1. The facts are, she’s more qualified than all the others who happened to be white, and that you didn’t even think of questioning.

    1. I wish they could identify on the real issues like giving Iran nukes,our National sovereignty. Our national and global economy, are children.
      🧻🚽 we’re already halfway down the toilet and nobody seems to care

    1. so where’s the part that makes it okay for Biden to hire someone based solely on skin color or gender?

    2. @FridayYT Where’s the part that suggests that’s what he’s done? The fact that you just disregarded her impressive list of qualifications in that link says it all.

    3. @THE___TRUTH um how about the part where the exact words out of his mouth were, “i will be nominating a black woman ” 🤦‍♂️

    4. @FridayYT It should go without saying that he’d only appoint one who’s also qualified. The fact that you find that so hard to understand/believe says more about you than Biden. 🙄🤫

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