Key takeways so far from Trump impeachment hearings

Key takeways so far from Trump impeachment hearings 1


Washington Post White House editor Dave Clarke says the key question is whether Donald Trump specifically withheld aid to Ukraine because he wanted an investigation into the Bidens.

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14 Comments on "Key takeways so far from Trump impeachment hearings"

  1. So nothing but hearsay and gossip ?
    Gonna be hard to ignore the trump defense subpoenas, but I’m sure you’ll try .

  2. Nothing will happen, the senate is controlled by the republicans and it requires a 2/3 rd majority for the impeachment to pass. It’s not happening

  3. So funny how ‘Trump’ can’t ‘recall’ – ANYTHING.

  4. Not even a little bit must be old age

  5. The takeaway from the hearings is that it is a totally Democrat manufactured sham

  6. atque scientia europa universalis | November 14, 2019 at 8:38 PM | Reply

    The Ukrainian foreign minister and president are denying the allegations made by the democrats. A bit of hearsay from democrat stooges isn’t evidence of anything. They’re going to make fools of themselves again

  7. go trump 2020, she and the other two proved the truth, trumps problems and tampering is coming from canada, canada news broadcast this, why? also note, ”warsaw” poland the next super power, the witnesses as much as said so

  8. Funny thing is every politician will look over their shoulder from now on. Left is digging their own graves

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