Key Vote On Whether To Allow Witnesses Looms In Impeachment Trial – Day That Was | MSNBC

Key Vote On Whether To Allow Witnesses Looms In Impeachment Trial - Day That Was | MSNBC 1


    1. @Vicki Daniels that’s good. It will be even better when you guys change your habits in order to repair this culture. If you don’t, soon there will be no traditional culture left in America.

    1. @Nicholas Pergola… how’s your Russian these days? Won’t be too much longer before it will be the official language of the former United States of America.

    2. Peter Dawson fair trial in the senate with no witnesses? I’d take that if I committed a crime. Should be easy to get off. Especially if lawyers were involved in the crime too.

      *cough* cult *cough*

  1. Why aren’t there massive demonstrations throughout the nation? Your country is being held hostage by a few and all people seem to do is complain. Get out there and fight for what is right..

    You can say that you will fix it in the election, but who says that will go honestly and without interference?

    1. @Daniel Law I can only think that you have only been listening to fox news to come out with this rubbish Trump blocked release of papers and blocked his people from testifying . If you are innocent you want witnesses called to prove you are. Trump’s lawyers have now stated there was quid pro quo as they now know this has been proven but as president he can do whatever he wants. That is s travisty. It is a sad day for America if the people are not allowed to hear John bolton. America is quickly turning there back on democracy and bowing at the feet of a demigod.

    2. @Gnome Sane – I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who didn’t want freedom for themselves. We’re all naturally opposed to being controlled and restricted. (Even though there are cultures conditioned to suppress those urges).

      The real problem of society is our wholesale neglect for one of the most fundamental parts of life: our interdependence upon one another.

      Absolutely no one is separate from the whole. Nature makes this the reality. Humans have created endless divisions through time because of necessity (isolated cultures, limited resources, etc.) And this tradition continues on today.

      Yet, funny enough, it’s now entirely unnecessary. Technology allows us to communicate instantly, to travel anywhere, to create abundance of materials, etc. We’re all fighting in these ingroup / outgroup mentalities for absolutely no reason. And all of these false barriers produce WAY more harm than benefit to ALL of us.

      For instance, cooperation is more powerful than competition. Species that work together (such as ants or bees) survive a lot better than those that don’t. “Survival of the Fittest” in action.

      So, if people as a whole recognize this fact, that we must treat everyone as part of us — because they truly are — than there’d be no justification for the negative behaviors you mentioned. These are simply a form of ignorance.

    3. @Jared Frost nope. The good among us are hampered by the bad. I’m not talking about disabled or handicapped I am specifically addressing violent individuals. All cultures are very different. Until those who value violence evolve they should not be among we who are civil.

    4. @Lisa Morris Inocent or not burden of proof is on the accuser. Not the accused. As far as an innocent person wanting witnesses. He did want witnesses. Dems wouldn’t let him have any from his side. Of course he blocked the witnesses from his cabinet. They were denied legal counsel. Would you inocent or not answer questions without a legal counsel. Of course you would not. You expect people to give up their rights to appease you. Good luck with that. You have the right to remain silent. Please use it. See you at the polls. And there you have it. No more witnesses. Sure glad my rights for due process are still intact. See you at the polls.

  2. Collins on votes for witnesses is because she knew they did not have 4 votes. Shes protecting her behind as her seat is on the line!

    1. I agree the Democrats play her everytime and that little b#itch Romney we need to primary both of these schmucks. The Democrats do not compromise and come to the center so neither should the Republicans. Stand firm and destroy them. They do not have the best interests of our country in mind. They are out to destroy it. They laugh behind closed doors at the Romneys of the House and Senate because they have people like Mitt on a leash and all they have to do is jerk on his chain and he will fall in line.

  3. So Susan Collins wait to the deal is sealed to voice her unnessecary vote. It would have mattered 4 days ago.

    1. Geeeeee…. let’s have in the Senate the very thing the Dems didn’t allow in the House. Hilarious!!! Sounds like a song from Alanis Morissette. Just keep fighting for the podium, kids… it’s almost. over…

    2. @jeg5gom Yes it is over. USA is now a dictatorship. With a low-IQ, corrupt, bullying, fascistic, insane, evil, sexual assaulter as the dictator. Congratiolations.

    1. Geeeeee…. let’s have in the Senate the very thing the Dems didn’t allow in the House. Hilarious!!! Sounds like a song from Alanis Morissette. Just keep fighting for the podium, kids… it’s almost. over…

  4. Susan has permission and we figured that out ourselves, not rocket science. Means diddly if there aren’t enough that vote with her. They really do think voters are stupid.

    1. Geeeeee…. let’s have in the Senate the very thing the Dems didn’t allow in the House. Hilarious!!! Sounds like a song from Alanis Morissette. Just keep fighting for the podium, kids… it’s almost. over…

      (P.S. you need to use better grammar)

  5. “The verdict is in on Lamar Alexander. Party over country. No integrity. No courage. No moral core. This is his legacy,” The Atlantic contributing editor Norman Ornstein posted.

    1. Hahah he he!😄 ladies and gentlemen we’re about to witness another National mental breakdown by America’s Punk progresses and it’s Associates the Democrats.😁

    2. Democrats’ false logic, false dichotomies. — You must agree with us, or you have no courage, no integrity, no morals. – crap.
      also – It’s Trump OR the Constitution. – more crap.

  6. Whatever way the GOP votes to hve trial…they will ALL LOSE ! Their voters should boycott all their offices, march to capitol hill, whitehouse and any other place you know tjem to be and tell them this
    Americans ever try to pull this stunt sham at our trials ..we would be under observation by mental experts on why we think we are ABOVE the law!! .
    GOP ..All of them..with trump and fake kids all lose!! . And they will not like the ending . We will strip them of all FREE
    HEALTHCARE THEY GET FOR LIFE …WHILE we get none . There protection goes away …and all the taxes they enriched themselves on will be paid back . Since they are all complacent grifting criminals and stand up for criminal grifting trump ..
    They all lose . Traitorous
    Lying pugs!!

  7. This Moscow-Mitch control over Rep’ Senators, associated directly with denting or approving funding, equates to bribery and/or coercion = a quid-pro-quo to protect Trump from Impeachment for a quid-pro-quo = very screwed up.

    1. Deborah Mahmoudieh

    2. *Democrats are the biggest Hypocrites in the entire history of the universe!*

  8. *When did “inappropriate” become a “good” thing? I wonder if Ukrainian’s who lost loved ones fighting Russia, while waiting on Trump to release their military aid, felt it was a good thing?! That was inappropriate, wasn’t it Senator Lamar Alexander???*

    1. @Peter Dawson It was only released “after” this whistleblower complaints/ was released (or ‘allegdly’ leaked)to the public. It was being with held until Ukraine publicly stated that they were opening corruption investigations against the Biden’s. Just after former Vice-President Joe Biden announced he was running for the presidency.

    1. Diane C
      *The Democrats have stained themselves!*
      ☝😳Pre-eminent constitutional law professor from Georgetown University; A DEMOCRAT who did not vote for Trump. He has argued more cases before the Supreme Court than any other Council.
      *What he said permanently in Forever stains the Democrats in the house.*

  9. Wouldn’t it be great if some Republicans got some last-minute balls and voted for witnesses? Where’s the next John McCain?

  10. The schemes are so overwhelming and I guess that’s how they succeed there just overwhelm you with propaganda

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