1. @Sharon Stone The presumption is one is purely an investment for profit while the other is just to assist with personal expenses.. There are other differences as owner occupied are mire likely to have repairs done and renter behaviour moderated by the owner. There’s simply more of a pride of ownership with owner housing. It is the behaviour of the owner that is different between rental property and owner housing.

    1. for what? Are you waiting for another CERB paycheck? It’s not coming, the safe is empty. If you want money, you gonna have to show up to work. Sorry.

  1. Now you follow the country’s health measures? I guess you had to stop nagging and attacking Federal government over pipeline.
    Next time try to be part of the solution at very start.


    … 6ft apart and single file. Into the largest human science experiment of all time.

  3. Liquor stores, pot shops, methodone clinics, -open.
    Youde be surprised how many young men gyms keep from them getting into trouble Mr Kenny.

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