Killings Continues in Clarendon | Summer Travel Nightmare | TVJ Midday News – July 29 2022


  1. Killing continues every where in Jamaica 🇯🇲 it is a such a shame. I wonder why the layers continue to defend these criminals. Nothing is the same these days, people need to give themselves much more time when they travel 🧭 last minute doesn’t cut it no more, talking about price of tickets doesn’t matter. Sorry for the lady with the water problem. Everything in the world 🌍 has change. Information is king along with learning.

  2. Greetings blessings my girl i no you at the airport waiting you can wait one more day plain delay some time it’s good no distractions but we all waiting for donnalee to come home so you can wait one more day for the plain smile 😁 love you Jamaica always stay safe one

  3. What’s Mr Champagne “gating” about? Rushing slaughtered 5 person who are his blood relatives including a 👶.He claimed that he was publicly disrespected. Does that warrant someone’s death? Now this lawyer talking crap about factors, the murderer wasn’t acting in self-defense.

    1. Gashping about the PROCESS the PROCESS the PROCESS 😂😂😂 lord helped I can’t manage 😂😂

  4. What is the purpose of lawyers? To tell lies on behalf of their clients. Yet they go to court and win cases. Society is a mess

  5. How can we trust a system that continuous failed us in every conceivable way. The process needs 2 b amended n the corruption needs 2 b addressed along with laziness, carelessness n ineptness.

  6. The justice system is asking the public to system trust it and believe in it, “what” disgrace is telling you to consider it as grace, go clean up your act.
    Jamaica is applying to host an important event in 2030?, go and clean up your act before.

  7. Hope to God I don’t experience that with my flight in mid August after spending over $1100.00 for my tickets

  8. “TRUST THE SYSTEM” seems to be a call all over the Caribbean when it seems people looking to let off criminals with a slap on the wrist.

  9. Only motorists laws are swift to past on ! Look how long the adjustment to gun crimes and murder bills tabling. And murder crimes reduce but motorists issues double.

  10. Anyone who does not agree with the death penalty for Barnett is accomplices the murder, they helped Barnett indirectly.

  11. Plz tell the officers also to stop using offensive, fowl and dirty language to motorist and citizens alike. Be fair here!!

  12. This is such a shame. Relevant authorities please assist this lady before things get out of hand.

  13. I can help my little island how to deal with conflicts amongr our people with a few older saying soft words turns away anger.we just need to live be our pledge

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