1. Very true. You hit it my dude. They arent for the people. Both sides just line the pockets, lie, steal and double bang us all. Time for American people to wake up and get rid of these folks. I dont care if Republican or Democrat. Term Limits and you are subject to open books and records. Wire Taps and all. Record everything they do, and the criminals will be stopped.

    2. @Joel Stotler I used to live in San Francisco . A powerful core of Democratic Women cut their teeth in SF . Before that , San Francisco was a White , Conservative Union Town where Senator Barry Goldwater held his Republican Convention . My old landlord had pictures of Reagan and Ike in his office window in Noe Valley . Before Charleston . Before January 6th there was a man named Dan White . Grew up in Eureka Valley in San Francisco, now commonly known as “The Castro”. He was expelled from the prestigious Riordon High School For Fighting . Graduated from Woodrow Wilson HS as Valedictorian . Served 6 years as an Army Paratrooper In The 82nd And 101st Airborne Divisions in Vietnam before returning home . Worked as a Firefighter and later with the SFPD . He later became an elected official. His home of record was in Visitation Valley, an African American neighborhood . But represented the more affluent Eureka Valley . It was turning more “Gay” by the year . Who he was and what he represented only existed in Minority in SF . The City had been socially and culturally evolving since 1967 . It was 1977 and while he was in the Army , his beloved city changed . The needs of the city clashed with White’s political stance in City Hall. He was eventually ousted and sought revenge by Murdering the 2 conspirators , Harvey Milk & Mayor Moscone . This was the first act of white violence towards a civic body in US History . Their bodies were discovered by Supervisor Diane Feinstein .
      The other Women to come out of SF City Hall were Pelosi , Barbara Boxer , Kamala Harris And Kimberly Guilifoyle . Rep Jackie Spier was shot on a fact finding mission to Jonestown, Guyana along with Rep. Leo Ryan. Mayor Art Agnos was shot and wounded while serving as city council on aging .
      Pelosi gets re elected every term unposed and by only 160,00 votes .

    3. Devil Pelosi: you are addicted calling out for impeaching due to political hatred absorbed in your blood vein for years

    1. Yup he has always told you what he is. Republicans always sold Americans that they will prevent the worst of Trump. Well he just show us he won’t.

    2. @Homesteadworks your friend who is your friend trip don’t care about you and you just don’t know it.you are a fool

    3. @aeris . . . I the reoublicans lost the house, lost the senate, lost the presidency, hell they even lost georgia I would say the democrats won but you magats see that trump was acquitted because of cowardice and you republicans will now continue to lose lose lose lose

    1. The GOP is broken. Democratsd are good.

      For people who are GOP, where’s your balls? You’re so Proud, you forgot you had balls?

    2. @Matthew Pharis I know Why don’t they love a Murdering PSYCHO ?? What’s wrong with them ?? They should want Trump to be a dictator and do whatever He wants to whomever he wants when he wants. Go figure 🤔I just don’t understand why they don’t want that horrible evil man to control this Country and the People ???? ?????SORRY I WAS PRETENDING I WAS A INSANE REPUB TRUMPTARD. , SERIOUSLY 🙄

    3. @Edward Wojick so does Moscow Mitch … So if we see eye to eye why should any one be mad in the moment at the people who want accountability from the former president. While he was still president

  1. #MoscowMitch saying “he doesnt think they have jurisdiction” after the Senate as a body determined they DO have jurisdiction, is no different than Trump saying that Biden lost the election…entirely irresponsible.

    1. @William Johnson William if you were paying attention trump was in office when the attack occurred. Therefore he could be impeached.

    2. @TheBrothergreen unfortunately they are all too far gone, if a democrat did what trump did they would all vote to convict

    1. Devil Pelosi: you are addicted calling out for impeaching due to political hatred absorbed in your blood vein for years

    1. @Ordester Fowler Want to know what was a waste of tax payer money? Trump spending half his presidency at Mar-a-Lago with his secret service detail rooming there at jacked up prices.

    2. @Joseph Dennison Unfair to kangaroos. Kangaroos are noble animals. At least, compared to this generation of Republicans. What ever happened to the Barry Goldwaters?

    3. @r c 7 Republican + Mitch and others are saying that the Video are clearly showing the guilt of 45. Most importantly the President was evicted by a higher court , the People, and now exposed to criminal investigation as a normal citizen. Keep LOLing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Not all cakes need to have a cherry on top of it. 😘

  2. McConnell didn’t play politics, exploiting loop holes. He betrayed the nation, our democracy, and told us “yes it is a crime, and yes we will try again”

    1. Devil Pelosi: you are addicted calling out for impeaching due to political hatred absorbed in your blood vein for years

    2. @Fred Garvin the demturds get so upset even displaying the 🇺🇸 and USA gets them outraged. It’s so hilarious and sad at the same time

    1. YES! And there are no words to apologize!! While half of the country, or a third of the half makes it sound a little less deplorable, thinks this is a resurrection moment and they have restored their stature in the eyes of the world. DENIAL is not a river in Egypt. It is the other side of the aisle of the Senate save for the 7 brave individuals who DO have a moral compass and were not bullied by partisan politics!!!

    1. The USA just lost their last chance for respect…The world is watching and laughing at them. The USA will never return even with Biden’s help.

    2. Devil Pelosi: you are addicted calling out for impeaching due to political hatred absorbed in your blood vein for years… you are always humiliated yourself by showing your evil side in front of the entire world

    1. Democrats would just throw a flag on the fire and blame it on racism, equality or one of those other buzz words they like to use to justify doing things others couldn’t get away with…

    2. Picking a political party is definitely choosing the lesser of the two evils. Im not saying the Democratic party is a perfect party, but i blatantly know that the Republican party is an ultimate no no. Period

  3. She is saying everything I feel. Being cowards because they can’t get another job. And calling out Mitch McConnell that fence-sitting fool.

  4. So disappointed in Mitch M. He is one who would not bring senate in session. Then used it as an excuse no to impeach. BS.

  5. In my 49 years of living, as a 3rd Generation soldier who volunteered to fight for this country, have NEVER seen such blatant treasonous acts. Acts that compels me lose all trust in my country.

    1. Then you would read the in the constitution that Thomas Jefferson wrote we as a people have a right to change government if not fit by the laws of God. Look it up

    2. True free people don’t need a constitution.
      The welfare recipient government don’t respect the 1 we already have anyway

    3. They don’t care about it as long as they get the big pay off from Trump. I bet they got paid off to vote in favor of Trump.

  6. “I’ll lose my seat.” It’s a shame that these republican senators sold out our great country for fear of losing their own positions of power. Why are their jobs more important than our nation’s integrity and security?

    1. The worst part was the House managers violated Senate rule 23 then went on to comit fraud by knowingly falsifying evidence for the world to see. Their impeachment hearing should go really fast.

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