Kingston Logistics Centre Officially Launches Container Homes Solution | TVJ Business Day

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    1. They hold up better than most concrete/wooden houses during an earthquake, since they are one solid piece. They also have strong wind resistance.

    1. Oh be quiet. Everybody in a country is not going to be able to live in the same size house.A country contains various people with various incomes Which is precisely the reason why the PM is trying to find housing solutions for people at the lower end of the income spectrum. I’ve seen some container homes around the world and they are beautiful.Why do you have problem?

    2. @marmackk I am free to express my opinion as I see fit. Keep you bully tatics to yourself.

      Jamaica already have an established Government housing solution for all Jamaican, its called NHT.

      The government should not be endorsing one private sector entity over another. Its call corruption.

      I stand by my statement..why Holness don’t go live in one.

  1. I think they are pricey and running up there with the price of house that is built out of block, sand and steel, plu NHT dont offer funding for these. I seriously think NHT need to stop being mandatory out of our pay. I love the idea cause I am thinking of doing a container house as well, but the price is high worse it doesn’t come with a land

  2. Most Jamaican can not afford that. So what is the solution for the poor. And are the container homes good for the environment? After 30 years, what’s solution not get our island full of juck.

  3. To be more marketable this company should have partnered with NHT to appeal to more people. Not many persons will be able to access these houses without NHT help.

  4. I hope those houses can withstand HURRICANE & EARTHQUAKE two natural disasters that are prone to Jamaica!!!

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