1. It’s embarrassing that anyone would vote against such a qualified candidate.

    Super weird from the party of law and order that they don’t seem to have any respect or admiration for a highly decorated court official.

    1. @john smith maybe go and start read instead of expecting other people to do it for you. And if you have no clue, wich you apperantly dont, why even have a opinion on something you dont know anything about?. Just saying she is black and a women maybe make her incompetent in your eyes but as noted, you apperantly dont even bother to know what your against. Its cute your feelings are hurt that a justice is a women and black.

    2. @Sandburg Martin Yes very racist to pick someone because of their race and not their character unless you are saying MLK was a racist bigot. Note that Biden helped stop a Black woman being appointed in 2003.
      You spin on it comrade ?

    1. It is long overdue. It could have happened in 2005 if Janice Rogers Brown could have been nominated by Bush. Regrettably, her nomination was thwarted by a threat of filibuster by Senator Joe Biden.

  2. I’m so proud of her for the perseverance and dedication to becoming what she dreamed of being. She went through such tense confirmation hearings but handled it all with such grace and dignity. Congratulations to Ketanji Brown Jackson for breaking barriers the Republicans tried to build against her! 🎉🎉

    1. Bye bye UKRAINE, bye bye EUROPE, bye bye USA, bye bye NATO, bye bye DOLLAR, bye bye EURO. Now RUSSIA will SPEAK and YOU will LISTEN. RUSSIA POWER. PUTIN BEST OF THE BEST🇷🇺…

    2. @Terry Bridge Please let’s not speak of low bars, when the likes of a treasonous 45 was able to sit in the Whitehouse & watch TV & eat ALL damn day😂🤣😆🤪

    3. happy one day old to big brother, we all know what you’re job is. PROPAGANDA, people I think BIG BROTHER, is just another attempt to try to make the Democrats look good. BIG BROTHER’S, first day was yesterday.

  3. Congratulations to Ms. Jackson from Canada. Kudos to Senator Romney for standing in isolation applauding this historical achievement. Even if one didn’t support this nomination (I struggle to find reservation) I think it would be difficult to, at the very least, acknowledge this unprecedented moment in some way. The political fracture is a disappointing backdrop to this historic event.

    1. why does every statement on this judge have to include the word historic in front of it? you even use the word twice, as if you need to convince yourself.

    1. @Bradyn Lotterman that’s the answer they was looking for but kbj smart enough to know the lgbtq community would disagree with your definition of a woman your answer was the correct one just not politically correct she refused to be trapped by making a insensitive statement towards any group

  4. This is why representation matters! Young people need to see themselves in these important jobs!!! This is a great day for US

    1. Bye bye UKRAINE, bye bye EUROPE, bye bye USA, bye bye NATO, bye bye DOLLAR, bye bye EURO. Now RUSSIA will SPEAK and YOU will LISTEN. RUSSIA POWER. PUTIN BEST OF THE BEST🇷🇺…

    2. Nearly everybody wants to be represented and everybody wants to matter. But the real issue is that this gives too much power to our representatives (aka. Platforms).

      Representation doesn’t actually matter anymore to plenty of people. Because when a person represents themselves, someone more powerful is selectively choosing who is most important to care about. Your own merit doesn’t matter anymore, because your sense of worth is dictated by your representatives. And a lot of people are low key catching on to this fact.

      Sure, communities such as racial communities need to benefit off of this. But you’re also doing it in a way that coerces people’s preferences. You’re not giving the people the freedom to appreciate a culture or disapprove of it. You’re telling them whether or not they should.

      Sorry to say this… But representation is not an upward slope. It’s a regressive standard. You’re messing with peoples identities through their preferences. And it is beginning to show some serious corruption and decay in our culture. At this point, it’s most likely irreversible.

      Representation may matter… But rn, it probably shouldn’t.

  5. She will probably be the best supreme court justice in American history. She’s a real person she’s not in the club of fools.

    1. @Ashley rissinger walters I don’t get it. It’s like the saying “think out loud”. It just means yelling, or screaming what you think. Why is that better than “thinking out >>> at a reasonable volume” or, ” dreaming out , so others can hear it, but not so loud that you require a permit to avoid disturbing people and going to jail for noise ordinance violations or disorderly conduct ” . to be real here

    2. @A T what color are you really though ? I find it very interesting how so many people can know the exact color of their car,carpet or paint on their house, yet they don’t even know around what color they are closest to,or in the ball park of. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not a shade (black,white or grey) .

    3. Remember when CNN was relevant? I wish this company and it’s complicit employees nothing but bad things.

  6. “I call on the next generation of young women to be the mothers of the Compassionate Revolution that this century so desperately needs. You have a special role to play in creating a better world. It is often thought that women are more empathic and sensitive, and more receptive to the feelings of others. These are qualities that are embodied by mothers. In this sense, women are models of humanity.”
    – Dalai Lama

  7. “I was so proud of her. . . I was like ughhh”

    How is that your answer when she is being questioned about her judgements on pedophiles? 🤨

    1. @B. Kent It is funny how people can judge but I would sure doubt that you would make it IF you were in that position. So you want to criticize… then what are your credentials? I would bet that you wouldn’t even have the opportunity to be in that position. Let it go.🥱🙄

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