Kenney blasts Biden for scrapping Keystone XL pipeline, calls for Trudeau to hit back with sanctions 1

Kenney blasts Biden for scrapping Keystone XL pipeline, calls for Trudeau to hit back with sanctions


Alberta Premier Jason Kenney lashed out at Joe Biden after the new U.S. president revoked a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.


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  1. Complete failure to read tea leaves or was it a straight out 1B$ gamble? Biden was in power for 8 years. I think he’s up to date on the issue and didn’t « rush into it ». My heart goes out to everyone caught up in Kenneys roll of the dice.

  2. You gambled on not being self sufficient and wasted 8 years+ and billions of dollars for a project that create uninhabitable land and relies on leadership that changes every 4 years. You lost your gamble and lets be honest, Canada doesn’t have a lot of leverage to tell the USA what to do.

    1. How would this project create inhabitable land? You do realize the same infrastructure that this project was supposed to create is the same underground infrastructure running through your back yard and streets? We still need to transport this stuff because innovation isn’t here yet, and pipeline is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to do that

    1. Oil is a primary industry – and they are giving it away at reduced prices which effects the royalties Alberta government can collect – then its refined outside of Canada and sells for full price as the finished product.

    2. @No more War take Russia for example they extract , refine and use their own oil instead of importing it which keep the price at a low $.64 a litre compared to our dollar average. You tell me we can’t take a page from their book

    3. @KEVIN FELIX – we had a “made in Alberta” price for oil locally but went into the world crude pricing system supposedly for the benefit of the industry.

    4. @Jonathan Edward its about being able to heat and power everything you moron. It’s a necessary service and of course its going to be profitable. Why shouldnt it be profitable. Companies should be as responsible as possible, but that no different then anything else

  3. Mr Kenny also cancelled the rail tankers to move fuels because it was recommended by the NDP. So I guess we have the PCons to thank for once again screwing with Alberta.

    1. Anybody with a brain knows transporting petrol via rail is a disaster waiting to happen. Of course he canceled it.

    2. But why not shoot for the most efficient and cost effective way, especially with the huge benefits we reap from it

    3. @Dustin Macahonic I totally agree with you. Pipeline is the safest and most efficient. Rail transport is safer than the tankers which ply the oceans, but no one talks about that. Trudeau is happy to destroy our oil and gas industry but still allow imports of foreign oil, which come by tankers. Trudeau is ultimately responsible for the destruction of this industry, Biden is just finishing the job he promised his progressive supporters.

    4. Actually it was cancelled because there were monthly oil production limits, and which put the liability for the crude‐by‐rail contracts onto the taxpayer.

  4. Build railway and pipeline to Churchill Manitoba and refine your oil yourself in Ft McMurtry or Edmonton and get moving on it now no more talking

    1. We already refine oil in Ft Saskatchewan and other Alberta refineries. A new 14 billion dollar refinery is on line at Sturgeon. We have to export. We don’t come close to using all of our oil. No country ships refined products. They ship crude.

  5. Well… better get used to it.. it’s the way of the leftideologicallyobsessed understanding of creating ‘unity’ .. they’ll practice it at home and abroad equally –

    1. Unity? Is that what Trump was seeking when he signed a slew of orders to reverse Obama Administration decisions? Sorry buddy. Keep your unity. Time for payback.

  6. Sanctions would be the dumbest move possible. No way Jason doesn’t understand how stupid his idea is. It ‘must’ be political posturing…

  7. This is his speech to kick start party leadership as he dreaming to be PM – what a looser, after costing Albertan with $7.5 billion loss he is looking ahead to be PM

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