Kharkiv surrounded by Russian troops; Zelenskyy calls out Russian “state terrorism” | USA TODAY

Kharkiv surrounded by Russian troops; Zelenskyy calls out Russian "state terrorism" | USA TODAY 1


  1. Dang this hits different especially with knowing we are all one. It’s also shitty knowing that innocent people are being killed because of the the countries leaders and the citizens don’t have anything to do with this.

    1. @Christi Smii I’m pretty sure when I read the news there were 5000+ dead on Russia’s side

    2. @Ben until it’s not on the news anymore then you stop caring. Stfu you don’t feel compassion. You’re feigning it for internet points

  2. Very sad. My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine. May they find safety and have the means to defend themselves and protect all of these innocent, good people. Putin is such a despotic tyrant.

    1. @Us We Where did you find this information? Can you provide a link? I looked it up and I can’t find something like that anywhere. On the flipside, I have seen reports of many normal Ukrainians volunteering with their military to defend their country. Citizens from different countries are also coming to help take up arms.

      In essence: What makes your truth any more real than mine? Nobody is immune to propaganda.

    2. @Us We wow, so you’re old and ignorant? Cause I’m pretty sure I know more about this than you think. In fact, I thought I kinda made it clear. You clearly chose your side! If you know something we all don’t, share. Don’t tell anyone to go and Google it. Tell me something about Ukraine that I didn’t mention as being BS. Tell me something that our friends from Bambas couldn’t t ll us or my childrens family isn’t showing and telling us about Kiev. Heard it and seen it! Don’t try and make that insignificant. Putin was the worst thing to happen to us and the reason our families left St.Pete. rigged votes, threats, poverty, starvation. It all got even worst when he showed up. He doesn’t care about people, he only cares about power. He is good at exaggerating and brainwashing, and fools like you fall for it and all its lies. Media isn’t sharing the truth? Dude, media never shares the truth but what you’re talking about is dirt and that’s something that Media would love to have. But you see, it’s such a muddy dirt that even our media didn’t care to use it. They were more interested turning it into race game. Nice try though!!!

    3. @Us We p.s. I heard a lot about wars. My family in Poland made sure to tell us about what Russian savior military was really like comparing to Germans. Believe it or not, many Germans didn’t like what they were doing and we’re really nice ppl. My greatgran and grandma sadly had nothing good to say about the Russian military. Since you wanna talk about the war. I remember many stories. I am glad I didn’t live through them. You see, I was born in USSR, my grandparents weren’t that old back then. 😉

      My greatgran was Indian in Poland and my g-grandfather that only met my grandma twice, was a german officer during the war. Just to give you an idea!

    4. @Peter Wilson He got no likes cos he didn’t have a generic pro-zionist comment like “my heart goes out to the ukrainian wah wah wahhhh :'(”

      You did draw a correlation between likes and wanting to be liked or unliked; however we know the likes on the comments are nothing but simps giving each other reach-arounds for braindead comments and opinions. Who cares about ukranians, they are nothing but a russian version of iraq/afghanistan. Any other opinion is just zionist simping for mainstream news, factually speaking.

      The correlation is that any social media turd could farm 10k likes with some generic comment thats been stated 100s times before, not because of the content of the comment at all but merely the status of the commenter.

      It will be comical when zelensky gets rekt and everyone is like “RIP brave warrior patriot”.

      zelensky:I fight with ak till death theatrically in streets cos im not a normal president, comrade!


      XD moot point > mute point.

    5. @دوستدارعمو از شهر نو irani oh come on. Don’t you know by now they don’t have the capacity to feel empathy for anyone else?

      Let them take care of their own and you take care of yours.

  3. “Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die.” Herbert Hoover.

  4. We all have families, loved ones, no one should take someone’s life like that, imagine how heartbreaking it is to their families, for those who encouraged wars and hope to see the world burn, think twice, what if that happened to your families?

    1. I am uploading footage of the war on this channel, Ukraine is doing a good job at holding Russia off

    2. @Hans Lu honestly there’s nothing or very little to do to avoid things like this, having a good heart doesn’t stop the war sadly, I simply just want some people to have empathy, and again that’s not gonna do much either. I can only pray tho.

  5. My heart breaks for Ukraine people and for the Russian people it’s the government that makes war not the people who are farmers and struggling just to survive whatever happens next is an entirely worldwide situation

    1. You should rejoice. Russia is kicking out the thugs who made deals with Obama, HRC, and the Biden crime family. They have been ripping off the Ukrainian people for years!

    2. @cipherP9 this is the kind of thing you hear when stupid people are encouraged to repeat fake media talking points. The pro-Ukraine people are 80 IQ mouth breathers who think Putin is a Bond villain because the TV says so. Like all of a sudden he decided to go to war, no clear reason… he’s just crazy. No need to examine the nuance, just blindly believe media and run with it.

    3. @cipherP9 the ‘majority of them’ dont influence anything as they’re suppressed under putins authoritarian regime.

    1. 😞😞😞😞😞😞😩😩😩😩😩😩 your words mean nothing 😭😔😟😣😞☹️😩

    2. WHAT A HUGE LIE BY MSM!! Zalinskyy got paid by U.S./NATO/Soros/Burisma for those secret Virus and organ harvesting labs that Putin bombed 5 days ago. You know the same ones that gave “The Big Guy” his 10%. Now they’re panicking and trying to run damage control. Notice how all the covid mandates have disappeared??

      Damn, MSM still spouting it’s fake propaganda, trying to coverup the secret Labs funded by the U.S./NATO/Soros/Burisma. They’ve been talking about a fake 30K/40K/50K/60K long Russian convoy that never shows up, since Friday!! You think Russian soldiers look like that? Those are Ukrainian winos. Ukraine is bombing their own country. Nice try MSM!! 😆😂🤣

    3. @kuba2ve i have no idea what this guy is going on about. Like holy heck person is out there.

      “Facts do not need caps or sarcasm”

    1. @Black Prior because god isn’t a physical thing he does not exist he exist in our hearts and minds to keep us going when we fall or for some people like me we keep going because we have to strive to be better and also because if he was a physical thing he would have stopped this war by now right?

    1. Ukrainian foces shot own cities so stupidly, they just want good picture for youtube stuff like this.. they want to impress whole world but dont know how.. US told/command them to shut own cities. And they started doing that everyday.

    2. @Andrew Na yeah the Ukrainians just happened to drop a Russian iskandr missile right next to a government building. You know, like what you usually do, shoot a missile you don’t own into your own territory.

    3. @Noah McFate I say at least two years, because I know most people are just waking up to the circus. Easier to swallow than listing everything for the last 6000 year fiat scam.

  6. It’s sad when someone thinks that this is ok, and it is their God giving right to do harm to others in this way. SMH

  7. Praying for Ukraine. As a former infantryman and war veteran I NEVER wish to see bloodshed.. Life is too short especially to die for a political agenda.

    1. @Awesome GMG half of the Ukrainian military call themselves The Ukrainian Nazis , it’s actually called the
      The Ukrainian military is responsible for 15,000 civilian deaths in eastern Ukraine during the last 8 years and not one peep from the Western media,
      And buy the president allowing that in his military tells me a lot about him, don’t believe me look it up yourself but don’t look through Google they hide the truth go look on duck duck go. There’s so much more I can tell you but I urge you to look do your own research , the Ukrainian
      government is the most corrupt government on Earth… I could go on and on

    2. Pray for the kids and women kill and rapped by the nato army In Afganistán libia Syria Lebanon Irak

    3. @TMeek94 Suuuureee Riiighhhtt, So you just shill for atheism for fun, on the side? Maybe a little trolling for Russia? Maybe? That’s right, gotcha, no potato tonight for you.

    4. @Gaddy 7 if someone is afraid, reading someone say “I am praying for you” can trigger them into being abrasive enough to push someone teetering on the edge into deciding they might as well kill themselves

    5. theres American political agenda for oil and whatnot in the Middle East since the ’03 invasion

  8. I truly hope that everyone is ok. This is devastating news. And for all the kids that are going through this. My hesrt goes out to everyone

  9. My heart goes out to all these brave young men that have died or will…it’s sad that it’s 2022 and stuff like this still happens

  10. I can’t even try to imagine how hopeless they must feel…I try to put myself in their position being someone who lost both parents at the age of 26 in 2 months. No siblings. No other family. I’d be so lost. All I have is my animals. And that’s another thing I keep thinking about, is their pets….I just can’t imagine. I’m praying, but it’s just not enough. 🥺

  11. Praying for Ukraine. Hope they will get all of this under control soon. They don’t deserve any of this

  12. It is so sad to imagine what those innocent Ukrainians are going through prayers going out to them and there families 🙏

  13. Praying for the Ukrainians. Just imagine how much good all this war effort put toward ending hunger, poverty, crime, pollution, and health could accomplish. Putin needs to fix his own problems instead of making WAR on innocent people.

  14. Praying for UK this is absolutely heart wrenching especially since you can see people driving their car as it happens. Devastating to see people are so disregarded in destruction

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