Kentucky Democratic Candidates Speak On Primary Race | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. I am voting blue no matter who. Let’s get rid of putin /trump administration an illegal presidency.

    1. @Alex Hamilton Some aren’t needed. Coal as in; coal jobs for those who live in the coalfields, has been on the steady decline since before he was first elected, but instead of a being a leader I,e. the one who is out in front and can see dangers lurking ahead, he’s never veered from the tired and often disproven line “coal works for KY.”
      Imagine how much further we’d be ahead if my state had been adult enough to hear news they didn’t want to hear but could learn from the hearing?

  2. Moscow Mitch saw Kentucky as the perfect state to hide behind while he gets rich. He has done nothing to help improve the lives of his constituents. While McConnell continues to get richer, Kentucky remains a welfare state. This is neither the mark of success or a concerned leader.

    1. Mitch is catering to the feelings and beliefs of a lot of Kentuckians,that is why they will always vote Rep!

    2. @Shenita Gazaway Many of the cities in kentucky are run by democraps! That is where the problem lays. Mitch does not run cities that is the mayors jobs as well as manage the funds the state receives. The GOP was trying to push a bill for education in tech jobs and skilled jobs through charter schooling but the lib tards shot down any chances for charter schools in KY. Democrats were always trash and always will be can you prove me wrong?? This would be a big challenge for you brainless wacks !

    3. @#j G research charter schools and explain to the class how you can hire and pay teachers a respectable income and fund children’s education, all while turning a pretty large profit with the same funding as public schools. There is a reason charter schools have an extremely high fail rate and why charter schools literally make class more relevant in education and why people who are supportive of them are people who want to get filthy rich over robbing kids of a quality and equal education. Educate yourself on the facts. Why don’t you tell everyone why and how charter schools would improve Kentucky so dramatically in regards to education. Charter schools also discriminate against those with disabilities and special needs.

    1. McConnell has a gig lined up as a guest star on the show the walking dead here after the elections.

    2. And the cheques he receives are worth millions of dollars….., thanks to Moscow, China and you…, yea that is right a meagre little bit of his cash comes from taxpayers…, most of it from illegal donations!

    1. @PrinceTigerBeatz Industy Kits
      No kentucky is a poor state.
      Let’s not spread lie to say it’s a rich state

    2. @Jason Flemings That’s because of the democrats hurting our counties, not because of Mitch MCconnell.

    3. Moscow Mitch wants to keep the people poor and the people don’t seem to care ether way.

  3. Well spoken Charles Booker & Amy McGrath👍 👍
    No matter who wins…please keep fighting for what’s right for Kentucky & America!
    Ethics & integrity must prevail.

    1. @Infiltrating the joebiden campaign…
      “pro trump democrat” 🤣😅😆
      Sorry, but that dog won’t hunt.

  4. Mitch McConnell needs to go! Enough is enough. Start fresh and hope for the best. Please Vote Blue, we’ve already in the red badly while Mitch is getting richer. Again Vote Blue.

    1. Vote blue you say, how are they going to do that? Kentucky has removed most all voting locations, they have gone from 3700 down to 200. In Jefferson County, a largely back voter base with almost 1 million voters they have 1 polling location for the entire county.

  5. It is crazy how few polling places there are; from 4,700 down to 200. How can that possibly be legal?

  6. Moscow mitch gets his money from China…, he also has WAY MORE money then a senator earns!!!
    The candidates should remember and tell that!!!

    1. bibia666 proof he gets money from China. (Also I hate Mitch but that’s a weak argument)

    1. @Pie Row True dat. No Booker in the race, I vote for McGrath. Booker in the race…Booker all the way!!

    2. Yeah I don’t think my grass can handle that or have the popularity vote people are not going to feel comfortable that that McGrath will win.. the Democrat partyshould go for the one that can do the better job which in this case I think is Booker. Democratic politicians should get together and talk this over and choose the senator there that can do the best job this is no joke…

    3. @Pie Row McGrath might know the voters better than Booker. I don’t think of Kentucky as a very woke state. It’s important to remember that ANY Democrat, no matter how conservative, is a million times better than Mitch, because it denies him the speakership, and may flip control of the Senate.

  7. He’s superior to her. This shouldn’t be as close as it is. He’s clear and into the issues, she is platitudes and boring.

  8. Really hope this guy wins…our government needs a fresh breath of youth in our system across the board. This old system is clearly corrupt and cracking at the seems.

  9. Charles Booker sounds much more competent than Amy. She’s just spewing Political rhetoric. He sounds like he’s been through the struggle and can represent his constituents.

    1. I agree. McGrath lost me on the very day she started her campaign, when she literally said she would do a better job than McConnell at enabling the Trump agenda. WTF?

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