1. Thanks for keeping us updated. I’m really impressed. Our government has no idea how people are struggling right now RIP I will forever appreciate Greg Miller You’ve helped me a lot With your advices on MentaI HeaIth, Homelessness, gun violence, mass butchering, elementary schools, starvation, no healthcare, divided country with racism, hatred, fentanyl overdose, gangs, poIice brutaIity, human rights violiation, mass illegal immigration, collapsed financial system, extreme economic downturn, record high inflation and great depression, shedding light and keeping this story alive. It’s truly been a blessing. Seriously, can it get better than that?

  2. Just say the United States intelligence community agreed with the intelligence committee, and that’s all you need to say. When the Intelligence Community says Houston we have a problem, we have a problem.

  3. What has happened to the caliber of Republicans in the past decade or so? Decades ago we had two healthy Parties. Republicans and Democrats had similar intelligence to be able to debate. They also had our countries health as a priority in common not their own personal agendas.

    1. The main problem is that congress and Senate has had its leaders from California and New York. Two Radical states.

    2. It’s because of the thing everyone complained about on right wing media every time they brought up the border, or gun Crimes, or anything else..

      “God” and the fact that he’s no longer universally accepted by every person, and people verbally speak against nonsense.

    3. Agreed, but the Republicans were dragged into the swamp to compete with the Democrat giveaways that weakened and bankrupted our country. Also a gullible Dem base that can’t see through the BS being shoveled on them. Dem operatives say Trump is bad and that’s all they need to hear, no common sense thought about the issue. By the time they get it, it will probably be too late. Talking about some Republicans as well.

  4. 8:12 thank you, for focusing on what is actually going on here. Pretexts. Look at what is really going on.

    1. The three of them should be removed. Example: Swalwell can’t get a security clearance in the civilian world, so why did Pelosi give him one?? And he had a long affair with Chinese Fang Fang. Schiff just continues to lie to the American people. over and over!!!! And Omar should have shut her mouth long ago. So, when Nancy just started dismissing elected congress from serving on committees, SHE opened up this can of worms!!!!!! I don’t like Santos, MTG, and a few others, but it has to go through the ethics committee if they decide to remove them. Santos will end up being removed. MTG is basically just a loudmouth like Boebert. Just as you have loudmouths like AOC or Maxine Waters!!!

    2. These three are such frauds. Nothing but dirty tactics on their opposing party and when they get a taste of their own medicine. Wahhhhhh

  5. Of course when a person has spent the last 6 years in the public sphere and missed breakfast a couple times, McCarthy will remind you.

  6. couldnt have happened fast enough, to much politics was being played by them instead of fixing actual problems and there all comprimised i wouldnt care if dem or gop id get rid of them to

  7. McCarthys preference is to allow the presence of george santos instead of keeping intelligent, constitutionally dedicated and bi-partisan law makers.

  8. This is the “Greenbay Sweep” still being played out. Navaro told us what the plan was, even though it initially failed, it is still in play.

    1. Yep. And since none of them paid any consequences this time it’s gonna work. We are a lost country.

  9. “For those found guilty of submitting false electoral votes or conspiring to do so, Daly’s requested bill would, if approved, subject them to felony charges, including four to eight years of jail time. It also would ban those convicted of breaking the law from running for elected office in Nevada and from being appointed to any government position in the state.”

  10. She handled this interview really well. No softball questions, and interviewees had to step up and answer well.

  11. Why don’t Democrats immediately say “What about..?!?!”

    The Republicans never explain their behavior and just start saying “What about the Democrats?!?!”

    No one on the panel said, “What about George Santos?!?!” “What about Marjorie Taylor Greene?!?!”

    The Democrats have too much integrity in today’s politics. Democrats actually explain their actions.

  12. As we know from classic literature, making a deal with the devil leads to inevitable disaster for all.
    Kevin’s bargain with the devil means he got his big promotion, but he is forever doomed to work for
    the Trump-cult underworld. There’s no going back. Kevin can never be a public servant again.
    And Mephistopheles is laughing all the way to the bank.

  13. Stopping necessary spending while shielding those tax breaks for his rich friends.

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