1. These are the same residents who accepted the scarce benefits and spoils politics , so it doesn’t surprise me when they think this band aid treatment is going to help them.

    1. @Vilma Mcrae You might save 10 lives today but you will lose a 100 down the road, you need sustainable development.

    2. @Navario Mcglashen gather the constituents and have her nominated in either JLPNP nuh!!
      Bet unuh caan muster the courage for this, but unuh a bwal fi Betta. Dwl jokers!

  2. A State of Emergency should not be the only measure to fight crime. There needs to be active knowledge of the communities in question as that can help to nab the criminals in question.

    1. SOE are effective if used like in Tivoli gardens of 2010. However, partiality must not be allowed, so that all criminals can be eradicated.
      Current SOE are only meant to console y’all whilst the criminals continue their rampage and narcotics trade. You Jamaicans are being fooled by your beloved leaders.
      Choose other people to represent y’all.

  3. How could they live in a place like that, it looks like a dumpy concrete jungle, ghetto means to get out.
    Uplift unu minds and leave those acidic communities for the sake of your kids.

  4. too much ghetto in Jamaica ,the government need to modernise the community with infrastructure so that everyone can live in a decent home with a fix address and put lighting and camera every where , too many people without a fixed address ,

    1. They have set it so, why would they change it now? Start looking for a strong willed and fairly educated person in your constituency. Once you find about five of such, you spread the word. The constituents must have these persons ready to be nominated to represent the constituency on both JLPNP tickets come next election. If the JLPNP refuse then you will really know what time it is, for y’all! Good luck!

    2. Infrastructure cost money to maintain . Modernization requires investment from private businesses who’s only objective is to make a profit . If there’s no money to be made there then the area will get ignored by the top heads

  5. *2:29** I believe this man is extremely accurate.*

    I would say the *world,* but I have never travelled before, so I don’t know if there is an area in this world where people live *comfortably for generations 🤔*

    *All the best folks👌🏿*

  6. Here see people focusing on get out of Ghetto. While that may be true remember the dons live up town and then go down town in the days.
    Rise up my people. Educate yours selfs. For Jamaica to change the inner city has to change too.
    Whats the sense living uptown if you will be afraid to move about freely in your own country.
    Fix uptown and down town too.

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