Kevin O’Leary: Banks Are Not Your Friends, And They Never Will Be | MSNBC 1

Kevin O’Leary: Banks Are Not Your Friends, And They Never Will Be | MSNBC


‘Shark Tank’ investor and chairman of O’Shares ETFs Kevin O’Leary discusses the Payroll Protection Program with Trinette Morris, owner of Trindy’s Gourmet catering and restaurant in West Palm Beach, FL.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Kevin O’Leary: Banks Are Not Your Friends, And They Never Will Be | MSNBC


    1. The FEDERAL Reserve is the Big Crook… feeding the little crooks… the Banks! Next is the Bloated Federal and State Governments!

  1. A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain.

    1. It’s not greed it’s business. The idea that something as complex as the economy can be broken down to simple terms as greed and money is silly and it shows what’s lacking in our public school system.
      Greed isn’t inherent to our economic system EFFICIENCY is. Greed is only in play at the individual level of ownership and if you aren’t inside that board room or inside that business owners head YOU have NO IDEA what the long and short term vision or goal is of the owner and why things are the way they are.
      Banks are not your FRIEND because it’s called banking not friendship. It’s a BUSINESS. The purpose of business is to do what you do at peak efficiency meaning largest return with least investment OF TIME.
      What was stated in the video isn’t about greed and money, it’s about a small business owner who was operating under the assumption that a relationship somehow matters more than rate of return and dollar cost averaging. For small business’s it makes more sense for them to use the company that does their payroll to conduct their PPP loan application process BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE EXACT MOST CURRENT EMPLOYEE COUNT. HAVING THAT COUNT WILL MINIMIZE FRAUD AND EXTEND THE BENEFIT TO THE MOST INDIVIDUALS POSSIBLE. The title of this is just anti business because they are targeting an audience for views/clicks because MSNBC is a business as well.

    2. @Brian l

      Blood Sucking is NOT Business! Jesus forbade Usury. He threw out the table of Money Changers!

    3. @Truthfears Guilty …your on a far left “news” outlet talking about the bible like the liberals didn’t fight to keep abortion clinics running…I’m not getting into a religious debate over finance and economics. The fact that you bring up anything and everything other than the facts from this video and what the ppl are conveying in it further proves that you don’t know what you’re commenting on.

  2. 3:34 – The delivery strategies restaurants are discovering today, weed dealers have already been applying for over a decade…

  3. Personally Kevin O’ Leary isn’t the common man’s friend and sure would ask for a arm and a leg in collateral in exchange for a loan to a common man or women.. Kevin O’ Leary is speaking of himself too when Discussing bank’s and lack of helping the small businesses

  4. Oh, I get it! We HAVE to follow the banks “RULES”, but the bank does NOT have to abide by our LAWS! Seems fair…

  5. They’re the problem in our country. They’re thieves and too involved in politics.

  6. The boat murderer. Money gets you out of everything including murder. He fled the scene of a death. Why?

    1. That was his wife. She was the one sailing the boat, even though he was at the boat. She got arrested and is facing some serious charges. She is in big trouble.

    2. @fireson23 I have a place on Lake St Jo. It’s a dumpy place unlike the other filthy rich that are up here. They have been trying all means to have my land. You don’t know the back story at all.

    1. @AliensAnonymous 3 reasons credit Unions are lamer than banks or 3 actual credit Unions that are lamer than banks.

    2. @ken rudge cheaper fees. There are cons though but if you already have money not tycoon money but middle class savings, I find it’s a great place to get value for your buck.

  7. President Failure was given the biggest and healthiest economy and turned it into a third rate grocery store always short on toilet paper. Crush Republicans 2020!

  8. Banks… the only people who in a depression that will always end up with your money one way or another.

  9. banks are scum , if society wants to fix the banks then all everyone has to do is to go to the banks on the same day and take out all their money and then watch what happens

  10. Kevin O’Leary: Banks Are Not Your Friends, And They Never Will Be…
    … and yet the guv’mint is constantly protecting THEM and not US!

    1. @Ganiscol I don’t need them and neither does ANYONE ELSE ! CASH SPEAKS LOUDER ! Banks need SHUT DOWN !

    2. The government protects those that know how to play their game. Most rich people hate banks but They use them when it benifits them. It’s game. You gotta learn how to play their game.

    3. @Jrod I don’t play… I do CCW….I AM a DEMOCRAT ! I AM VOTING BLUE NO MATTER WHO. Banks need shut down and revised with a completely new oversight system. Most bank CEOs belong in PRISON along with their compliant lobby of GOP thieves ! VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO !

  11. Suzy Orman is the definition of selfish. Please don’t loose credibility by encouraging her greed and avarice.

  12. If the bank holds the deed to your house, that makes them the owner. Why don’t they pay the tax?

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