Key Witness Reacts To The Charges Brought Against Weisselberg 1

Key Witness Reacts To The Charges Brought Against Weisselberg


Jennifer Weisselberg, the former daughter-in-law of Allen Weisselberg and a key witness in the investigation into his tax practices, reacts to the charges brought against Weisselberg.

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    1. @Resilient Woman but she didn’t release sensitive information. That’s the thing. I thought she would. 🤣😂.

    2. Trump just got handed his campaign theme for 2022 and 24. It will take 3-5 years for this case to move through the system. In the end at best will be an admission of irregular accounting practices and a million dollar fine for the org and 100k for Wesselburg, no admission of guilt. Wesselberg will be 79 and never spend a day in jail. He will never flip. The NY and Manhatten DA’s will do nothing else for fear of looking foolish. The DOJ has already kept it’s head down and isn’t even investigating Trump’s list of hits. The takeaway. Corruption, crime, mob tactics work. The government is worthless. Justice is dead. There really is a group of people above the law.
      Just a reminder of crimes that are chargeable to Trump if they didn’t want to protect him with proof already in the open:
      1> 10 counts of obstruction of justice as laid out by Mueller
      2> Already named as criminal co-conspirator in the indictment and conviction of Cohen for bribing a stripper and model for silence before an election – both and election violation and campaign fund violation
      3> His name is on the checks on these charges – he had to know of the fraud being committed.
      4> Tax Fraud in claiming the valuation of properties so far below market value to avoid taxes as to be criminal
      5>Insurance and Loan fraud claiming the same properties were so far above the market value to obtain additional loans and inflate their value.
      6> Defrauding the government – paying his children consulting fees paid by the government they did not work for.
      7> Criminal nepotism – hiring children and donors to his campaign with no qualification and even overriding national security clearances to get their positions.
      8> Emoluments violation – keeping control and directing government and public business to his properties including trying to have the G-7 summit at his hotel when it was clearly unqualified, routing Air Force flights hundreds of miles off course to stay at his golf club.
      9> Billing the government for hundreds of thousands for private trips for his children
      10 > Engaging in a quid pro quo with the Ukraine to get dirt on Biden to effect an election – they did not impeach but it still is a criminal act.
      11 > Estate Tax Fraud in the disposition of his father’s estate, undervaluing properties by a factor of ten as evidenced when he tried to defraud his brother’s children of their inheritence
      12 > Tax fraud when his father funneled money to his son by running maintenance for his properties through a dummy holding company Trump owned and automatically added 50% on invoices.
      13 > Tenant rent control fraud by using those inflated charges to justify raising rents
      14 > Tax refund fraud – a claim, still under negotiation with the IRS in which he claimed a 100 million dollar refund on a technicality in 2008 that was not legal.
      15 > Insurrection and incitement to violence to overthrow the certification of a free and fair election when he admitted to Barr and Barr reported that he knew the Stop the Steal campaign was a completely forgery
      16 > Mass murder by criminal negligence. By suppressing his knowledge of how dangerous and contagious the virus really was and then making protection against it a political act. His actions caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans unneccisarily.
      There are dozens more suspicious arrangements that need to be investigated including no look contracts to Trump donors who were completely unqualified (a gravel manufacturer who was awarded the contract to build the wall, an electrical company with no employees to fix the power grid in Puerto Rico)
      Collusion with Russia – he did collude proof came out over and over again. His abandonment of the Kurds to Turkey to keep his property in Turkey safe.
      To allow Trump to skate because he was President or because he is a threat to the future of our Democracy is inexcusable. It will encourage copy cats who are competent enough to succeed. It will also create an undercurrent of rebellion in the population who finally have had enough of elite immunity to the law and their corruption.

  1. I’ll drink to that! 🥃 hick.. a time to celebrate.

    On a serious note, The anchor should have delayed this interview.

    1. This lady is clearly not prepared and this interview is going no where except towards her jaded public revenge. I’m not saying she doesn’t know anything but a witness for the DA shouldn’t be on tv all the time. Bad job MSNBC.

    1. @Chinacat Sunflower no its common sense. Someone with a vengeance is not going to the stand in a major case.

    2. The press needs to stop bringing her on. They should know better but then so should her lawyers.

    1. IKR! The smooshy words and weird breathing, everything. And his questions aren’t exactly easy peasy. It’s kinda complex and I’m surprised she can formulate ANY kind of response. I half expected to see her throw a glass of wine at the camera. 🤣🤪🍷🍷🍷🍷

    2. @Fred A the report starts of saying she’s a ‘key witness’, hench my question. Why the passive aggressiveness ?

    1. notice how anytime you say anything about anyone that’s factual, someone jumps out with a trump insult as a defense. these people don’t know facts. lmao the witness is trashed and msnbc just wants to make a trump story. i think she is doing more then just valium. only in america people can get on the news completely trashed as a witness in the most talked about case and rabble on.

  2. She loses some of her credibility when she sounds like she’s been drinking all day. Let’s have a little class with you. WHY did they let her on the air sounding like a drunk.

    1. @Enchanted Homeschool oh honey, she was willing to be happy on the corruption until he divorced her. Had that no happened we would not be having any of this conversation.

    1. Sheesh, i know!! She told on her ex and her ex father in law. I’m betting her life is challenging right now to say the least.

    2. Your assuming some one is guilty, over 1.7 million dollars, chicken feed,. I thought New York would come up with some real charges. That results is a fine.

  3. I don’t think he should have pressed her when she was clearly not sober. This shouldn’t have been revealed unless the prosecutor said it was OK and I doubt he would have agreed.

    1. God bless her, because putting herself out there is risky business. So, I can understand if girlfriend is drunk.

    2. @Fred A I agree, just look at how many powerful Republicans in Congress are terrified of telling the truth because they are terrified of Trump this lady has more balls than all of them together!

    3. @Priest Fulton J Wingba JR oh, but Donnie is being tried by the US govt. and he will pay for his past transgressions, especially since his behavior, the fruit by which he is known, tells me he hasn’t repented and asked forgiveness.

  4. I feel for this woman! Coming out and saying what she has could have put her in danger. I wouldn’t be surprised. I’d knock back a few myself!

    1. She once made the comment that if Trump gets reelected she might be found dead cause Trump always gets his revenge one way or another.

  5. Okay, MSNBC, no matter how desperate we are for sources, you should’ve taken her off the air when you heard the first slur. She is a regular on your shows and you just let her lose credibility, why? Geeze, she even had the anchor tongue tied…

    1. this will not show good. im glad they didn’t take her off the air. democrats cover up enough. things need to be seen for what are are

    2. @xHOLLYWOOD what does this have to do with Democrats? She is sloshed. I’ll give you that, the more I watch, the drunker she becomes. 😂

    3. @xHOLLYWOOD nobody needs to know someone drank a few too many before a fifteen minute segment on an afternoon news show.

    4. @Jimbo Richmond how do you know she drank a few? you must have been hanging out with and watched her. this is my point. you all sugar coat sh*t to cover your tracks. she looks like she is on drugs. no excuse

    5. @jason holland because this is all politics. this witch hunt has nothing with trump and only has to do with 2024.

  6. Look like Jennifer’s been celebrating a little too much after seeing Weisselberg turned himself in. 😂

    1. God bless her, because putting herself out there is risky business. So, I can understand if girlfriend is drunk.

    1. It’s sad she claims he abused her for many years and that he took her kids when she chose to speak out against him in the divorce and she even said At this point she doesn’t care what people think about her she’s just exhausted from having to continuously fight for her safety and children

  7. She may have had a” liquid lunch”, but who wouldn’t have one up against this scummy organisation? She’ll have a lot more before this is finished. Good Luck.

  8. How sad they interviewed her when she is impaired. Hopefully she doesn’t say anything that could get her in trouble. I have seen her many times and she was very articulate.

  9. Jennifer must’ve misheard “Alan’s slush fund”, as “Let’s get slushed & have some fun.”

    All joking aside, I agree with others here & this interview should not have happened with Jennifer in this state.

  10. Jeniffer is a formidable foe, lol. There’s nothing worse than a daughter in-law scorned.

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