Kenney warns about Omicron, then eases some COVID-19 gathering restrictions 1

Kenney warns about Omicron, then eases some COVID-19 gathering restrictions


Alta. Premier Jason Kenney issued a warning about the Omicron variant, but loosened some gathering restrictions ahead of the holidays.

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    1. @Mr. Bug Pop So you’d rather this clown posse than try something else? That is certainly one way to view things.

    1. @Dogmatic Agnostic wow accurate name there.

      I mean you can’t get much more dogmatic. I see you’ve accepted the government as your saviour.

    1. @Jason Lusk What’s the problem, Jason, questions above your intellect level?? Too difficult?? Or is it, that you can’t debate, all you have are insults❓👍👍🤣🤣

    2. @N I scrolled back through the thread and couldn’t help but notice that you haven’t posed a question. Huh. I guess that just further explains a few things about you kid.

    3. @N Or it is hidden from all but the OP because of it violating YT policies? Try again child. Maybe rephrase it as I originally suggested. You could try having an adult help you.

  1. Why not ease restrictions. Only one death attributed to this variant! It appears more contagious but less deadly.

    1. That one death.

      How old was he?
      Did he have comorbidities?
      Did he die of or with it?
      What hospital?

      Answer to all? “None of your business”

      I highly doubt said patient exists.

    1. @Halbinoni
      By ‘actual science’ you mean protecting your inner child?
      Seriously, some of these arguments are juvenile.

      I stand with your Independence. You are not alone.
      The science is totally against you.

      The ICU costs the government WAY MORE that regular patients.
      I work in a hospital…the friggen surgeries are cancelled because nurses are in the ICU working.

      Like…. What proof is needed? Unless it’s emotional, then it’s impossible.

    2. Donchano? That’s caused by cold weather! But it hasn’t really been that cold. So…….

      Wait, umm you’re an _ist! I don’t want to talk to you anymore.

    3. @LumpyRex007 prove there’s a single Covid patient in your local ICU. I got told to shut up and it was none of my business.

    4. @madtabby
      What proof do you need? As in, do you want a picture?
      Do you want to talk to someone who had it and recovered from the ICU?

  2. All due respect, Mr. Kenney, but I couldn’t give a fart in a high wind whether you think I should be allowed to see my family at Christmas.

  3. Cases should not be the standard in which we base our decisions

    Health Agency of Canada Dec. 10th:

    2020 = 15,787 deaths out of 588,939 cases (2.68% overall case fatality rate)
    2021 = 14,113 deaths out of 1,238,752 cases (1.14% overall case fatality rate)

    1. IMO Cases mean nothing other than get better more reliable testing. What are the deaths? They will never talk about that. Look at the death rates over the last 3 years in Canada you would think there would be a huge spike. There is none

    2. @Tracer001 I will simply note that Statistics Canada has still not yet published the full 2020 mortality data, even though it’s now Dec. 15th. Last year, the full 2019 mortality data was published on Nov. 26, 2020.

  4. The boosters will finish them off quicker….less than a year I figure now. They have to reach there 500,000,000 million population cap as per the guidestones.

  5. I was definitely gonna follow the rules because I personally LOVE to comply. Other Albertans however, were absolutely not going to wait for the government to “allow” them to see their loved ones..

  6. I’ll be visiting LOTS of friends and family without a face diaper or polluting myself with human pesticides.

  7. South Africa annouces a new variant on Nov 24th, the WHO names it “Omicron” variant on November 26th, and AMAZON has 30 books on Omicron variant published between the dates of November 27th- Dec 2nd. 🤔

  8. Omicron was spread out on one job site everybody got it all that was needed was a box Kleenex.Runny nose was the main symptoms.

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