Ketanji Brown-Jackson’s Mother Ellery Brown | TVJ Smile Jamaica

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    1. She was smart enough to know that was the best way to shut down that ridiculous line of questioning. Don’t be mad. She beat them at their own game. She beat you too as you have latched onto the sound bite and cannot see beyond. Oh well.

    2. @NPC Man – I SUPPORT THE CURRENT THING you might need to be a geologist to know what a stone is too…lol

    3. @Car Gire I listened the hearing and let me just say if a judge on the Supreme Court needs a biologist to tell her what a woman is, the US might as well put a statue on the Court. If she rather play political correctness than to answer a straightforward biological question a 5 year old could answer…then what will she do with the more difficult political issues….i wish I was joking too

  1. Great interview by Neville and Dahlia. What a scoop by TVJ!!! Congrats to Justice Brown and her family. As a Jamaican-American. I am grateful to be living here in the USA for such an historic appointment to the Judiciary.

  2. Being a news junkie, so I’m surprised I missed that bit of detail that KBJ has Jamaican heritage. She’ll be a great judge.

    1. Her mother wasn’t born in Jamaica according to an article I read online. She is a Floridian.

  3. I see ppl saying big up and congrats,Neville and Dahlia face look so happy about ketanji make it up there!but am gonna say this go and do some research on ketanji,she support the feminist movement,all black boy that go before he get life in prison,she’s now putting the first young people 17 years to the firing squad in coming months,go and do your research!

    1. LoL, yeah that’s why the Republicans criticized her for not putting enough black kids behind bars and being too soft on those kids. Being a feminist is a great mark for her as well. Every woman should fight for their equality in life!

  4. How did you guys get in touch with Ketanji’s mom?
    She is obviously an African, where’s her dad from?

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