Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz Expected To Join Trump Impeachment Defense Team | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz Expected To Join Trump Impeachment Defense Team | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1


    1. Giuliani, Starr, Dershowitz, – all yesterday’s men exhibiting clear signs of senility. Trump still lives in the 20th century with his propensity to rely on them..

    2. @Dave Schultz Trump has already been IMPEACHED for violating numerous laws. Nit. If the Senate REPUBLICANS want to head for the exits along with Trump in November, so be it. God Speed.

    1. Jeff Epstein had famous friends who were Democrats like Dershowitz and Bill Clinton and Republicans like Barr’s father.

  1. I find it interesting that all of the same people that were trying to Impeach Clinton, are now trying to defend Trump. Talk about Hypocrites. They are even playing interviews from the Clinton Impeachment and pointing out how these people are taking the exact opposite stance and morals of what they claimed back then.

    1. Lawyers take cases and argue for their client. It has noting to do with their personal morals. How do you not know this?

    2. Jeremy,
      Yes, that’s what lawyers do. There should be a large stone engraving over the entryway to every law school: “LEAVE YOUR CONSCIENCE HERE BEFORE ENTERING”.
      I’m reminded of Joubert, in _Three Days of the Condor_ . He was a paid assassin. After he shot a CIA bigwig, Turner asked him, “Why??”
      He answered, “I don’t interest myself in why. I think more often in terms of when. Sometimes where. Always how much.”

    3. @m/ The standard is not a majority vote, it must be a super majority of 2/3rds. Given that the Democrats need 67 votes to remove and they’ve only got 45 Senators or 47 if you count the independents. That means they’ve got to get a minimum of 20 Republicans from somewhere. Let’s dig into it on a second level, only 22 Republicans are up for re-election, most in no brainer Red States. The other 31 don’t care and will likely vote for exoneration. Presuming that as many as 6 are at least open to the idea of removal … you’ve got to get 14 more votes from somewhere. This the absolute best case scenario for the Democrats. That ain’t gonna happen. It’s all been a show since day 1. The Democrats can count. They knew this was a loser from the word go. It was a politically motivated witch hunt from the beginning. Surely you must know this! I will say that some of Trump’s actions were pretty slimy, but ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’? I think this is a slam dunk winner for the president on this one. Even you see this, can’tyou? Nancy knew it from the start and she was a dottering 77 year old rest home refugee. It was piece of theater designed to ‘rally the base’ from the start. All on my and your dime.

  2. Just some more Born Again LIARS! 😳 Jesus Christ!!!
    A Jeffery Epstein customer and another clown??? Really… Really??? 😂😳😎🤣😆

    1. JD

      You don’t have work that hard to vote against Moscow Mitch, Ms. Lindsey, DUI Matt, Moo Nunes, and Gym Jordan. Vote every Putin a$$ licking, Republican Traitor out in every race…..everywhere….It’s just that simple! Don’t forget the Traitor Tots too. 😎

  3. Latest members of IMPEACHED Trump’s legal team is none other than pedo-amigo Alan “I kept my underwear on” Dershowitz and “I made millions off the Clinton Impeachment” Ken Starr!

  4. They should check the oaths that the Senators signed yesterday. Instead of signing their names, Moscow Mitch, and Lindsey “Two-faced” Graham probably wrote “Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care.”

    1. Violation of oath should be grounds for removal from office – and legal reparations. Yeah, a fantasy, I know, I know.

  5. JUST REMEMBER KIDS…Ken Starr got a deferment from Vietnam for…(wait for it)…psoriasis.
    I would have tossed him some lotion, and said…”Here’s your gun, boy! Get in there!”

  6. We should not be surprised. Epstein’s ghost approves of this pick.
    Alan Dershowitz makes sense. As Jeffrey Epstein’s, lawyer Alan Dershowitz helped negotiate a “non-prosecution agreement” under which Epstein served just 13 months in a county jail, much of it spent on “work release” in an office. There are also allegations by two women who say that they were directed to sleep with Dershowitz by Epstein. And since Epstein and Trump were so close, it seems only fitting that Dershowitz would represent Trump as well. Perps of a feather perp together.

    1. @bob jenkins The Epstein deal was a corrupt unlawful deal – Dershowitz’s involvement show how corrupt he is.

  7. Trump wants all these Clinton lawyers defending him so he has someone to blame when he’s impeached. This is Trump’s logic.

    1. @lelennyfox34 I don’t have any idea. I quit second guessing DJT about 26 tweets after he came down the escalator. Remember “Obama tapped my wires”? The Awan Spy Ring in Congress is still playing out. Keep thinking he’s dumb. LOL

    1. Vince Crain I agree. Wouldn’t be needed without the democrats who’ve planned on impeaching him before he ever took office. The entire thing is a circus, a circus that’s caused division and wasted tens of millions of dollars.

    2. ​@Kevin NYC Only guilty people hire lawyers. If he was innocent he would do everything the police say and answer all their questions and trust them to decide not to press charges.

  8. “ Members of the Senate, have you reached your verdict?”
    “ We have. Not Guilty”
    “ Thank you. We will now begin the trial”

  9. Dershowitz has represented Jeffery Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, OJ Simpson, and now Donald Trump. That’s just about as swampy as it gets; a bunch of rich, angry, bloody, pervs. (Dershowitz included) Pervs of a feather, flock together.

    1. @Tim Countis I knew that. I wasn’t calling Dershowitz out on his skills as a lawyer. I was pointing out some commonalities within his client list.

    2. Decent lawyers run for two reasons. First hes guilty and it’s impossible to defend someone who confesses on national tv. Second. Has he actually paid anybody he hires. All those cities that he owes should place liens on his property especially marelagohhhh.

    3. Suzy Q
      As swampy as it gets is when 6 of the 7 lawyers for the democrats we’re FOR impeachment before the Ukrainian phone call was ever made

    4. @Lucky Fisher 72 I’m not telling them, I’m asking them. Did you miss the question mark. But it was rhetorical, because no one should want our system of checks and balances to be invalidated regardless of party affiliation.

  10. Advice to Mr Starr and Mr Dershowitz:
    When the “president”* says he knows something, he knows nothing. And when he says he knows nothing, he knows something. And it’s something bad..

  11. Kenn Star should be ashamed of himself impeaching One President for lying and defending the other President for lying on daily basis . Sad for America!!

    1. I drove past that dead person during the Clinton impeachment. In Aspen ! Who died?I was on vacation visiting my sister .

  12. Ken Star has shown himself to be a soulless partisan hack. He only wishes to maintain the minority’s stranglehold on our democracy-and they are strangling our democracy.

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