Ken Burns: Confederate statues celebrate a false narrative

Legendary documentary filmmaker Ken Burns says the United States is “in the middle of an enormous reckoning” and called for the removal of statues of Confederate soldiers and the renaming of military bases during a discussion with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.
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    1. @Jock Young not directly promoting violence but democrats, the media and big tech aren’t denouncing it either. All I see is excuses like summer of love, peaceful protests or agreeing the statues should be taken down. They’re indirectly in favor of this. There should be no question about arresting these rioters and yet here we are.

      Seriously, as much as you don’t like Trump don’t vote democrats. They’re out of control. Vote for no one if you really hate Trump that much. There is fair criticism on Trump, for example, he talks too much, saying things without evidence and leaving everyone comfused. However Joe Biden is going to be a puppet of these authoritarian entities. He doesn’t even have a proper plan right now.

  1. For 30 years since his BRILLIANT civil war documentary I’ve adored Ken Burns and you might imagine how I feel about him now. Well done Mr Burns and thank you.

    1. Well said. His civil war series may have been the first documentay I saw. I am forever grateful for Ken Burns and the details in the history so vividly and visually documented.

    2. “It’s ‘Kurns’, stupid!”

      Sorry, whenever I see the name, Mr. Burns, I think of ‘The Simpsons’; in this case, when Burns is looking for an heir, and Homer makes Bart try out, giving him “prompt cards” to read, but they are ungrammatical, and spelled wrong, including Burns’ own name, which Homer wrote as “Kurns” haha.

      You may know of the reference anyway, but I thought I’d explain it, in case you hadn’t heard of it, and wondered what the hell I was talking about; didn’t want you thinking I was some kind of nutcase…I mean, I am, but I don’t like people thinking it for the wrong reasons haha.

      All the best.

  2. Ken Burns is an amazingly bright man. I’m always astonished when I hear him or see his documentaries.

    1. He’s a complete moron who speaks pretty but says nothing. This is no reckoning. It’s communist strategy that Stalin and Zedong used. Destroy history so nobody knows how it was. You fools are siding with psychopaths.

    2. untseac These statues are useless at remembering history without reading a book or an article or something that actually gives you information. Statues aren’t to remember history. They’re to honor people. We should really think carefully who we should honor. History is rich with lots of characters to choose from to honor. Let’s pick the good ones, and leave the actual history in the books where it belongs.

    1. @Diogenes of Seattle Apparently proudly evil from your distorted and cancerous point of view.

    2. Quotes are easily felt as profound. The problem is, we often than not, don’t look at the full depth of what surrounds quotes. Any quote that includes the word “history”. History is written by the oppressor. The oppressor does not write truth over the false narratives Ken Burns spoke about.

    3. @Crystal Giddens SERIOUSLY? You cannot EVEN recognized the differences of HUMAN and MATERIAL??? ONE IS LIFE, ANOTHER IS DISPOSABLES!!

  3. I’ve seen every documentary this dude made, except Baseball.. still waiting for that to be on Netflix. I’ve watched The Civil War, The War, The West, The Prohibition, & The Roosevelts.. I’ve watched two times each of those first 3 docs. They are so in depth, and tells things you may not have heard of.. so much is _not_ taught in schools nowadays.

    1. Just rent Baseball on Amazon! It’ll be the best couple of bucks you ever spend. Ken Burns is a national treasure (just like basesball!) Cheers!

    2. You missed it Stephanie. Baseball was on Netflix for the longest time. I watched it twice. It’s not on Netflix right now. It’ll come back one of this days. I hope.

  4. “My problems in regards to racism isn’t with dead people that can’t “Do” anything, it’s with the people who are currently still breathing!” – Neely Fuller Jr.

    1. Anywhere we see a person of color, we see racism. So we must end racism by making sure people of color are not depicted anywhere.
      We will not rest until all pop culture icons of color are eliminated. Then, racism will be over.

    2. Joseph it seems to me that you’re trying to compare black people being sick and tired of seeing racist confederate generals to white people being sick and tired of seeing “poc”(who can’t help what color they are, unlike confederates who chose their legacy). Your comment sounds ridiculous

    3. Actually it is a relevant statement if you understand it. Past history has some very awful things in it but its past, it can’t be changed and we today have no effect on it. The focus should be on now and tomorrow , that’s where we have an effect on now and in the future. Not enough emphasis is put the 15 year old with a gun robbing and shooting up neighborhood and we are condoning that behavior but getting vocal and loud about what happened 100 years ago. It’s not forgotten but it can’t be changed. 40 to 50 people murdered in a weekend in Chicago?? It seems no one is screaming about very loud,

    1. @crocusflower Why ignore the White Abolitionists, are you Racist? Without Susan B. Anthony and The Grimke Sister’s there is no “Emancipation”.
      Do you feel it takes away from “Black Achievement” knowing that “White Women” had to do it for you?”
      That Frederick Douglas didn’t “Break the Shackles” of Slavery but more Susan B. Anthony held the “Key That Freed The Slaves.
      Our White Woman are so Beautiful and Benevolent. Always reaching out to help Black America, even as self loathing and “Crab in the Bucket” as it can be.
      I’m so proud of Our Beautiful White Woman, I kinda see why Your Men leave You for Them.

    2. Generally speaking in this country you have to be responsible for the deaths of thousands before they honor you with a statue,and at THAT point in time, forget it!

    3. @crocusflower
      There are statues of all those people. They certainly aren’t spread as widely as those of others but those you mentioned indeed have statues.

  5. Ken bruns was one of my heroes growing up great movies documentary and just a cool guy miss his the way he looked at things .

    1. Mr. Burns had all the time he wanted. Burns has as much Historical Perspective as any living person. He just doesn’t like to stop and listen.

    1. I ‘ve watched most of his documentaries, but they’ve all disappeared from my Netflix; ( I watched “The Viet Nam War” last Friday, and it was gone on Saturday. I wonder if it’s because of the supposed light treatment of white supremacy that Cuomo alluded to.

    2. I bought the book and the dvd set on his Vietnam War documentary. That was hands down the best documentary I’ve ever watched. The book had so much detail about the war I never could of imagined existed. There were personal accounts from both sides that left me like holy crap are you serious? As for the dvd set, I couldn’t stop watching. So well put together. I’ll watch any documentary Ken Burns makes.

  6. I enjoyed listening to Ken Burns. I would have liked to hear more of his views and would’ve rather that he wasn’t cut off so much. Please bring him back on the show and let him speak more.

  7. Cuomo: interviewing Ken Burns is the easiest job in the world:
    Keep your mouth shut and stop interrupting him.

    1. He can’t his racism can’t let him, he’s battling like hell to save his racist ancestors images! He mad as hell!🤣

    2. @Tammy Slade No Cuomo loves and craves chocolate people you know that. Plus dude he is Italian.

    3. Oh ken burns , did you forget to mention states rights? Why didn’t you mention general lees diary that said he was ashamed of the slavery in the south and that if they lost he war it was because God was punishing the south for not ending it sooner. Why don’t you give all the history !! Everyone knows slavery is bad ! ! As a Christian I don’t worship idols

    1. @Robert Grey I know right! It’s unbelievable that ignoramuses out there comparing what black people went through in the United States to the Irish-Americans!

    2. @MrKaskelen that is the real truth was told by African in Africa, Africans brought “their ” slaves to be traded to Europeans just as they had done for thousands of years before .to Arabs, Egyptians, other tribes, way before Europeans came around who’s to blame ?start were it started!

    3. @ICE H2O what’s that leave you with Biden?He doesn’t have a clue who his talking to……till he smells your hair.

    4. Also these are just statues , they can be rebuild and if any republican want those statues on their property thats protected by 1st Amendment … not seeing lot of people wanting them to their own property , wonder why ?

    5. @Liam Grzywinski and when you Smart people defund the police and antifa takes what every they want from your unarmed hands who you going to call the unicorns or maybe call the Democrats squad

  8. Chris is awesome but this was the one time he needed to just listen and not try and jump in. Ken is right on all accounts.

    1. @ray ray y’all deflecting fools don’t know it’s abound tearing down statues of people that did and stood for evil things and are celebrated for it with statues, lol , they happen to be mostly white, what does that tell you lol?

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