Klobuchar: House ‘Will Overrule These Frivolous Objections’ By Trump Allies | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Klobuchar: House ‘Will Overrule These Frivolous Objections’ By Trump Allies | The Last Word | MSNBC


Sen. Amy Klobuchar tells Lawrence O’Donnell that even though some Trump allies in the House plan to challenge the election results when Congress meets to certify the winner on January 6, Democrats in the House will not vote for this, but she also thinks the Senate may not either as more Republican senators acknowledge Biden won: “This vote may not go as some of those renegade House members want.” Aired on 12/15/2020.
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Klobuchar: House ‘Will Overrule These Frivolous Objections’ By Trump Allies | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. We’ve seen enough madness so expect petulance right to the end. If people of the calibre of Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz are involved expect childishness, pettiness and an absolute absence of intellect and scruples.

    1. @J Groovy Also despite the massive fraud orchestrated by the Democrats some Republicans down ballot have won the election, hmm.

    2. Were you looking in the mirror when you were reading this paragraph obviously you didn’t write it because you’re not that smart

    1. @2001 Monolithic and I’ll make whatever joke I want however many times I want. If there wasn’t so many people sitting on cucumbers while they watch Anderson Cooper I wouldn’t have to mention it so many times. But it is literally like a requirement to have your behind plugged or filled while you watch Anderson Cooper or Don Lemon. It’s just not my cup of tea, I can’t get into it.

    2. @2001 Monolithic who are you to tell me what to do? Did you fire me out of your Johnson? Did you make me in a lab? Do you pay any of my bills? Go sit on a cucumber and watch some more Anderson Cooper.

    3. @TraskTalker I like that although no one else finds your joke funny, your willing to stand by it. Good for you junior.

    4. @2001 Monolithic there is no doubt that you would bat the flies away from Big Mike Obama’s package just for a chance to get a taste. Man you Democrats are some sick people. Happy endings with Chinese spies. NBA power forwards being called “the first lady.” Your minds are soooooo far gone.

  2. It would seem that a representative from one of the battleground states would not be able to object without being disqualified from voting.

    1. Here’s what I heard: “We want civil war. We know the election is rigged, but we don’t care because we hate Trump. If you love Trump so much, why don’t you shoot us over it?”
      That’s what I heard. Anyone else? LOL ITS COMING SOON.

    2. @Lenny Fergerab
      Y’all really pushing the civil war and if the election was rigged then it would have been present in court.

    3. @Lenny Fergerab all the people back in the Civil War regretted it, dont be calling for bloodshed..and btw if you think that the government would allow insurgencies against them, you are ill informed.

    4. @Angel 1973 well we will all see who the armed forces stand with them won’t we. Good luck. Your going to need it.

    1. ..yes …even 4 yrs ago…dt had a long history of extremely questionable business activity, bankruptcies, not paying people who worked for him, bullying, complete disrespect of everybody, including women….the list was long…and yet…..he was able to even become a candidate.. and run for pres.

    2. @Katherine Raven I don’t see treason in any of your complaints. Being rude doesn’t disqualify anybody for the presidency. I have no problem saying that Trump can be rude and to the point, but I can say that in the same breath as the fact that he has committed no crime. He’s been investigated 9 ways to Sunday. But if you want, we can continue to deny that high treason has been committed by both dems and republicans. Trump is draining the swamp, why do you have a problem with that

    3. @Mike Splatt Biden has also been investigated “9 ways to Sunday” by the 100’s of lawyers Trump has sent after him and his win. Just because Trump has been screaming voter fraud for 4 yrs doesn’t make it true. 58 lower court rulings and 2 Supreme Court rulings prove otherwise.

  3. Any confederate congressman or senator who tries to overthrow the United States government is going to find themselves looking at on the wrong side of a barrel

    1. @Kevin Jackson Your comment is highly offensive and disgusting. My mother suffered with Alzheimer’s for seven years and died of that terrible disease. You are a disgusting person to even make that comment.

    2. @T. R. Campbell grow a pair you pansy snowflake, my dad died too with dementia, and other age related illnesses, my mother in law pretty much drank herself to an early grave..so will all have events in our lives that are difficult…so dry your eyes, it was meant to be funny. Who knew you were so sensitive. ..

  4. Bring the miscreates up on sedition charges try them convict them make them felons and ineligible for public office ever again. Hold them accountable for breaking their oath to the constitution. Consequences and examples needed here. If you attempt to take down our democracy you will pay a price.

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