Kevin McCarthy: Jan. 6 Select Committee 'Has Lost All Legitimacy' 1

Kevin McCarthy: Jan. 6 Select Committee ‘Has Lost All Legitimacy’

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for rejecting his recommendation for Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Jim Banks to serve on the January 6 select committee. He claims the committee has "lost all legitimacy" and that the speaker was politicizing the investigation.
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    1. Less than zero credibility, along with all the republican reps of the House, except the only true Republican left-Liz Cheney. All the rest are Rio’s. Tale that to the bank MC Carthy, you lame excuse for a MAN!

    2. ‘The President bears responsibility for Wednesdays attack on Congress by mob rioters’

      — Kevin Mccarthy

    1. I like when people use stuff like GQP, tRump, Trumplicans, etc. Let’s me find the crazies quickly!

  1. McCarthy: If you don’t let my insurrectionists sabotage your committee, we will make our own committee and sabotage ourselves

  2. The Republicans are the one that have lost credibility and legitimacy if they ever had any

    1. @Kay McCarthy(R)Calif –>Waaa, Waaaa, Waaaaa, He knows people CANNOT be on this committee when they are –> “People of Interest” in this investigation. This only tells me there is evidence that McCarthy obviously does not want brought to light.

    2. @Jim Brudon The 5th won’t protect him from giving up everyone else… including the Florida Blogger.

    3. ‘The President bears responsibility for Wednesdays attack on Congress by mob rioters’

      — Kevin Mccarthy

  3. Why should the committee include the people , the group and the GOP that enabled Jan 6 insurrection ?

    1. One cannot expect for those who caused the insurrection to be on a committee to investigate the insurrectionists who committed the insurrection.
      The only purpose that the people who caused the insurrection have on a committee to investigate the insurrection, and what caused the insurrection, will be to obstruct the investigation, and hinder the apprehension, and prosecution of, those who caused the insurrection, and ultimately to obstruct Justice.

    2. All 5 of McCarthy’s “Appointees” Voted Against Impeaching Trump for Inciting The Insurrection.
      3 of them voted against Certifying The AZ and PA Election Results.
      McCarthy Appointed those 5 Clowns to the Select Committee so they could turn it into a Circus.
      Just like Republicans did with Impeachment Investigations 1 & 2.
      Also, so those 5 Seditious Traitors could say “We investigated ourselves and found us Innocent of all allegations.”

    3. They must not ,they are the one’s being investigated, how can they investigate themselves,

    4. Why why should they investigate themselves its like the police investigate themselves ,these politicians are a bunch of criminals

  4. Take it from an Independent like me, no, the current GOP is the one that has lost ALL legitimacy, by pandering to Trumpism!!!

    1. @Cameltoe Harris ’The President bears responsibility for Wednesdays attack on Congress by mob rioters’

      — Kevin Mccarthy

    2. @Sandra Lewis if that’s the case the MSM, biden, Schumer, pelosi, the Obama’s, and the Clinton’s are responsible for the officers who were shot in the head while sitting in their car by blm, officer David dorn shot and killed by BLM rioters, 4.5 billion in damages caused by BLM and antifa,the dozens of lives taken by the blm antifa rioters…

    3. @Cameltoe Harris Democrats are not ‘leftist’ at all, they are centrist on the political spectrum. To be leftist would be ‘socialist’ by philosophy & Democrats are certainly not that. There are no socialists of any significance in America.

    4. @Al Abama I have no hope for society because of people like you, the fact you wrote that comment read it and said to yourself yep sounds right and clicked send. Smh…. a Democrat is on the left a centrist would be on neither side but in the center… I may as well say you put the inbred in Alabama, makes just as much sense as your comment…. you want one that makes sense, you put the rat in democrat….

  5. Jim Banks and Jim Jordan are traitors to the US democracy and the GOP should not have selected these guys to this commitee in the first place – grow up McCarthy!

    1. He knew they were going to be kicked out so he could pull the bs he did. I really hope people will vote them out

    2. Banks is a Traitor and an Oath Breaker Twice Over.
      He Betrayed, and Broke, his Oath of Enlistment.
      He Betrayed, and Broke, his Oath of Office when he was Sworn into Congress.
      Just like Dan Crenshaw.
      Just Like Duncan Hunter.
      Or Ryan Zinke.
      Or Tom Cotton.
      Or Mike Pompeo.
      Or like any other Congressional Trumpublican who served in The Military.
      Oath Breakers.
      Disgraces to the Military and The Uniform.
      Full Stop.

    1. ‘The President bears responsibility for Wednesdays attack on Congress by mob rioters’

      — Kevin Mccarthy

  6. not like the shame process of Kavanaugh, or Trump’s impeachment panel, not like those baby Kev?

    1. Kavanaugh needs to have an actual FBI investigation, including how he suddenly paid off $200,000 in credit card debt that he claims was to buy buddies tickets to a sporting event and they repaid him in cash. Yeah, right.

  7. What a relief, they were just going to act up anyway. This is more legitimate by a long shot, duh.

    1. Without any BS Interference from Republicans things might just get done. Jordan can’t play, ah to bad that’s what you get for being a douchbag lmfao!

    1. ‘The President bears responsibility for Wednesdays attack on Congress by mob rioters’

      — Kevin Mccarthy

    1. Don’t play senate baby…take your ball and go home …you’ll get the same amount done for your voters if you never even show up for work.

    1. @ManexCorp What a POS. And McCarthy just doesn’t “get it” that sending these discredited POSs out time after time is simply reinforcing how the Republican Brand has become synonymous with “Traitor,” and “Liar.”

    1. @rob gpm apparently you don’t know the difference between/Protesting and riots. Gtfoh with your lies and misinformation.

    2. Darlene Montano It says more for Liz than Mccarthy. I don’t care for her politics, but I sure do respect her.

    3. Yes! Liz Cheney being the only halfway decent Republican on that committed, after McCarthy demoted her, is a perfect example of perfect Karmic justice. And Jim Jordan getting rejected from the committee, after he spent years and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars making a complete mockery and a circus of Congress with his endless fake witch hunt of Hillary Clinton for “Benghazi” to help cripple her candidacy, is yet another example of the Universe perfecting itself.

  8. January 6th happened because those GOP SOB’S like QAnon Kevin McCarthy, Gym Jordan and others wouldn’t concede the outcome of the presidential election results.

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