1. @Scott Leishman They weren’t moved, they were forced out through pay cuts. Kenny is deliberately sabotaging the healthcare system in order to privatize. It’s literally in his platform.
      Either that or the conservatives are entirely incompetent. Which is it?

    2. @ivoryteaspoon no, their jobs were just privatized. And a whole bunch of nurses retired. It is completely false to say that Kenney “fired” 11,700 “healthcare workers”… cafeteria staff in a hospital ARE NOT HEALTHCARE WORKERS

    3. @ivoryteaspoon FYI, Alberta’s healthcare system has been partially privatized for decades already. Stop guessing.

    4. @ivoryteaspoon Jason Kenney has literally said that a public insurance-based healthcare system will always exist in Alberta. He has said this numerous times. Expanding choice for patients doesn’t mean going fully private. Common misconception.

    1. @boghopper he does appear to be stuffed(at least 20 lbs. overweight) but only famished jackals would consider this meal — maybe ???

    1. @GNR 1978 FOREVER everyone had a choice to vaccinate or not. Now let nature do its course. If there is no room in the inn to bad die at home.

  1. Medical staff & lots of other folks are about to lose their jobs. Progress you call it I guess.

  2. He’s trying to be even keeled but something’s off with his tone, I think he’s feeling the strain of the 22% poll number

  3. Considering just about everyone is ripping Korrupt Kenny I wonder given that the average voter has the attention span of a knat and the memory of a goldfish I wonder just how many voters will still be this pissed off come election time.

    1. honestly we were the least restricted province and he had no interest in doing a vax pass system until the drama teacher bribed him with a billion dollars.

    2. @08 mustang Bullitt And now Ab has the most covid cases in Canada with 800 Albertans dying of covid every month lol congrats!!!

    1. @TheNaznine LOL. Remember when you tried to claim that hospital laundry workers were “healthcare workers?”

  4. So I cannot have friends and family over for dinner but I could go to a hockey game with around 20,000 strangers. Makes sense!!

    1. @Chuglet which barely consists of 0.07% of the population. And that’s the total deaths which aren’t all ventilator deaths. So even less than that probably around 0.04-0.05%. So sure. Be scared and terrified for something that effects barely 1% of the population

    1. Honestly, Kenny is among the better ones. At least he tried to strike a balance between science and humanity.

    1. We all called it back in July, open up when it’s convenient for their pockets only, then close down again smdh…

  5. Heading into the most depressing time of year and they want you alone and separated counter to human nature. Idiots

  6. Lol!! You speak of an over stressed health care system as you’re firing doctors and nurses… thanks, Kenney!

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