Ken Burns On Misinformation, Paranoia & Conspiracy 1

Ken Burns On Misinformation, Paranoia & Conspiracy


Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker Ken Burns reacts to modern politics and explains why he thinks “this is the most fraught time in the history of our republic.”
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    1. @Billy Pardew Ok Billy boy the famous Russian troll tell us what conspiracy theories from the right have ever panned out? Since you notoriously spam comments with right wing crap let’s hear your spin? c’mon let’s hear it?

    2. they would have the stark full on disinformation like “socialism is communism is liberalism” tropes they’ve been using since WWII and somehow suckers and boomers obsessed with the military still think makes their old D’s hard

    3. @Hunter Roberts whatever you’re standing in Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia turn off for you you’re still eating a bowl of s*** over that one I bet that taste good how about this one the origins of the coronavirus came from the Wuhan Institute of virology the same virus that dr. Anthony fauci studied for years and has funded for years there was no election fraud LOL you want to bet and not just a little bit either massive voter fraud now whenever you’re ready big boy I’m ready to play

    4. @Billy Pardew You keep pushing the same crap as Russian trolls so if the shoe fits you must be wearing it. You certainly are not an American that respects the constitution or the concept of democracy. Trump is a russian stooge and you are backing him all the way so yea you must be a Russian troll.

    5. @Billy Pardew здесь я переведу на ваш родной язык, чтобы было легче понять. Вы тролль, являетесь ли вы гражданином США или нет, вы определенно не патриот и поддерживаете лживого преступника.

  1. We would do ourselves a favor by educating the ignorant so as they don’t fall victim to the likes of a conman such as Donald Trump in the future.

    1. sadly, rule number one of Fascist Fight Club is “do not talk about education because the cult throws you out”

  2. Hey GOP;
    “Better to be alone than keep bad company” – George Washington.
    Thanks MSNBC, Ken’s the man!

    1. @frutbum p , do you even know who he voted for or you just assuming based on your whitewashing conditioning

    2. @frutbum p gaslighting biden voters like Trump cultists simply doesn’t work, Boris. Try harder.

    1. It’s so good to hear voices like Ken Burns in the times, to remind us we are better than we are now and that history shows what we are experiencing has happened to others in the past.

    1. @Mauser found this in your homepage comments:
      “Troll account. Nothing but shilling and ignorance. Just report, ignore and don’t engage.”

      I will express my sincerest middle finger to the poster though…ha…ha

    2. @T. R. Campbell
      Of course repuglicons will back a bill with Democrats on a Asian hate bill. It’s in their best interests, and Moscow Mitch’s wife is Asian. Your pathetic attempt to bolster repuglicons pitiful image is sad to say the least. Now stop playing with your mommy’s computer and go play in traffic with your little zombie friends!

    3. @George B So the Democrats voted for the bill because it was in our best interest? I don’t believe so. Both Republicans and Democrats backed the Bill because it was a good bill. That was the key right there, it was a good bill. I have been criticized for my spelling but your spelling is atrocious. I am highly offended by your reference to my mother, she passed away years ago, your reference is despicable. Your hate and your bitterness is showing.

  3. this is truly sad. you are witnessing the watershed moment in American and human history. I hope we can pass through intact

    1. @Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov The troll factory has pulled out it’s big guns. I’m impressed, thanks.

    2. @Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin was hunted down and killed by Stalin in Mexico so maybe read some history comrade

    1. @Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov homepage reads: “Joined 16 Jul 2021″….yesterday….KGB troll with blank homepage tabs
      Screen name is true name of Vladimir Lenin.

  4. Excellent Intelligent Articulate Professional Discourse on this important matter. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

  5. A bit of Woodie Guthrie, Mark Twain, & Will Rogers rolled into one. When Ken crafts, people should listen.

    1. Sadly, just as laws are obeyed by the law abiding and ignored by the lawless, so the humility and humanity that should flow from knowledge, perspective and history, Ken’s material, will be always unavailable to those who lack and disavow it.

    2. And scholarship/ research. Remember those stunning letters from the Civil War battle fields?

  6. As a soldier who watch the Vietnam series he did on AFN in Germany, I became the biggest fan of the genius of a man. History is just that…”His Story”.

    1. History is how a fan of Churchill may have referred to that man. His Tory. I get what you’re saying and agree with it but I couldn’t resist

    1. Weird how Q co-opted so many “hippies” through alternative -medicine- facts. I’ve lost almost all of my old friends – first to go was the bikers, then the crystal critters. I hope they wake up, I miss them

    2. They prefer their “info” fed to them with a side of lies, corruption, greed. Self-appointment for dessert!

  7. Lying about or even denying a loss you suffered is not a sign of strength, but quite the opposite. The weak always blame others for their own mistakes and shortcomings.

  8. I have always loved Ken Burns’ documentaries. Now, having seen this and heard him, I have even more respect for the man.

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