1. Wow nice like/dislike ratio.
    One more time: let’s see this year’s numbers for the common cold. And pneumonia. Common cold is very common, there should be many cases or reports. If a person who’s already sick gets a cold, it could get bad, and turn into pneumonia. Then they might die. Of pneumonia. That happens a lot too. Let’s compare those numbers, of common cold and pneumonia, to last year’s numbers.

    Just joking, I already did. Turns out somebody’s lying. I’m shocked.

  2. No children or teenagers died of Covid. There is no reason to keep the schools closed. Stop trying to scare the parents by telling them your children will infect you with Covid.

  3. This is dumb a toddler can do the same if this is true. Children spread other respiratory diseases and germs but this is why their immune system are more robust than adults .

  4. Thats it get rid of 10 to 19 year olds and we can control the spread. What a useless study we were supposed to flatten the curve now its we can eradicate the virus what a joke we will all get it eventually like every other virus in history

  5. Most kids between 10-19 who contract COVID-19 are usually asymptomatic. It is true that they could give the virus to their parents, grandparents, and school teachers, but we cannot get rid of the poor children because they might be carriers of the virus.

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