1. McCarthy has become so desperate, that he will say anything that will provoke a reaction from the so called GOP base. What a weak man!!!!


    2. @Aliza Kessler are you a troll I seen you in quite a few comments saying the same thing just wondering

    1. @Chino T. Yet Dems were the ones saying the opposing sides supporters needed to go to “camps for re-education”.
      Also didn’t Joe talk about taking orange man behind bleachers?!
      I remember Waters screaming to follow people, get in their faces and tell them they ain’t wanted here or anywhere anymore.
      At no point did orange man ever censor anything, even the WH YT page had comments enabled unlike now under dictator Joe. Last I checked dictators tend to control the press, much like the Dems do.

    2. @Izzywizzy
      I don’t know anything about re-education camps (although it’s not a bad idea). Agent Orange tried to get SNL literally cancelled for making fun of him. The press he tries to suppress by by calling everything that doesn’t suit him “fake news”. And his shill’s believe him because they’re effectively brainwashed. 🐑🐏

    3. @Tough girl I agree Trump for jail 2024, that’s the only place he’ll be going. He’ll be in court the rest of his life trying to keep from being exiled from this country!!!!!!!!

  2. Um these congressman are paid and therefore they are employed. Any job that I have ever had would have fired me if I made the comments he has. He should resign or be forced out. Not during voting season but now. Accountability is required here. My taxes should not go to this ignorance.

    1. @Todd Portice: Put the pressure on your local elective representatives to get rid of Kevin McCarthy. Constituents must complain about his unprofessionalism!
      They need to be reminded that they work for us, the VOTERS. Remind them that we voted you in, we can vote you OUT!

    2. Thank you for saying that! I am constantly thinking that exact thing–why is he (like others) not fired?

    3. Yes Constituents the only way you will teach him a lesson is for ALL WOMEN who voted for him is to write letters that rebuke his senate seat and kick his huge Ego out the door!

  3. Since America refuses to prosecute Trump for treason in a proper court of law, Republicans will continue to drag the country down. Things can’t get much worse so you don’t have much time left.

    1. @Vote Fraud Joe Wonderful circular reasoning. He hasn’t been prosecuted because he’s innocent and he’s innocent because he hasn’t been prosecuted. Can’t lose that way, can you? Legally, you are innocent until proven guilty. That’s the assumption of the court. That is not the assumption of the prosecutors or else someone could break into your house, steal your computer, be caught on a security cam doing so, and when you call the police, they’d say, “But he’s innocent, because he hasn’t been proven guilty yet. Sorry, there’s nothing we can do for you. Maybe you could run after him, hit him over the head and steal your computer back from him. We will assume you are innocent too, and not prosecute.” That’s anarchy, isn’t it? We don’t sentence people, public figures or otherwise, to years in the slammer until proven guilty in a court of law, but we sure do prosecute them even if they say they are innocent and Vote Fraud Joe believes they are. There are several New Jersey mayors who wish your system were in effect in the 1960’s and 1970’s, though. Just to reiterate: the court presumes you are innocent until proven guilty, but prosecutors don’t or else no one would ever be prosecuted.

    2. @Gnirol Namlerf Golden Boy Obama through Comey put the Trump campaign under surveillance with illegally obtained FISA warrants and then the Mueller team had investigated Trump but found NOTHING.

  4. Yea, let’s joke about a man hitting a woman.. How is that funny at all? He didn’t say it as a joke, he is supposed to be a leader and this is how he acts? How can you work with people like this? Cheney said it best, he’s proven he’s not a leader and doesn’t keep his oath!

    1. @MatterIsNotSolid Not to mention that a large % of GQP want a trump dictatorship which is sure to result in violence.

    2. @MatterIsNotSolid It’s not just McCarthy, everyone in the room laughed when he said he wants to hit Pelosi with a wooden mallet

    3. @rick Yeah, well I want Trump to end the communist infection in government. So long as that is done in a way that abides by the Constitution I’m good with whatever he needs to do.

    4. @rick You mean the same police who opened the doors and told people to come in? The same police who murdered a woman in cold blood for nothing more than being in a place she wasn’t supposed to be? The same police who broke down in tears because they had to deal with an unexpected crowd of people ambling through the building? Yeah that was horrifying. I mean, most police are only putting their lives on the line on a daily basis. These guys, these guys had to deal with people in their sneakers and blue jeans.

    1. How would we stop these ignorant fools anyway? Every time one opens their mouths, they make a worse mistake!

    1. @Chino T. : I’m probably being thick here, but what is the, “CRT,” s/he referred to? I think that makes a difference?

    2. @Chino T. “News Flash! It’s 2021, thing’s have changed since the 18th century.”

      actually they havent. democrats are tyrants. everyone knows now. “Take your vax! Mask up! Close your business! Shutup or we will get fb to censor you!” what else do you expect from the party of slavers.

      And the evil dems created the slave state, the effects of which are still apparent today. they should pay reparations.

    3. @Ash Roskell ” It is interesting, how the two parties literally switched places through history.”

      yes, because good guys take the names of the bad guys all the time in history. 🙄

      There was no switch.

      democrats are tyrants. everyone knows now. “Take your vax! Mask up! Close your business! Shutup or we will get fb to censor you!” what else do you expect from the party of slavers.

    1. I really dont believe that the majority of the american population has enough bile and/or crazy inside of them to keep this movement going. At some point, in the not so distant future, this kind of radicalization will collaps in on itself, and people will look back on this part of their history with shame.

    2. @Pathetic but harmless
      Yep. And the children, grandchildren, their children, etc, will be stigmatized thanks to these Hitler’s and their disgusting goose stepping.

  5. Dont back away from this confrontation . Get him under oath , compelled to testify . Get the recordings of the phone call . They DO exist . Get a skilled lawyer to hold his feet to the fire . Make him wish he had never assumed that the Democratic leadership is afraid of Trump and his neo-nazi boot lickers .

    1. But he’s an trumpist they would and have lied under oath . So I’ve got see it to believe that any of them would actually tell the Truth.

    2. Right on James! We’ve given them TOO many breaks–TOO many passes on bad and/or criminal behavior–& that only emboldens them and we become their enablers.

    1. @Okkie Trooy : The enablers would have to go too. The GOP, as it is, is no longer a viable proposition. Their, “leadership,” has to go, all of them. But, they know this. And that’s why they’re afraid. Especially since the smoking gun note, written in the Donster’s own hand, has materialised. Donny may well be last on the list, but they will get him.

    2. Last time I checked, it does……………………but don’t forget, the only people that vote for a failed party are “failed” people.

  6. Jordan’s cowardice in American politics and at Ohio State will be infamous it’s his legacy, he denied his oath to the Constitution and he denied an unwritten oath to protect Ohio State’s kids, the man is a walking disgrace to the human race!

    1. Stephen Reynolds I agree but in his last televised interview about if he talked to trump on January 6 before the insurrection he was at a loss for words!!!! He wasn’t screaming and ranting as usual because he was caught red handed!!!! His phone records will tell the truth !!!! The commission will bring out the truth!!!!!!! McCarthy is trmp#2 !!!!!!!!

    2. @Babba Ganoush I’m guessing Jordan won most of his wrestling matches with escapes and tons of riding time.

  7. Another Republican Leader administering a self inflicted wound. Good luck winning back that “Suburban Woman” vote in 22’/24′.

    1. @Laura Gomez Considering that Trump got 45% of the female vote in 2016, and 43% of the female vote in 2020, there’s an awfully large group of people out there that find this type of behavior perfectly acceptable. I mean, OK, let’s assume nobody had ever heard of him before the 2016 election and give them the benefit of the doubt. What’s the excuse for 2020, if not acceptance of that kind of behavior? I disagree entirely with your assertion that the Retrumplicans will lose even more in the House and Senate in the midterms, for two reasons: First, Retrumplican controlled legislatures have spent the last 30 years gerrymandering districts to ensure unassailable Retrumplican wins (witness how many incumbents run unopposed), and second, 2020 was a pivotal year for voter turnout, and yet the Dems still lost seats in the House and it was only by a massive fluke that Georgia threw the Senate more in favor of the Dems. 2022 won’t be any different, and I predict the Dems will lose more ground unless they can solidify their agenda and make headway through the investigations committees that are forming.

    2. They don’t care. If he smiles bright, claims to joke, praises Jesus, stupid housewives will vote for him. Register republican, eliminate the trumpkins then vote Blue all the way. Trump will claim he won anyway, he’s a fascist loser.

    3. Republicans don’t care about “Suburban Women”. They only care about their daughters……. the ones that are not old enough to vote or fight back.

    4. it’s not him though, is it? He’s doing exactly what the mob wants him to do, and that mob adds up to about half of all Americans.

  8. So McCarthy thinks violence towards a Woman is acceptable…THERE’S YOUR REPUBLICAN PARTY TODAY…..PATHETIC

    1. @Aliza Kessler Typical. When Trumpublicans talk about violence it is all jokes but when others say anything like this the heavens come crashing down. You guys are the biggest hypocrites. Now will come the nasty name calling and the sad chest thumping with lies… also predictable and will be topped off with some Q conspiracy. The louder you shout the more pathetic you look.

    2. @Sanhita Datta
      Its funny that they’re so astonishingly self-righteous about their hideous conduct. 😅

    3. Kevin do you want your constituents to change parties, they will vote you out, your constituents will VOTE BLUE in 2022!

    1. What is with all the comments calling her evil and a witch and support for violence??? For gods sake she is an 80 year woman. 🤯

      This kind of rhetoric will definitely result in making America great again but rather implode in violence and conspiracies

    2. @Aliza Kessler so you call for violence against someone who calls someone a moron??? This is the f’in end to decency and what makes America great

  9. Can i ask the American people how are these people running or country it has to stop. We all saw what happened on the 6th the truth has to be brought to the forefront. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. Support the Committee and their work. Write to them, with your list of questions, and to let them know they have your 100% support. These things matter ✌️

    2. @Candee Gallagher : At the very least, the EC (Electoral College) could be reformed for national elections, don’t you think? On Michael Moore’s website, you can find links to the campaign to reform/abolish the EC, which is growing in support and strength. If we really are, “one nation under God,” the time has come for votes to be counted equally, in an election where each individual has an equal stake in the outcome. One Voter, One Vote COUNTED. And, that would also put an end to gerrymandering, at a stroke. It would force conservatism back onto the American agenda, instead of this far right minority stuff that the vast majority of Americans don’t want, and would either transform the GOP, or consign them to the trash can of history, to be replaced by a new, democratic conservative party? But, personally, I would make voting compulsory, like in Australia. With a stiff fine for those who refuse to vote, without cause, and jail time for repeat offenders, moving them from misdemeanour to felony offenders. But that last is just me.

    3. @Aliza Kessler : Are any of the things you just described, “crimes or misdemeanours,” at all? You’re upset. That’s not a reason to lock someone up?

    4. @Ash Roskell I agree with you except about putting people in jail for not voting. A fine, yes. And perhaps being made to work at the polls (including cleaning up garbage,etc). But not jail. Possibly being made to wear a “didn’t vote” sign so their peers would know – like the scarlet letter A.

    5. @xmasviewer2010 don’t bother with Aliza she has a thing for Nancy. 😄 she comments the same stuff everywhere.

  10. Not seeing how emulating the school yard bully who the country resoundingly rejected, is going to benefit McCarthy.

    1. The simple rules of order in the house probably prohibit his threats and under “normal” times would call for censure at minimum and probably other penalties.

    2. How long will it take to file charges. Why are they not already filed. These leaders are causing the populace to become violent.

    3. Obviously trying to promote some stupid assed nutburger to attempt the deed, then step back and play Pontius Pilate while washing his hands of it.

  11. “Vulgarity today has disguised itself in various characters and tones.” Amit Abraham

  12. Forget Jim Jordan. The committee doesn’t need his three ring circus. There’s plenty of other people to subpoena who can speak to his involvement. Not to mention all the phone records.

    1. Yes…& no…do as you suggest but subpoena Gym & hammer on his refusal to appear (which I assume he will)…What’s Gym hiding? We have his phone records..others can testify to his calls and meetings with Trump too etc etc etc.

    1. @Ash Roskell That would be one of the bests stories the 1/6 commission would have. There would be a lot of infos in there…

    2. Hillary told ya’ll back in 2016.. they are a basket of deplorables. I think that is there better assets.

    3. Yes, let’s not forget the flip -flopping of his comments on Jan. 6th………………then he kisses the ring and he is just like his idol, Donald Trump now. Republicans is just a synonym for Hypocrites………………….The whole GOP is the party of Hypocrites.

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