Kimmel Jokes About Second Covid Shots; Wille Recounts Receiving His First Dose | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Kimmel Jokes About Second Covid Shots; Wille Recounts Receiving His First Dose | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Got my first vaccine March 21st , sore muscles in my arm for a few hours and then no issue . Scheduled for my second one April 18th and will be happy when I have this done . I am planning on a day off and am fine with that because it sure beats the alternatives ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. In Canada they space the 2nd shot 16 weeks later even though Pfizer disagrees with it as there is no study that states waiting 16 weeks between vaccine works. But I’m sure canadian government have been vaccinated within 4 weeks of 1st vaccine. Total bs

  2. Writing from Germany: please take the vaccine. Both times. We have almost no vaccines available in Europe. It is really scary

    1. Greetings from the Heart of America ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ. Hopefully things will be improved for you soon.

    2. That hardly seems right, Germany developed the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. You should, at least, have an adequate supply for your country.

    3. @Deborah Freedman yes but Pfizer delivered most of their vaccines to the US. Oxford delivered AstraZeneca to the UK and other countries. Moderna announced two days ago that they won’t be delivering all the dosis they were contractually obligued to do this quarter.
      Despite having contracts with the EU the vast majority of the produced vaccines have been delivered to the US. For this reason today just 5.7% of Germany’s population has been vaccinated. People over 80 yo and essential workers like doctors, police etc. I am 41 and healthy, this means i will be eligible for a vaccine maybe in july. Or maybe we will get vaccinated with Sputnik V which is willing to deliver to Germany faster

  3. Got my second Pfizer April 5th. Sore arm, a bit of fatigue, shoulders were sore a little. No flu symtoms, much relief. It’s over and done. Don’t hesitste….get it!๐Ÿ‘

    1. I got my first Pfizer yesterday. I got most of the symptoms, extreme fatigue, pain at injection site, pain in my joints, chills, fever. I don’t care that I react strongly, that just means I had a good take, my immune system responded as it should. Woke up today, still quite tired, but otherwise all the other symptoms are gone. I am looking forward to my second jab, even though I know I’ll feel like crud. Only a real sissy is afraid of a day of feeling bad. It sure beats the alternative.

    2. @Deborah Freedman Wow… talk like a grown up adult. Congratulations and best of health to you ๐Ÿ’–

    3. Got my second Pfizer Monday. No symptoms except I could feel the injection site for a couple of days if I pushed on it. I was installing drywall so I’m happy I didn’t feel any fatigue or soreness.

  4. I’ll be getting number two next Wednesday. When I got number one I was fine all day, then I developed a small bruise that night at the innoculation point and it hurt slightly for the next couple of days. Then the bruise gradually faded away over the next week. On the other hand, my 85 year-old mother got her number one and never had a bruise or anything! So you never know…

    1. @Louise Cardinal They did do something a bit different — After the shot, the person giving it did a little circular massage on the injection site. I’m going to try that after I get my second shot.

    1. @Clarke Okah my friend had covid pretty bad. then got first shot of moderna and was fluish and sleepy for 5 days.

    2. Got both Phizer shots, just a day of a sore arm each time. No one Iโ€™ve talked to has had a problem besides that.

  5. As someone whoโ€™s had the pleasure of getting Covid TWICE let me tell you: whatever that shot feels like, covid is worse, and I wasnโ€™t even in hospital. And Iโ€™m still living with the repercussions….
    the second shot doesnโ€™t apply to me; I will only get one.

    1. After having Covid twice as well as having already taken your first shot, why in the world would you not take a second shot?

    2. @Kenneth Wright Studies have shown that those who’ve had Covid, get all the protection with one jab, that those who haven’t get with two. That applies to all ages tested, even the very old.

  6. As I sat in the waiting room after my first shot, looked around and noticed a few others looking around as though they wanted to share in this accomplishment so I said it with my fist raised in the air. “One down!” The smiles of those who were feeling the same way, broke out at that point.

    1. Where I got my vaccine people where crying they were so happy and one guy raised both if his hands whooped! It was a great community experience.

  7. Had a mild fever for 2 days after second dose. Only showed how much that I don’t want the disease that the shot is preventing.

  8. Got my 2nd dose last month and for me the 1st shot was worse. Arm soreness and felt kinda hungover, but nothing too bad.

  9. I still can’t even get an appointment. WA State. 56 yrs, 2 co-morbidities. I don’t know who thinks this is an effective way to run things in my state, but I’m really feeling frustrated. So happy for those who’ve had a chance to get theirs.

    1. It took me three weeks of calls, logging into multiple websites, and putting myself on more than one waitlist to find an appointment here in Ohio. Very frustrating. Hang in there, and I hope you get an appointment soon

    2. We have the same problem in Oregon. Despite being 63, and having most organs damaged by chemo, I only got my first Pfizer yesterday at the Oregon Convention Cntr. My 37 year old daughter thought I was being obtuse when I told her all the Walgreens, CVSs, Rite Aids, Fred Meyers and Safeways, within 25 miles were booked up for 2 months. But, the rural areas have more supply than they know what to do with. My younger daughter (31) went down to Bend last weekend, and just walked in, at the end of the day, to a bunch of pharmacies, till she found one that had extras, and got her first jab (Moderna). A friend, who lives in North Portland, tried the same trick in Vancouver, WA, and got her dose. The older daughter made an appointment, for next week, in Lincoln City, OR, and will get her first jab (Moderna) there. Have you tried looking for an appointment out in the sticks? Try all the Walgreens, etc. at least 25 miles outside of Seattle.

    3. I’m in WA state too and I’ve had both jabs. I waited until my older neighbors had all had their shots and then I went online and saw there were lots of openings, so I signed up and now I’m done. I didn’t wait for the state to contact me though they did about a week after I made my appointment through our local hospital. Good luck. At least there seems like there is an end in sight.

  10. My gratitude was significantly diminished when on the day after my second shot, I went to bed with a large herbal tea, a giant glass of water, and a box of whole wheat crackers. My whole body ached. Still….better than those nasty little COVID clots that could be with me until death do we part.

  11. I only had joint pain everywhere for a couple of days after the 2nd shot, right down to my finger joints. But it was no biggy and reason to not get it.

  12. Pfizer here. Second done. Slight sore arm for about 24 hrs, both times. That’s ALL folks! DO THE RIGHT THING.๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜Ž

  13. I got my first shot 7 days ago and I have felt like a corpse. Extreme fatigue has been the one and only issue. Still can’t wait for my 2nd shot. This is for my parents.

    1. Same here, it’s the day after my first jab. I slept most of yesterday, and am going to sleep some more. All my Israeli friends warned me, don’t plan to do anything but sleep for a couple of days. A few hours of chills and fever, followed by a few hours of annoying joint pain, 24 hours after the jab, just sleepy. The yellow fever vaccine is worse, that one really made me sick.

  14. I got my first shot 2 days ago and I was happy to get it. I’m looking forward to my second shot. I almost died last march, hubby too. I’ll take any shot symptoms over Covid 19 every day of the week.

  15. My first Moderna shot was painful, and still is. My booster shot I had no side effects. Everyone is different but donโ€™t be afraid.
    Get vaccinated!

  16. I took my 2nd Moderna yesterday (Ap. 7 ). I do feel a BIT “fluish,” but … as Jimmy Kimmel suggested … I don’t feel AT ALL “Covidish.” This temporary feeling is a small sacrifice, given what so many millions have endured.
    Also, the relief factor is real.
    Please get both shots, if you have Moderna or Pfizer. It’s a physical and emotional investment.

  17. For all of you out there hesitant about getting the shots I took the moderna first shot not a whole lot to its second shot yeah I had a dead arm it was sore felt pretty good first 24 hours after that I felt kind of rotten but once it passed I was so relieved and so thankful for being able to get the shot

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