Kevin O'Leary to testify about night of 2019 boat crash 1

Kevin O’Leary to testify about night of 2019 boat crash


As the trial enters the final week, Kevin O'Leary will testify about the night of the boat crash that left two dead. Mike Arsalides reports.

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    1. @Edward Riley you have conformation she was drunk ? No? but conformation other boat wasnt running proper lighting !! confirmed !! and charged !!

  1. You see judge, I was blacked out drunk so I told my wife to drive but apparently she was more blacked out than I was, just take a million dollars and we’ll call it even, thx judge!

    1. @Edward Riley

      Ok so she wasnt drunk. Also the other boat was operating improperly. No lights.

    2. @Supreme Leader Army i didn’t say she wasn’t drunk also she wasn’t using lights either.

    3. Two “innocent” ppl died in this boating accident, a young mother & grandfather… Let’s not forget that

    4. @Edward Riley you literally said “she was drunk operating the boat. So no excuse” and now are saying you didn’t say she was drunk. I think you are drunk or a moron one of the two forsure.

    5. @Edward Riley

      U did say she was drunk!!!!! Get your story straight and your emotions in check!!

  2. This woman has done nothing wrong just because she has money doesn’t mean there is a big conspiracy theory if you sit out in a lake with your lights off starring staring at the Moon not the brightest thing to do

  3. These entitled drunken millionaires will beat the DUI and double homicide charges by hiring Greenspan. If they were responsible, sober and not out running their lights speeding this could have been avoided.

    1. or maybe they were not drunk and the other boat had no bow lights !!!!!!!!!!!! like reported !!

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