Kemp Admin Seems Intent On Keeping Georgia Voting Broken For 2020 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. This reminds me a little bit of Papa Roach’s hit 2000 song “Broken Home” – except the word home can be replaced with state here.
    Georgia is a “Broken State!”

    1. @The Long Khan Georgia is a “Broken State’ now! The ‘father’ reference in the song “Broken Home” could be Brian Kemp. The mother reference could be Stacey Abrams.

    2. Georgia is a lovely peachy state with corrupt politicians and a nasty heritage of racism. Needs tons of bleaching.

  2. That’s because it worked so well in his run for governor. Why change a system that worked so well for the GOP?

    1. That’s why the GOP defends Russia interference in US Elections, because it benefits them. If Russia ever tried to help Democrats, you can bet everything you own, Republicans would be in the streets to stop voter fraud at that point. They are quite and actively fight for corruption when it benefits them, they fight against American Citizens, when it benefits us.

  3. As bad as this is in Georgia it was worse in Nevada. We are under attack by our own government!! One person that got in line a 7:15 am in Las Vegas and waited 3 hours. My wife and I showed up at 8 am and it was a 5 hour wait and people behind us were waiting 7 hours with no help form the volunteers. THIS is a crime! This is not voting this is manipulation and corruption and people needed to be fired.
    Las Vegas news stations are reporting this crime as what it takes to vote in Las Vegas?!????!!!

    1. I don’t know if this will make you feel better, but all registered Nevada voters will receive a mail-in ballot in November. Wish they had done that for the election yesterday.

    2. @Deborah Freedman Many Mexicans will have twelve to fifteen guys living is an apartment or small house to save money. fifteen ballots to one house? I see problems. Plus, trump has come out saying that voting mail fraud is easy. Implying that his base should do their best.

    3. In the uk we have polling stations in every village and many in towns and cities. Usually, I can walk straight in, one or twice I’ve had a 10 minute queue. I can’t believe you US citizens put up with this corruption – it certainly isn’t democracy🙁

    4. The Republican party is dying and they are willing to destroy American democracy to protect the dictatorship of the minority

    5. Georgia governor, Brian Kemp, has been blocking from voting both American citizens by voter suppression tactics in which he specializes, and legal immigration applicants by colluding with the Atlanta Citizenship and Immigration office to make the application processing in the State of Georgia one of the longest in the US, currently 2.5 to 3 years!!!!!
      This man is a mean beast!

    1. @Diogenes of Seattle
      Just search data breech. There are several sources and most are in agreement with the numbers.

    2. @Rich Winder so you can’t tell me where your data comes from.

      It’s interesting how certain of your opinion you are.

    3. @Diogenes of Seattle
      What – you don’t have the where-with-all, to look into it for yourself?

    4. @Rich Winder look I’m sorry if it sounded snarky. I know enough about the subject to recognize you’re probably using a mean value and that using a mean value is inappropriate vecause of the weight of the maximum values on the mean.

      Do you understand enough statistics to understand my objection?

      If not just admit you were usung statistics you do not understand and I will go do the research myself.

    5. @Diogenes of Seattle
      Of course it’s an average. Your objection is duly noted. It still quantifies the overall magnitude of hacking monetarily. And the number is probably low, due to non-reported and un-detected hacks.

  4. He suppressed the vote so he could be governor and that’s the only way to defeat the Dems in “Red” states!

    1. @Thoughts If you think something is your just because you say it is you’re not in reality. Reds control the state it’s theirs not yours and they control the justice system that should not allow vote rigging. If your can’t see that you’re on drugs

    2. @Teresa S Saying Georgia is blue it’s just stolen by the corrupt red is silly. Until you have control of something it’s not your even if they steal it when they control the law too

    1. Elaniago we are not a democracy. We are a Representative Republic. Our founding fathers were smart enough to destroy efforts in emboldening mob rule.

  5. The FIX is IN….can we stop it…STAY IN LINE WHEN YOU VOTE THEY CAN’T TURN YOU AWAY…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @David Gainey I don’t care if the they vote blue or red…..AS LONG AS ITS OPEN TO EVERY REGISTERED VOTER

    2. @David Gainey
      The point is Georgia’s government caused an unconstitutional election, one where the voices of her people were suppressed, their wills denied, and their votes knowingly and undemocratically cast aside as they were turned away at the door. The point isn’t who the people of Georgia are voting for, it’s that many of them couldn’t vote at all!

    3. They can shut it down and then you have no recourse but to walk away. Terroristic tactics. It is no coincidence that this is happening predominately in the higher population Urban areas.

    1. @wily wascal only losers blame 1 side or the other.. . When both sides are playing for the same team🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ the Mason’s, and occults/ secret SOCIETIES are directly responsible for all that u see happening in the world now…. This is how they operate…… Sadly everyone seems to forget secret SOCIETIES and what they do

    1. @edward mille ~ Isn’t the point just that? DISTRACTION and DECEIT? No one will notice that decisions made 3-4 years ago are made, investigations and accusations could not authenticate the GOP whining. GOP are useless for America.

    2. You know, the SMART thing to do would be to form a unbiased investigation committee…but good luck finding someone unbiased.

    3. @Alison Casilli He, Yeah, no matter the result, even if the investigation was completely unbiased, the result will always be accused of bias, because it would render out mistakes/foul play from one side.

    1. How come Jimmy Carter never has “observation” team in his own state’s corrupt voting system? Why did he bother countries since his own country’s electoral is so corrupt?

    2. @Steve Dee, Unfortunately, there are many people in this country who call themselves Christians and do not act like it. They use their Christianity as a means to judge people and elevate themselves as the Pharisees did, and Jesus couldn’t stand them and their hypocrisy. That is NOT Christ-like. Believe me, Jesus would be marching with the Black Lives Matter Protestors if He were here right now. It’s obscene what people do and say in the name of religion that isn’t consistent with their religion at all– any religion.

    3. shhh….America is the only free,democratic,moral,utopia on the planet have’nt you been brain washed since birth about this..back to reality….hypocrites

    1. This is why Trump doesn’t want mail in voting…it eliminates republican fraud with regards to elections. Why is it always republican states that do this repeatedly …over and over.
      This country is being taken over by fraud by the unelected.

    1. No. Can’t do it. They will go by the ELECTION NIGHT RESULTS. If Trump has not DECISIVELY lost on that night, he won’t be going anywhere even if Biden wins a week later when all the mail-in and absentee ballots are counted. Trump will contend they are fraudulent to his dying breath.
      We are racing towards a serious constitutional crisis when Trump refuses to accept the results. Not if, when.

  6. Sounds like we will have to start a new Protest. “Let Our People Vote!” “No Voting No peace”

  7. As the administration keeps screaming about potential voting fraud, here in the face of the great Georgian citizens, a Republican goes ahead and cheats. Governor Kemp should be sued for surpressing everyone’s right to vote. Voters, vote him right out off office and into the patty wagon along with the other cronies.

    1. @Jonathan Chartrand ~Sorry, couldn’t resist the pointy little barb–instigated by fond memories of frolicking fun in the Northwoods with our fantastic Canuck neighbors! Don’t worry too much…we survived eight years of Dubya; America should be strong enough to withstand four years of President Nero, costly as that will be. Perhaps–hope is–just maybe–could be, it will have been the wake-up call America has long needed. If not, we’ll be paving ourselves us a rough road forward.

    2. @wily wascal I think every American should be speaking to their neighbors and telling them to vote Trump out. This is not the time for complacency, you must act decisively before it’s too late.

    3. @Jonathan Chartrand ~Not to be misunderstood; we certainly wouldn’t advise complacency. While confident Trump won’t be reelected (because enough of the American public has now seen the danger of their neglect and complacency there), that is only the beginning of resolving things–there will remain much still yet to be done…

      “The problem at the heart of all this is a Republican cult built up over decades by plutocrats, the GOP, and right-wing media. Those Americans elected this pitiful, puerile President, and have continued to support him no matter what travesty he commits! The creators of the Republican cult have always been weak men, and now find themselves harnessed by those they sought to enslave, subject to the fickle whims of a moronic madman and the mob whose ignorance they relentlessly nourished and cultivated.”

      Conservatism as always been the endless, futile quest to justify greed, but the coin of the realm in GOP land is fear; it’s what they peddle, it’s what they traffic in, it’s what they carry in their pocket at all times. Then, they turn that fear to hate. And that hate is the poison killing them, America, and all of us. It’s the poison to which the Republican cult has become addicted.

      Republican cultism is the disease, Toxic Trump is merely the most visible symptom and but one carrier of that disease. It existed before Trump, and it will continue when Trump is gone–unless or until the problem is adequately addressed. COVID-19 is also a disease; but a virus is blameless, unlike those who engage in willful ignorance. America would have confronted and easily conquered COVID-19 disease, had America not already been diseased for so long with Republican tribalistic partisan cultism. Racism, xenophobia, homophobia, bigotry were central to the formation of the Republican cult, and remain its lifeblood.

      The only thing been stopping the GOP cult from turning America fascist has been the long-held universal repulsion and rejection of Toxic Trump’s hero, Adolf Hitler, by Americans. Fortunately, the majority of Americans still remember that painful historical lesson many Republicans choose to ignore. There is hope that good will once again triumph over evil; love prevail over hate; common sense outweigh blind faith, mindless tribalism, and silly superstitions.

      President Nero stoked racial animosities, igniting the embers, keeps feeding the flames. Lynching, murder of innocent civilians by law enforcement, followed by protests, riots, civil unrest, people hurt, property damaged–those were all inevitable with an arsonist in the Oval, even if COVID-19 wasn’t presently so starkly highlighting the social and economic divides in this nation. You didn’t see this coming, it’s only because you refused to look.

    4. @wily wascal LIstening to some of Trump supporters, I believe they would follow him to their death.

  8. Our elections NOW resemble a 3rd world nations. It is time to call for an independent election commission from the UN. The Republicans has been gerrymandering various states for decades and also refused to follow Supreme Court dictates of removing that same gerrymandering – as the Supreme Court has no policing status. In addition, they keep pushing the envelope – removing people from the election rolls, shutting down election sites and booths, and now rigging the electronic election machines. Likewise, please remember they REFUSE to ALLOW mail-in ballots.

    1. Republicans refuse to allow mail-in ballots because of voter fraud. Of course voter fraud doesn’t exist according to democrats. Why does voter fraud not exist according to democrats? BECAUSE THEY DO IT ALL THE TIME! MSNBC wouldn’t report this though because it goes against their agenda and that’s a big no no.

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