Key To Opening Schools Without Vaccinating Teachers: CDC Director | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. The obvious unasked question is, how long will it take to install the mitigation methods (better ventilation, distancing, etc) in schools to make them safe enough for unvaccinated teachers?

    1. And “de-densification”? Show of hands – how many parents for the last 50 years at least, have BEGGED for smaller classrooms? How many would have LOVED to have a protocol in place that permits any child with cold/flu symptoms to STAY home and just access their respective classes until they’re asymptomatic? Yea, LET’S build more schools with newer, larger, spacious buildings.THAT is way cheaper than just vaccinating so the same sardine cans WE went to school in (and never suffered mass infections withing) can reopen as they were – crappy but better’n nothing…

  2. If we now have vaccines why not wait & procured with common sense something that seems to be lacking, when they get vaccinated & not 1 life get tested .I would rather my child repeat a grade versus not being alive or having issues because they caught COVID-19.I keep begging 🙏 people please use normal sense since common sense is out the door 🚪.I can put $ on it & say they get some kind of kick back when kids are in school 🏫

  3. Such utter trash. How about optimize the distribution of testing and vaccination?? Just a thought? Don’t tell me Joe barber has to shutdown his livelihood while at the same time 62 year old Nancy the 4th grade teacher has little risk of getting the ‘rona while interacting with slobbery little kids and coworkers. Fix the vaccination process.

    1. @PC Principal not with his help unless he thought it would save his election.
      And frankly, I’m really done wasting any time and effort on any who still supports him.
      Like, forever

    2. @TheInvisibleSwordsman 1 so President’s now control the means of research, manufacturing and distribution for pharmaceutical companies? Wow, tough job!
      News flash, I didn’t vote for the man in 2016 or 2020. Wasn’t my cup of tea.

    3. Everyone is assuming all teachers want the vaccine. If you do not want to wear a mask, wash your hands, social distance, or get a vaccine, no big deal, just do not go to the hospital when you catch it. Everyone can do what they want, the end result is the same. Everyone will catch it, there will be herd immunity, those that followed the rules will have fewer problems and deserve medical care if they need it.

  4. Why not just vaccinate teachers, janitors, food workers and office staff in schools. Put in stuff make air ciculate better and let kids get in school. It’d make it a lot easieri we said lets get all teachers vaccinated by spring break Then open up schools at the end of march.

    1. you think they could vaccinate a school by putting something into the air system? Good lord that is deeply dumb. As for why don’t they ‘just vaccinate everyone’? Well, the first part of that is because Trump never made a federal plan for distribution & although America managed that in the 40’s, Trump was so bad at the job that he utterly failed. Next is that Trump didn’t buy as much vaccine as he could have, then he didn’t keep track of them & he lied to multiple states about how many we had. Biden is working on creating the right system, finding what we do have & he just announce that they purchased more. But you can’t ‘put stuff into the air” lol

    2. @nicholas schoonbeck Dude he said “Put in stuff” he didn’t suggest spraying vaccine into the air. He did forget the comma which if included would read as follows: “Put in stuff, make air circulate better….” so basically he is suggesting that they should put in the necessary stuff to combat spread and enforce social distancing while making provisions for adequate ventilation.
      He makes excellent points. I honestly do not understand why all teachers cannot be vaccinated FIRST if it is their priority to reopen schools as soon as possible.

  5. As a former teacher who had almost every at risk diagnosis, and having taught in a district that wasn’t well find, I would not feel confident that everything is being done. (For example: in order for the students desks to be cleaned – ever – I had to purchase my own supplies and take unpaid time to do it myself) I’m sorry, but schools don’t even have the funds for teachers make copies of purchase classroom supplies! I spent hundreds of dollars each year for glue, pencils, crayons, paper, books, reading group books, etc. They certainly don’t have the funds for the most basic protections!!!

    1. @ramms mutter69 Why would you blame illegals? It’s a proven fact that they contribute more tax revenue to the government then they cost. And as for giving money to other countries that is to stabilize them, last time I checked the US government was in the business of supporting fledgling democracies because this leads to future allies, basically it’s for National Security. How about if we want more money for our schools then we raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans who have NOT been paying their fair share! And also, the cost of illegal immigrants attending schools is a really tiny amount of money, I really don’t see why your so fussed about it; in many cases the classroom wouldn’t even be full, so adding one or two pupils doesn’t cost anything.

    2. My sister was exposed 3 x’s in a month and had to quarantine. As she said, 1st graders can’t even wipe their own noses, much less wear a mask and social distancing.

    3. @ramms mutter69 Hey the best place to start is to tax the rich then we will have enough money to help our citizens. The USA has trickled away the middle class while creating ungodly wealth for the top 10%.

    4. @ramms mutter69 Moscow Mitch should not have given billions of tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires. Flip flopping is not how anybody should describe the evolution of scientific data. Are you a real human? Time to tax the rich and fund public education (lets include budgets for history and science it will scare the Q folks).

    5. @Tidbit She has been taught to blame them by the elite. It was a tactic used to turn poor whites against African Americans during the Jim Crow era.

  6. Rachel: Why aren’t teacher vaccinations a prerequisite for returning to school?
    CDC Director: It’s safe if, if, if… and teachers are essential, but, but, but.
    Truth: Teachers are expendable and always have been in this country.

    1. That’s right – all you have to do is look at what we get paid to know that! We’re viewed as expendable, throw-away humans.

  7. Any level of Corona transmission is unacceptable in our schools. Acceptable levels of dead teachers and kids is reprehensible no matter how small that number may be.

  8. It wouldn’t hurt? And it would be a, “shot in the arm,” for the morale of teachers and communities if they DID prioritise teachers? Why not show some solidarity, along with the science? You simply cannot, reasonably, expect teens or young children to stick to, “mitigation measures?” That’s insane!

  9. The proper mitigation measures will be reliant on children and TEENS to scrupulously follow the RULES! That doesn’t even happen with GUNS! Are you seriously expecting teenagers to follow regimented rules??? Give teachers the shots!!!

    1. How come our kids can behave themselves. What’s wrong with you spoiled Americans?

    2. Right! Look how difficult it is to get adults to wear masks. I was at the eye doctor and patients were not wearing masks!

    1. My mailman got it from his son, as well as the whole family, all from one kid who had symptoms and the parent sent them to school anyway and he caught it in the classroom. It is a mess. There is simply too much virus out there to do this.

    2. @drockeducation They need to start investigating some of these schools to see how much viral transmitting there really is.

  10. Dr Walensky needs to put herself in the place of an unvaccinated teacher in a classroom where children are drawn like magnets to other children and often the teacher. So much for distancing. All teachers should be in the same group as essential workers and receive the two vaccinations necessary for protection. Until that happens, the powers that be can forget opening schools.

  11. Teachers MUST be vaccinated before going back in the class!!!!!!! No ifs about it. Clearly she hasn’t ever been in a classroom with young children!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The new variant changes the game. I do not agree with this at all. I know lots of spread in schools around here . Parents are sending their kids to school with symptoms and then the class and teacher, gets it and then their parents.

  13. that science isnt sound. she should go and stand in the hallways of a high school and see if mitigation works properly

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