Kenney: Alta.'s reopening plan coming as vaccines ramp up 1

Kenney: Alta.’s reopening plan coming as vaccines ramp up


Alberta Premier Jason Kenney appealed for patience on Monday, saying relaxed COVID-19 health restrictions could be coming if vaccinations continue to trend up and hospitalizations level off.

Kenney said rules around self-isolation quarantine requirements for vaccinated could be relaxed "later this week" to reflect "the lower level of … risk that they pose."

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  1. Ya they aren’t gonna see vacs trending up too much farther, that’s when the “targeted restrictions” will start dropping.

  2. Kenney needs to go. I don’t want anyone who is a part of the Bilderberg Group running in any form of government.

    1. The answer should be NONE of them. It’s doubtful any of the other mainline parties is any better.

    2. @Primmakin Sofis I like the concept…but your implying tearing down the system I assume?

    1. @Max Weinbach …Personally, I want NO government orders but I will assume you want the government to tell you what, when, where and how you can do things then?

    1. The irony being that Trudeau has done a better job of keeping food on people’s plates than Kenney.

    2. @Crashcourse MTB shown all data that lockdowns don’t work..yet he double down..must be one hell of a paycheck from big pharma..

    3. @Moon Light Maybe it’s not hard for you to shut up. I’m Albertan and I care a lot about COVID. My brother had it in London months ago and he’s still suffering from it.

  3. All these premiers need to go. Canadians are too passive we just roll over every single time one of these fools takes another human right away.

  4. Kenney did no better and no worse than anyone else…keep that in mind lest you let the NDPeons back into power…and then you’re really gonna have something to complain about.

  5. It’s currently wave 42 and I’m running out of prayer pots to keep my protection spells up, I’m afraid I failed to prayer switch against jad

  6. Open everything up already enough is enough , If your scared of the flu stay home so everyone else can live their lives!

    1. Id like to be able to get another job again, being as the Canadian economy requires 2 jobs these days

    2. @Dalton Jones not really it depends how you live and what your lifestyle looks like ,having 5 kids one job we have all we need an more.

  7. I just can’t wait for the government to give me permission to live my life. My life will change very minimally.

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