Key Player In Ukraine Scandal Opens Up About Ukraine & Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Key Player In Ukraine Scandal Opens Up About Ukraine & Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. Poly girl Does that post mean you’re drunk, or daft, got alzheimers, or have you just suffered a stroke,…Eh?

    1. A single ant is on the back of the elephant and all the others shout from below :

    2. @Susan Sullivan That was just for the joke. I hope Sanders will win the primary, and american people will fire strumpf. And by the way, my diktator is macron, but at least, he’s nor sexist nor racist as far I know. Didn’t vote for him though.

  1. At this point, they should just wrap the entire White House in yellow police tape, and declare the whole thing a crime scene.

    1. @djondjon . . Haha Are you really trying to discuss ideology with Boron? Do you really believe he/she has an actual ideology? You’re an optimist, I’ll give you that!

    2. David J You have no idea how true your statement is. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Trump’s had 3 years to commit crimes. Think about it.

  2. Mitch McConnell does not speak for the American people we want to see witness and facts, legislation has to be changed so that one man is not speaking in behalf of a nation, let America vote if we want witness

    1. People who support Trump have proven to be the stupidest most uneducated and ill informed people on the planet. It’s a disgrace to the United State of Russia. Unless the smarter people come out in droves and vote this monster out of office the entire world is at risk. I don’t like the idea that my future and the future of my kids could be influenced by the moronic cult of Trump.

    1. History is a big business to America. That imo is why there will never be jail time for trump unless they have a tape of him confessing to crimes. Also why the government killed Epstein. Can’t have Trump and Clinton goin down in history as pedos 😂😂😂😂😂😂 but seriously

    1. @Scott Keister. . . .But, but, but, whatabout, whatabout, whatabout. You don’t even have two brain cells to rub together and stay warm, do ya?

    2. roland ekman thank you for this that roland bc i have been saying that trump is blasphemous for a long time he call himself like the second coming of jesus christ but God said in His word that he will not share his glory with no man he is the king of kings and alone the sovereign God of the universe and to add donald trump claims too be the chosen one and pretend to be a truly follower of jesus. but never can give the glory to God neither can he or even speak any word from the of God of God, now the truth is coming out up close face to face the word say what we do in the darkness with come into the light 💡 so yes Lord thank you for revealing your the truth about donald trump and we pray this sincerely lev parmas, what more does Moscow Mitch need donald trump has finally been caught. look integrity out weigh anything that has do with money 💰 or financial bc economies go and come but a righteous king who can find. when they say peace and safety then sudden distraction

    3. Kevin NYC look this is something bc this guy just admitted it was all about trump u stupid stop trying to defend trump and republicans look oh it’s ok for bill clinton to be impeached and rightly so, but if you think trump is innocent

  3. I mean we all know politicians have a “special relationship” with honesty but Trump and his guys are really on a whole new level of lying and deceiving the public.

    1. Politicians have a reputation for bending the truth,
      But the current administration are completely divorced from any sliver of accountability or the truth

    2. Steve H …..the whole mafia gang needs to be locked up today!! Why not court martial them all & send them to The Hague ti be tried for sedition, traitorous, and bribery? They cannot be allowed to get away with this criminal behavior.

  4. Let’s just hope no one decides to “commit suicide” while cameras are off and guards are asleep, if you know what I mean.

    1. @unwishfulthink What’s with leftists hating whataboutism? Why is it wrong to point out that Democrats didn’t mind when it was their guy. What about when your guy broke this rule and you didn’t care, but when my guy does its against the constitution. That’s a fair question and point but the left are such raging hypocrites they can’t even take part in honest debate.

    2. @FirstName LastName Jim McDougall is convicted of felonies with his saving and loans that have nothing to do with Bill Clinton. Try harder.

    3. @FirstName LastName. . . Honest debate???? Oh, please, everything you’ve written has been either pure fabrication or half-truths. News Flash: Trump colluded with the Russians in 2016 and he is doing it now, period. He’s done everything humanly possible to obstruct the investigation but there is no justifiable reason for campaign members to have over 130 meetings with Russians. It’s called deductive reasoning, a skill that is obviously shrouded in mystery to people like you.

    4. @FirstName LastName Wow all I can say is you are a lost cause, you are hopelessly indoctrinated no I shouldn’t say indoctrinated you know exactly what trump is and you are all in.

  5. The House needs to open another investigation…this cannot go unchecked. As Sondland said under oath Pence, Nunes, Barr were “all in the loop”.

    1. @Tom Monson Genuine question: If there is a true mountain of evidence, why have to Dems failed to charge the President with a crime in their Articles of Impeachment?

    2. @Andrew S Genuine answer: Mountain of evidence he abused his power? YES!

      Is it your belief it must be a crime in order to impeach? If so, I ask you read your constitution. It will clear this misunderstanding up for you.

    1. @Deplorable It’s over son. Trump and his crew are guilty as sin.
      No one believes your BS any more.
      Even you.

    2. @Deplorable
      ” Accuse your opponents to those things you are most guilty of… and repeat those lies again and again until you believe your own lies”
      Joseph Goebbels, drumpf’ s mentor.

      Well you certainly managed to screw that one up Ollie.

    3. The saga continues with this President, he states that he does not know this man. That is laughable. Blocking documents and witnesses from coming forward, the House of Representatives asked for documents and witnesses and were denied. Now the Senate in response to a request for witnesses are using the excuse that they are not doing the House of Representatives job, again this is laughable. There has never been an Senate Impeachment trial without witnesses, in fact there have never been an Impeachment without witnesses. GAO has now said that the Trump administration has broken the law in holding the Congress approved Military aid. It’s very unfortunate that the President have what appears to be a cult like hold on the Republican Congress as well as his supporters. I said months ago that what’s done in darkness will eventually see the light of day. This will assuredly be a movie one day in the distant future, Pence, Pompeo, Barr and Trump himself will reflect on their part in this scheme. If Trump does not get elected I am sure that the new DOJ will take a look at all the before mentioned folks.

    1. that cute but nothing is going to happen. they are spinning their own voters. Nancy is goig to lose the House so she has to obstuct justice. leaking information to the press in an effort to sway public opinion. but yeah Orange Man BAd

    1. @Patriot For Trump So you weren’t wearing your tin foil helmet then……… wonder you’re so gullible.

  6. The orange man child needs
    to be sent to his room.
    God save us from this narcissist.
    Remove trump from office now.
    S.O.S. 😱mayday mayday !

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