1. Indeed!

      The only one that might be smaller is the PRC. They like pretending that they’re the continuation of an ancient civilization.

      But that’s clearly not the case.

    2. its actually longer than your state’s list probably is,
      The mexican american war..
      But i wouldn’t wanna live there lol..

  1. As opposed to an “exponential increase” in food & quality of life for his people. Awesome leader. 👍🏻

    1. @Winter K nobody has threatened North Korea?? Jesus this is how brainwashed you are! Biden threatened to hit north Korea harder than its ever been hit before” Trump threatened to “wipe them off the map”

      John Bolton as national security advisor done a media tour of the middle East explaining how he wants a “Libya style approach and outcome” for North Korea. FYI the US backed terrorist groups in Libya who brutally killed the leader Gaddafi and posted the video all over the internet! Now Libya is a war torn terrorist state who was literally using Facebook to sell people mostly black Africans into slavery!

      If as an American really care about people maybe you should clear up all the mess you have done to so many other countries leaving them in ruin and stop acting like you want to help people when all you do is ruin countries because there leader doesn’t agree with you and doesn’t want you controlling there country!

    2. @Luke Murray So your telling me that ALL international human rights groups are wrong about North Korea and should really be focusing on your perceived violations in the USA?

      How about you just trust the international organizations created to monitor these things

    3. @Winter K “Why don’t you trust the international organisations that monitor these things?” 🤦🤣 Yeah go ask Iraq about that one! Or maybe you could tell them where the WMD are that you destroyed there country for!

      These organisations were created by the US and control the US! Do you know the worst humanitarian crisis in the world isn’t North Korea? Not even top 5! Number 1 is Yemen? Why don’t you America and all these organisations care about that?? Oh that’s right because the US is selling the weapons to Saudi Arabia who are using them to create the humanitarian crisis in Yemen!

      This is how uneducated, slow and brainwashed you are! You literally believe everything you are told and even when you know they lie, next week you believe them again!

    4. @Winter K also got to love how you completely ignored what I said because you couldn’t argue with it! If you want people in North Korea to have food, farming equipment etc. THEN STOP THE SANCTIONS AND LET THEM TRADE!!


    1. Rumor has it Kim Jong Un also said “its because Biden is a weak bit@h, wtf he gonna do about it?”

    1. Rumor has it Kim Jong Un also said “its because Biden is a weak bit@h, wtf he gonna do about it?”

  2. “When Kim Un Jong speaks his people stand and pay attention or else and I want my American people to do the same.”

    Donald tRUMP Quote

    1. You added the “or else” part. Lefties lying yet again. Can anyone on the left quote Trump IN context?

  3. Oh, poor rocket man, nobody pays attention to him. He is like, look at me, look at me, someone please look at me! Ever since the NY conman got sent packing, he isn’t getting enough attention, apparently. He should write a love letter to the NY conman and rekindle their romance.

    1. It’s got nothing to do with him wanting attention. He wants the US to back off. Any country builds up its military when threatened.

    2. @UPLOAD strangers TIKTOK WW3 big deal, the worst thing could be we evaporate. People are like pixels and our planet yet another pixel. All irrelevant in the great scheme of things.

  4. Damn bro, can we have one week?! One week before we’re worrying about how the world is going to end!

  5. He didn’t even claim to be a locomotive engineer, or a big rig trucker like a real president would.

  6. *The self-alienating behavior of these authoritarian regimes warrants isolation from the international community.*

    1. Indeed!

      The best defense against communist authoritarian dictatorship is to strengthen democracies from corrupting influences and nepotism. It takes an active and concerted effort of the people, to ensure that our democratically elected politicians are truly representing our interests.

      We must also address what hostile communist countries are doing, both domestically and abroad. Democratic Nations must stand together against their lawlessness in defense of global security, human rights, and enforce International Law.

    2. @David Lo Pan
      Wow. That’s very well said. But it’s easier said than done. For example, the CCP likes to appeal to an nindividual’s worst nature in order to influence them. What they’re doing domestically and around the globe is deeply disturbing.

  7. Pak Jong Chon, who has just been sacked, will very likely have an extremely brief retirement. He was far too high ranking in the military not to be perceived as a threat by Kim Jong Un.

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