Kentucky Derby Winner Medina Spirit Fails Drug Test So What Happens Next? | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Kentucky Derby Winner Medina Spirit Fails Drug Test So What Happens Next? | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


Officials said Sunday the horse that won the 2021 Kentucky Derby, Medina Spirit, has failed a post-race drug test and its trainer, Bob Baffert, has been suspended from Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. NBC Sports host Mike Tirico joins Stephanie Ruhle to explain what happens to bettors' cash winnings and the implications for the Triple Crown.

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Kentucky Derby Winner Medina Spirit Fails Drug Test So What Happens Next? | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Marjorie Taylor Greene walked in this bar. A horse was bartending. He asked her, “Hey, why the long face?”

  2. I don’t care if it is a fraction of a gram but test proved it and the horse is under his care, he will take the claim. No but, no cancel culture.

    1. When used as a joint injection, a typical dose of betamethasone would be nine milligrams, RMTC executive director Dr. Mary Scollay told Horse Racing Nation.

      “But then that drug leaves the joint, enters the bloodstream and is distributed throughout the body,” she told HRN. “And remember that a racehorse has upwards of 50,000 mls (milliliters) of blood. So you’re not talking about 21 picograms in that entire horse’s body. You’re talking about 21 picograms in one ml of blood. And there’s 49,999 other mls of blood, not to mention all the other tissues, the muscles, the organs, the brain, the skin, all the other tissues of the body. That drug distributes throughout the entire body. So 21 picograms, you know, you can be a little overly reductive and say that’s nothing. But when you can contemplate the total sum of medication that may be in the body at that time point? It’s a different story

  3. I know I saw that horse smoking crack just before the race. Then he hit me up for a $20. to buy another rock.

  4. Security cameras? Those would expose if anyone unauthorized came in contact with the horse.

  5. He’s acting like it was a toddler who somehow got into the medicine cabinet in the middle of the night lol

  6. Its all about the money .
    All kinds of excuses that revolve around the truth.
    They only think of fame and money and the horse is screwed.

  7. Why do they have to give them drugs? Poor baby! That is awful! This needs to Investigated!!!

  8. The public gets nothing..its official..but the owners will either get money or lose money

  9. Just saw Bob is angry at the way he is being treated. Doesn’t come any where near how disappointed I feel. Lucky for him there is no infield party this year at the Preakness. Would have loved to see 1000s of maniacs reactions to Baffert.

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