King: Infrastructure Package Should Be Pretty Close To Deficit Neutral 1

King: Infrastructure Package Should Be Pretty Close To Deficit Neutral

Senator Angus King (I-ME) discusses ongoing negotiations on how to pay for a bipartisan infrastructure package. 
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  1. Model Singapore’s infrastructure, global leader in overall infrastructure. Find out why Singapore’s infrastructure is so successful and mimic. Great minds should be able to come up with a sound resolution.

  2. Infrastructure, excellent. I want Biden to pass for 37 touchdowns in the next four years but let’s revisit our priorities. The for the people act, make that happen then you can go hog wild.

  3. There is no such thing as “Deficit Neutral”. They just make up words that sound positive and expect us to fall for it.

  4. This is that guy from Maine where They have elections on issues and if the voters vote the way the state wants them to they say see voting works your vote counts but if you vote against the state they will wait a year and then force it into law against the will of the majority of the people. They do it blatantly like Trump did and no one dares challenge them them, And if you do of course you loose

  5. Do legitimate taxes on the wealthy who have not paid due income taxes, as well as personal wealth fund taxes, but not on non liquidable properties, assets, and wealth.

  6. Was that a little hint that Democrats should investigate January 6? I certainly would hope he would want to find out the truth about that day!

  7. he doesn’t feel comfortable spending on infrastructure, but by god he feels good about spending 800 billion on military. what a joke!! if we don’t start investing in our country their won’t be anything to defend.

  8. If you get your country up and running it will generate way more revenue. just remember what happen when the Railways were put down.

  9. If that’s the case, then it’s way too small. Tax cuts for the wealthy didn’t seem to be a problem, but money for the country’s failing Intfrustructure is? Come on, that is b.s. and everyone knows it.

  10. YouTube is heavily censoring comments to make these stories have positive comments only. Pretty pathetic of them but they are part of the swamp

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