‘Kim Kardashian West Just Performed A Public Service’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Kanye is sent here by the devil, to damage Joe Biden but the great one not going to make that happen…

  1. Yes he did perform a public service by letting public truly know his instability. Thank goodness we got enough nutcases in WH. Yall let Kanye out.

    Make America Great Again!

    : America was Great before Trump.
    Vote DEMOCRAT.

    1. Trump has changed his slogan, the other day. Yeah. It’s
      ‘It’s Going To Get Worse Before it Gets Better. ‘

      Just keeping you updated.


    2. @Taylor H
      When Trump is gone with control of congress vwho holds the purse strings” if the take back the Senate things will become peachy. I think the Democrats learned a hard lesson about fighting the Republicans with morals and play by the rules. If the Democrats gain all three you can throw playing by the rules out. They will fast track laws regarding the electoral college and voter tampering to take Gerry mandering and gas lighting away from the election. Then they can systematically piece the government back that Trump gutted. This time I hope they aren’t morally correct and they tax the crap out of big businesses that Trump fattened. Then go after this thieving health insurance business. They still made record profits when they were covering people under Obama’s health care. The system wasn’t broke but Trump sure tried to break everything up for the cooperate crooks. Oh yeah things will be much different. I hope the ban social media for spreading treason. Make people pay for the internet to keep foreign riff raff out and pay the citizens back in their tax returns so it’s free for Americans and set up a misinformation “law and order internet police” the GOP loves law and order when it’s the William Barr turn you head from seeing the Republicans breaking the any law and ordering chaos and gas to be used on the public who protests these criminals. Trump likes good TV well watching the Democrats round up these crooks for 2 years will he great television. We must never forget how these Republicans turned their heads to America for profit and a few choice foreign countries none being a single NATO allie.

    3. @Jeremy Banks remember the 8 years of the OBAMA administration! Well, that’s when The United states was Great!

  3. When other countries say the term stupid Americans, Kardashian, Kanye and Trump are what they are referring to. These people embody all the negative traits of ignorance and privilege.

    1. I’m sure your mom and dad are proud of your handle. Look who’s calling the kettle “ignorant and privileged”.

    2. @Jeff Gibson my parents are very proud of My Success, and Ivanka actually dated Quincy Jones.

    1. @TrumpVirus-19 and if you’re so worried about people dying, New York Democratic governor ordered patients with covid-19 to be held at the nursing homes, but that’s okay right

    2. @TrumpVirus-19 if you want to talk about people dying, then why are these patients with covid-19, being moved to nursing homes? Keep in mind there all democratic ran States. Now that’s sinister

    3. @TrumpVirus-19 I’m sure you won’t reply because you want to hear what you want to hear. They knew from the beginning what they were doing moving these patience to nursing

  4. Kanye West is another Donald in the making. What a waste of time covering and discussion about kenya.

    1. @Maria C. Mascaro Putin only pushed a misinformation campaign. What you are saying completely absolve the republican party from going against what they stand for and voting in and standing behind a guy that is a complete 160 of all their beliefs.

      I do not blame Putin i blame America for not looking in the mirror and knowing that they are idiots easily manipulated.

    2. He probably would still have been elected. Americans knew decades before 2016 how horrible he was. Unfortunately almost half of us didn’t care and he still made it. I will never vote for a republican again after seeing how scared they are to protect our country from him.

    3. @Bill Jordan those fools vored for this horror and visited this disaster upon us need to go to the front of the line to be essential workers and sicken and die before the rest of us. Multiple refrigerated trucks to hold all the dead bodies are back. God, I know I have to let the anger and hate go, but I positively loathe them more than Trump.

  5. Its bad enough having a TV dysfunctional family already in the WH, we don’t need another one, we are slowly losing the will to live.

    1. 😂😂 I want to live to see him disgraced with all the charges coming his way!! You can only be a Con and a Cheister for so long. Remember Gotti?? Epstein?? Weinstein?? Al Capone? Hitler? Mussolini? The list goes on.

  6. Having trouble caring about this.Not because I don’t care about mental illness but because I don’t care about these two publicity hounds.

    1. @stephen wedderburn the problem is getting them to stay on meds. Also finding the meds for the individual that limits the intolerable side egfects.

    2. @American Pie And WTF does a party in Philly have to do with Kanye’s bipolar disorder, troll? Stop trying to change the subject to promote your Trumpanzee anti-mask agit-prop crap.

    3. @R C
      Because you Democrat Marxist knuckleheads are destroying lives with inpunity. No guilt no remorse just selfish lies and violence to get your childish ways. Gods going to judge you for bringing this evil. Yes he is..

  7. When the nation is going thru so much turmoil, who cares for this story? Unacceptable. Kim Kardashian is a master of marketing and does not and will never loose any opportunity to make a story that makes money for them.

  8. Famous for being famous. Just like Trump, the original self-promoter who dedicated his life to selling his own success despite all the evidence to the contrary.

  9. No, No, No please do not excuses for him or her. She let him be out there like that and he made the statements.

  10. I can sympathize with a bipolar disorder, but it’s a whole other animal have a POTUS with delusional schizophrenia and narcissistic rage…

    1. Combined with hate and a lack of empathy. He’s just a serious problem for anyone he deals with or anywhere he goes. His family is no different. What are the kids doing? Between the 3 (older) kids not one started their own successful business that supports itself. They are all grifters who steal from charities who live off of soliciting handouts from big money donors.

    2. He’s not schizophrenic, please don’t throw around mental health terms as insults.

      (I do think there is good evidence he has narcissistic personality disorder and sociopathy).

  11. I hope she’s paying attention to her older children to look for early symptoms of this chemical imbalance cause bipolar disorder is hereditary.

    1. He ain’t going nowhere near the WH. It was just a stunt to save his Orange buddy, since he is sucking at the polls.

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