Kenyatta: Republican Political Self-Interest Props Up Trump’s Bogus Election Claims | Rachel Maddow

Kenyatta: Republican Political Self-Interest Props Up Trump's Bogus Election Claims | Rachel Maddow 1


  1. U.S. Republicans are protofascists. Millions of angry and cruel Americans have their hearts set on autocracy, Constitution be damned.

    Never forget that Trump was made a household name on liberal media, not conservative media.

    Conservatives need liberals like flowers need the rain, and vice versa. It’s a two-party oligarchy for whom democracy is an enemy.

    1. @stilistisch LMAO….come on man. DC elites and their families will continue to make millions in overseas deals as they have for decades. Your concept of “democratic institutions” is a myth, it’s all about the Benjamins baby.

    2. @W.M. W ….speaking of being brainwashed, in case NBC “forgot” to tell you: Hunter got a foot-job from someone we HOPE is over 18. More democrats have been assisting spies for the CPP (Swalwell this week), and multi-billion dollar corporation will CONTINUE to censor you News. Now go back to chanting “orange man bad….orange man bad….”

    3. Now That is the BEST Slogan I’ve heard Progressive Humanist!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
      And sadly it’s ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!

    4. @Mike Steven your not impressing anyone with your trumpster logic mike.
      Your burning down your own house, and your too ignorant to realise it.

    5. It kinda depends on if you want a America that wants to remain a Constitutional Republic or be led by China?

    1. @Fedra Ruiz-Aleman I agree. Itโ€™s a shame so many elected officials see themselves as rulers instead of public servants.

    1. @gary grine Texas lawsuit is completely baseless and an attempt by the attorney general who is under investigation by the fbi for bribery to get a nice free pardon from trump

    2. @Ankur Soni no I think I means actuall states are refusing to accept biden , if let’s say 20 or more states join texas we truly have a country divided. THIS is how a real civil war starts

    3. @G Mac Looking at your spelling and sentence structure…
      You have NO fears of ever being called smart, or literate.


    1. @gary grine So, when Trump makes America great again. Gets rid of all the filthy foreigners who are holding America back. Do you think his God complex, paranoia and hatred of those who disagree with him will go away? The people who weren’t in the concentration camps in Germany and gulags in Russia were just fine, they still had the freedom to speak their minds and end up in a prison if what they said didn’t support the Leader. It doesn’t end. Once the easy targets are gone, the ones that are left become the targets. A society designed to help everyone live a quality life is far better than a society where the people are constantly at war with each other.

    1. @Jackie Blue Good Deal… Read something good while your there..May I suggest .. the Constitution? lots of good stuff in there..

    2. @An American Trump don’t know how to read. But he’s trying to learn, learn how to dance. He will be posting a new dance in tiktok. Watch out.

  3. Well their meal ticket can no longer help them.๐Ÿคญ
    The final nail is in the coffin. โšฐ

    1. We have been watching a coup d’etat for the last four years by the democrats which culminated in the most massive election fraud attempt to stop a president from winning reelection in American history.

    2. @An American You, pathetic bunker boy, don’t understand that the LOSER of an election doesn’t get to stage a coup and stay in power. The American people spoke. Get over it, snowflake

  4. Trumps reminds me of King Theodon from Lord of the Ring Two Towers beforeย  he was released from his insane spell. “Rohan is mine”, “The White House is mine”.

  5. They don’t want a Democracy, that is obvious. They have proven that they want fascism, therefore, they are enemies of America.

    1. @j law Has to be? Who else Burns down your stores, homes and shuts you down so you can’t make a living.. Steps all over the Constitution, happily burning our great flag..Locks everyone down and then go’s out to wine and dine and laugh and party while you and your kids starve..YUP..Democrats..

    2. @An American All kinds of burning going on right now. California forests going up for months and Mr. Wonderful says to the state clean the forest floor, while 60% of the forest land is federally owned. He should be out there cleaning that floor instead of trying to get as much wall built as he can before Jan. 20th. Lockdown? What lockdown? Have you been seeing the parties being held against guidelines? People are doing what they want to do. So stop whining. The small businesses were supposed to get funding to help them survive. It’s not the Dems who set things up so that banks get the say on who gets the loans. That was a Republican ask.

      Trump: Let’s get the supporters to donate to the legal fund for the failed lawsuits we file. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose, my pockets will get deeper with their money. There’s fraud because we say there is. The fact it can’t be seen is proof it’s there. Those wily, evil Democrats know how to cover their tracks. Nevermind that they can’t cheat well enough to grow their advantage in the House or already have gained a majority in the Senate. They are truly amazing in running a scam. But the coup is going well. Tired of all the winning?

    3. @An American
      Get REAL!!!!!
      SORRY .

    4. @Rob M Dammit…You need to get out and get some sunshine.. But ok.I think it’s all Trump’s fault to…If he would of just dropped out in 2016 we would all be tip-toeing though the flowers … Under Queen Clinton everybody would be Happy Happy and crapping in the drug needle covered streets .. And Auntie Pelosi standing on the street corner with rolls of paper and helping us wipe our butts the right way..We will have the lovely Ms Cortez standing beside her giving everyone ” who decided they don’t want a job ” money .. AND.. if you are an illegal person in this glorious wonderland hey just jump in line, free health-care, housing, money and a sandwich of your choice.. And the Beautiful Mrs Omar and her brother-hubby telling how screwed-up we were, but we’re okay now and her and the Democrats are working on a bill so that you can abort a fetus under 70 months of age.. Freakin TRUMP screwed all that up…. If your like me.. I think we should put him in indentured servitude for lets say …At least 4 more years…That will teach him…Oh and Biden’s in the basement still waiting on the Easter Bunny….. That is almost as stupid as what you said..But some of it is true..

    1. How are they trashing the Constitution when all of procedures that he’s going through are constitutional?

    2. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH It’s just what they have been TOLD by MSNBS….they can’t articulate any of it, they are just programmed to repeat it.

  6. TRE45ON coup. Impeached russian asset individual one. Crimes commission and corner’s inquest. 286000 deaths. Crimes against humanity. 42 days bunker boy.

  7. Democrats should take revenge against all trump appointees and ensure they don’t get a Govt job or receive any recommendations


    1. @Anthony Graham Can’t forget Russia, Turkey, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, or Egypt either. You know. The other wanna be or currently are dictators?

  9. To All Concerned Georgian: please make the right decision for January 05,2021
    Vote for Two Democrat Senator.
    Thank you ๐Ÿ’—

  10. Iโ€™ve just heard a good quote on tv. โ€œFor evil to triumph, all it takes is for good men to do nothing.โ€ Very true indeed.

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