Kevin McCarthy’s Threat And 'The Cult Of The Former, Failed President' 1

Kevin McCarthy’s Threat And ‘The Cult Of The Former, Failed President’


Lawrence O'Donnell interviews House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff, a member of the select committee investigating January 6, about minority leader Kevin McCarthy’s threat to companies if they cooperate with the committee’s investigation- and the warning about Trump that is still proving true today.
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    1. @Bruh If by “working with” you mean letting the Taliban know *If American civilians are harmed the US will drop one of our spare aircraft carriers in the middle of your country and you can all go back to living in your mountain caves so just stay out of our way* then yes, I am sure Biden is “working” with them. xD

    2. @Franklin Because it has clearly, irrefutably, without question been proven that most of Trump’s decisions were IN DIRECT OPPOSITION to the advice of his experts. Your experts can be wrong once in a while. Humans screw up. No one is perfect. But if you ignore their advice each and every time they give it (as Trump did) well…then it’s all on you, baby.

    3. @Frthonor Frithers Actually that’s just your opinion. Just like its the opinions of most conservatives that Obama’s decisions were against the advice of his experts. With irrefutable proof. Ya that’s anybody dedicated to their world view and strict partisan ideology.

    4. @Frthonor Frithers Mainstream democrats understand we are a union of states. Also that the responses are always on a state to state basis. That’s why we praise good governors and yell at the ones each side think are bad. They differ obviously. It’s not on a “scapegoat” the president. All the experts were wrong. Trust in the institution anti Trump democrats want us to bow down to. Have 30% approval ratings and trust ratings. Some slightly higher most pretty low. Majority of Democrats, republicans and independents agree on one thing. Goverment sucks, federal goverment doesn’t have much power over states, doesn’t have the trust of most people, and even some states don’t have much power over some cities.

    5. @c h They did not leave 85 billion worth of equipment behind. That has been thoroughly debunked. 85 billion is the total cost of all equipment deployed to Afghanistan since the US invaded in 2001…20 years ago. A minute fraction of that was left behind (as the US ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS leaves behind equipment and installations when it abandons a theater…)

    1. @Joe Martin Biden is giving 45 million to the Ukraine, and I don’t like Politicians who threaten Americans citizens

    2. @Justin Schieck Trump was right about everything. Look at the shape our country is in bc of Biden’s neglect & stupid decisions

  1. McCarthy can threaten all he wants, writing a law would be farfetched idea. He doesn’t have any major power too do so.

  2. Abuse of power or abuse of authority, in the form of “malfeasance in office” or “official abuse of power”, is the commission of an unlawful act, done in an official capacity, which affects the performance of official duties. Malfeasance in office is often a just cause for removal of an elected official by statute or recall election. Officials who utilize abuse of power are often those who exploit the ability to use corruption in their advantage.

    Threatening to retaliate against one to not comply with a lawful order, is intimidation, it’s obstruction of justice. It’s criminal!

    1. @Jimme Shelter is Hunter an elected official, publicly threatening retaliation to a company, if they comply with a lawful subpoena? Maybe Hunter was elected to office, but I certainly don’t remember that happening?

  3. This is obstruction and gross Gov’t over reach… Welcome to the new Republican Party Ladies and Gentleman…..

    1. @Saul T. Nuts”Zero crimes committed, you have no evidence”
      —-LOL! You and like-minded wouldn’t recognize evidence even if it sat right up on your mug!

    2. @Palance yadda yadda yadda, you still have zero evidence that Kevin McCarthy did anything wrong. Even the FBI admits there is no evidence of coordination between Trump, Republican politicians, or activists, and no evidence of a plan to overthrow the US, that is 100% hyperbolic nonsense, a complete LIE.

    1. They already ran the EBS test as a sting. 88% of the media, telecoms, are or have lost their FCC license. EXCITING TIMES !!

    1. We’re entering a new phase

      You just need to listen to Tucker extolling Hungary after his fascist field trip

      Controlling the media hold onto your hats its going to be rough

    1. @Douglas Lucas The Democrats are also democratically elected representatives, doing the best they can for their constituents. The fact that you don’t like their tactics doesn’t mean they aren’t valid.

    2. They have no choice now !!
      Their failed Coup on 1/6 made it imperative that their ties to Russian help and money to install TRUMP as a Puppet Ruler be hidden forever and the only way to do that is try to take control of the Government illegally .
      The BIG LIE must continue or it’s the gallows for a lot of old rich white political hacks in the Republican Party .
      It’s really no harder than that

    1. @1776 SAR SUSAN CONSTANT You know, I always thought they should have named that ship the “Susan B. Regular.”

    1. Just a lesson in humility? Please. Don’t you even smell obstruction of justice? He’s chairman of a party in our government. He must be expelled like everyone who aided and abetted trump and the insurrection PERIOD.

  4. It’s a representative government, so any conversations between the Executive Branch and Congress is public record. Period.

    1. @Larry Jensen no, I’m just more well informed than you are, because I don’t get all my information from 6 mega-corporations that all tow the line to decieve the public.

    2. @Larry Jensen so you agree that Bob Mueller is not a reputable source then? Because again, it was Bob Mueller who admitted they didn’t have evidence, under oath to Congress, on national television

    3. @Larry Jensen *
      Over the last 5 years we’ve had Hillary Clinton and the DNC pay for a fake Russian dossier which led to a fake Russian collusion investigation using rogue agents from one of our security agencies then a fake of an impeachment where the president got falsely accused of what the newly-elected president is actually guilty of. Basically it was a soft coup attempt. In other words corrupt career political elitist were telling the American people their vote didn’t count and that they run Washington DC and they feel justified in doing whatever they want to to get rid of the president that was legally elected. We have physical evidence and eyewitness testimony to the FBI that Joe Biden was selling the influence of his office making money off the backs of the taxpayers in what amounts to him pimping his son out to corrupt companies in corrupt countries, in other words, we just elected a traitor to our country. We just elected someone whose family is under an FBI investigation for money laundering. So where do you think Biden voters have any room to talk?

    1. @Hello Guy I feel great…Biden has a long way to go to get the numbers IQ45 has for killing innocent Americans.

    2. @sissy murphy Biden didn’t murder anyone. The Taliban that IQ45 handed the Afghan government to did all the killing. Start there genius.

    3. @D Mercury and that is why you fail and cry for everything free completely lost cause at this point enjoy being a running joke hahaha

  5. When will somone put an end to this crap and actually act against some of these loons?
    It just drags on and on and the lies continue.
    Do something dammit!
    I am not the only one loosing patience and faith in justice!

  6. The flaw in impeachment is that the founding fathers didn’t believe that congressmembers would ever side with the party and not with the facts.

    1. @Psyco Geek An 8 million vote smack down was against the people, troll? It was total fustigation. The biggest election loss in history. Another record for the 😽 grabber.

    2. @G S Only the majority of the country. The January 6th investigation is going to do serious damage to an already failed party. What happened to the Republicans? It’s a real shame.😞

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