominion voting machines changed votes, so that makes you look dumb.

    3. @Neal Harris you do some serious RESEARCH. I know who we are and who started it.
      I also know that BLM is NOT a HATE nor TERRORIST GROUP.
      They’re NOT LISTED on the FBI’s LIST.
      But you and your kind are LISTED and that tells me ALL I need to know.

    1. @Smiley Chrisyour.boi Trump.picked a fight.with.china.which lead to covid all.being.tortured.for 9.months and 300,000 deaths….Trump.brought HELL to The USA and THE WORLD

    1. @Pej Bartolo : You went too far. This is attack. I am not a Trump supporter and I can not for that kind of madman.

    2. @terefe feyssa sorry but I can’t be debating on you on things that you learn in first grade. Your and you’re – really? Find someone else. YOU are a nice person and YOU’RE better off looking for someone who can explain to you the difference between the two.

    1. @Carolyn Talbot Your comments don’t matter to the Pavlovian conditioned Trump supporters that are conditioned to believe anecdotal evidences like videos without knowing the context and believe any of their Dear Leader’s sycophants, or their Dear Leader, over any factual and statistical evidence – including our freaking Courts of Law.

    2. Right on Toon!!! All the suit guys make their big Hoo Rahh speeches then quickly hurry home and hide under their beds. It goes with the Territory of a politician!

    1. @Matthew Z Liu If they would have, they would be 6″ feet under. When Peaceful Protesters came close to the Capitol ~ helicopters, Policemen, National Guardsmen chase them away.

    2. @Matthew Z Liu A black woman stand up and said when black people was about to riot because they are fed up of the system. She stand up and said “no that is not how we do it around here.”

    1. HA!!!! I am sure they are shocked I tell you, shocked. LOL their lack of personal responsibility is incredible.

  2. Graham, look at his body language he is not to be trusted, he change like a signal light, he is not to be trusted, frfr

  3. There should be a book of shame for all those “you know what” who got exposed during this awful presidency. God works in mysterious ways.

  4. “We’re going to walk down, we’re going to walk down what? He has no idea what the names of the streets are near the capitol

    1. down “there” or somewhere near thereabouts ……. can I get a ride back home, plz (in the other direction)

  5. Rudi is even confused by what year it is, calling the “rioting and looting THIS summer”. Does he think today’s the 38th of December 2020?

  6. “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve it.”
    Lindsey Graham, on Twitter, 2016

  7. “His logic melting as quickly as sprayed on hair on a warm day in Philadelphia” – Well damn! 10:45


  9. “The devil doesn’t come in a red cape & pointy horns, he comes as everything ever wished for …”

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